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Happy Easter!!

9 April 2009 33 comments


The Nest Series
Roger Roberts Fine Art

Australian Art Collector

to all of my blogging friends..
have a safe and peaceful weekend...


33 comments: to “ Happy Easter!! so far...

  • Mariuca 10.4.09

    Oh I love this magical nest Kim!!!

  • Mariuca 10.4.09

    Happy Easter weekend to you sweetie! Dropping ec as usual here he he! ;)

  • Mariuca 10.4.09

    WOW Kim! Laketrees is a PR5!! Excellent work! Much love and hugs to you for all your hard work. :):):)

  • Michelle B. Hendry 10.4.09

    Happy Easter to you as well!!
    What a gorgeous painting.....

  • Kim 10.4.09

    hi Mariuca...
    the nest is gorgeous isn't it and I thought most appropriate at this time...
    Happy Easter to you too and congratulations for being FC here!!!
    ah yes finally laketrees back to a 5's taken a while ;)

    hi Michelle..
    the entire series is much detail in his work....
    have a peaceful Good Friday :)

  • Mariuca 10.4.09

    Kimmy! U were my second commenter and it's a ** post at MPG yay! Will put up ur avatar later yeah? Hugs! :):):)

  • Mariuca 10.4.09

    Ha ha so happy u finally got to chop at MPG! It's been a while! :)

  • John M. Mora 10.4.09

    this is truly beautiful - destroys any cliche, thanks.

  • Kim 10.4.09

    haha Mariuca!!
    my Easter present :) :)

    pleased you like it John..
    I thought this work epitomised the Aussie Easter :)

  • Netster23 10.4.09

    Happy Easter Kim :)

    Hug Hug

  • RennyBA 10.4.09

    What a beautiful Easter picture!

    Happy Holidays to you too and you know, on Sunday we will find the Easter Bunny Eggs in the forest :-)

  • Yantram BPO 10.4.09

    Oh I love this magical nest
    Really I Like...

  • Kim 10.4.09

    have a fun Easter :)
    hugs to your Netster ;)

    thanks Renny...
    I'll be over to check out your Easter celebrations :)

    glad you like it Mauik
    enjoy your Easter weekend :)

  • TH 10.4.09

    wow... I like it.. very nice

  • TH 10.4.09

    my friend told me that she has got heart virus. :(

  • TH 10.4.09

    not sure how many docs she saw as the amount of bill is $12K lucky for her she is able to claim medical fees.

  • TH 10.4.09

    happy weekend to you kim.

  • TH 10.4.09

    I decided not let my son go for kindy trip he is too young for that

  • Amy Lilley Designs 11.4.09

    A very Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family Kim...the photo is sooooo beautiful...very American Indian, so organic...w/ thoughts of renewal during this beautiful holiday season...

  • Kim 11.4.09

    hello TH...
    that's very sad news about your friend :(
    have a peaceful weekend...

    hi Amy
    thank you..
    pleased you like it and your interpretation of the painting is wonderful :)
    have a happy day :)

  • TH 11.4.09

    hi kim, yeah lucky for her is that she can claim from insurance she bought.

  • TH 11.4.09

    its Saturday and feeling headache got two kicks from son early morning... ouch

  • cooper 12.4.09

    You enjoy the holiday.
    That is a rather spectacular birds nest, and a good outside the box representation of this time of year.

  • Lynda Lehmann 12.4.09

    I love his brushwork! I looked at closeups on his site...

    Happy Easter to you, Kim, and to Alex and Charlotte!


  • John M. Mora 12.4.09

    Happy hoppity Easter - hope you are well - what is going on with the dance set art?

  • This Makes My Day 12.4.09

    Happy Easter for you too dear Kim!!

  • TH 12.4.09

    hi Kim, how you doing? we went to computer fair today and bought CCTV but not yet install.

  • Unknown 13.4.09

    Happy Easter to you Kim - am a bit late for the lower part of the globe - but nevertheless - happy easter egg hunting!
    Greetings, Petra

  • TH 13.4.09

    hi kim, tired day, son still not want to nap its evening now. :(

  • Kim 14.4.09

    hi TH...
    I hope you getting some rest...have a great Tuesday :)

    thanks Cooper
    you too :) and yes the painting is unique eh :)

    it's a wonderful series Lynda...
    thanks for your Easter greetings :)

    hehe John..
    just finished Harlequin...will probably post today :)

    hi TMMD..
    thanks for your good wishes... :)

    hi TH...
    good luck with the installation :)

    thanks Petra....
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter :))

  • Ev 14.4.09

    You have a million Happy Easter comments! Aren't you so wonderful dear!

  • Kim 14.4.09

    heya Ev!!!
    long time ya been ???

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.4.09

    Ev Nucci ??? Shazam!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter Kim. I am almost out of candy ... and feel a panic attack coming on :-)

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