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Showdown at Saatchi Gallery

17 April 2007 7 comments

This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN
round between 16-04-2007 and 23-04-2007.
I have entered drawing of Irina Baronova
Your vote HERE would be greatly appreciated...
Title: Irina Baronova
Year: 2006
Medium: Graphite on Cartridge Paper
Dimensions: 1400cm x 1800cm
Artwork Description:
Drawing of legendary Baby Ballerina,
Irina Baronova, star of the film,
Ballets Russes and author of the book "Irina".
Current rating: 4.25
Number of ratings: 52 time(s)


7 comments: to “ Showdown at Saatchi Gallery so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 17.4.07

    Hi Kim, Oh I am so happy you posted this beauty at Saatchi....Beautiful drawing. A big 10 from me...Love Lisa

  • Kim 17.4.07

    Thanks Lisa
    and ditto for your beautiful Beach Colours!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 28.6.08

    I spent a few months submitting images to Saatchi's ShowDown until I realized what it was about. Think about it. His site has a very good traffic rank which is most likely due to so many people going there to vote. People are not going there to buy art. They are going there because they have been asked a hundred times to vote for someone and finally gave in. LOL. The only thing good about that site is the name attached to it, Saatchi. If it were not for that it would one of thousands of art sites that hardly see the light of day. and are far better in design.

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    There are things I like about Saatchi's Showdown and things I don't like. The popular voting system can be easily rigged. I do like how Saatchi has competitions to send artists to art fairs but he is not the only one. I just read that Myartspace launched a student scholarship competition as well and a competition to send winners to the Bridge Art Fair at Art Basel. I wonder if Myartspace and Saatchi will clash at some point? There are only so many art fairs to associate with.

  • Lilly 10.10.08

    I love this - did you teach Art Kim? Amazing talent.

  • Kim 10.10.08

    thanks Lilly ..I've taught art and dance...
    sadly Irina passed away recently ar her home in Byron Bay....
    a beautiful lady...

  • Anonymous 10.2.09

    A plethora of artwork by famed surrealist Rory Emerald was stolen from the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.How did Charles Saatchi and/or his associates compensate Rory Emerald for this devastating loss? Does New Scotland Yard know who did it?

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