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Mick Fanning - Aussie Surfer wins World Title !!!!!

7 November 2007 19 comments

Alexander surfing

Alexander's mate Ryan surfing

My son Alexander is over the moon !!!
being a surfing fanatic he was all smiles this morning when he told me
that Mick Fanning has won the Surfing World Title
Fanning is the first Australian to win the title in eight years.... the last Australian winner was Mark Occhilupo back in 1999.
Read more about the event here:

Fanning wins world title (ABC News)
Australia's Mick Fanning claimed his first men's world surfing championship at the Santa Catarina Pro event in Brazil overnight....more

Mick Fanning - Official Site

the designers of Mick Fannings website...... word for their web designs....brilliant !!!!

Magical Golden Blogger

A big thank you to The Magical Golden Cat for this very special award ...

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19 comments: to “ Mick Fanning - Aussie Surfer wins World Title !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    Looks like fun! I'd love to try it. It has to be awesome when you stick a wave just right and get a great ride.

  • Kim 7.11.07

    ah yes ...
    Alexander would be agreeing whole heartedly with you on that aspect of surfing Boyd !!!!
    have a great day with your painting :)

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    wah.. exciting..

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    I sometimes wish so hard I had taken a year to surf bum around it makes my heart break.

    Yeah for Australia and for him.

    I'm heading over to the link.

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    Is surfing easier then it looks?
    I can understand the rush surfers get when they are out there!

  • Anonymous 7.11.07

    It always surprises me that surfing is so popular in the UK - the sea is always SO COLD!!
    I have friends who swim in the sea off Dorset every summer. I only venture in when I am on holiday - somewhere HOT!!
    Surfing does look fun though I must admit! Great photo of your son - great minds think alike - I have just posted some of my boys!

  • Kim 7.11.07

    hi Keeyit
    exciting pretty much sums it up eh :D

    as they say...Cooper's never too late to follow a passion....

    I'd describe Mick Fanning's site as one of those unique arty type designs that is only possible to design with dreamweaver or flash or something very much beyond my technical prowess....
    I think you'll enjoy fluro....brevity perfecto !!!!

    hi MMO
    I think it's harder than it looks......Alexander's been surfing for quite a few years now...and I think it takes a while to manage the board and the waves

    do they really surf over there Diane??
    they must be Britons !!!!
    I could never have imagined surfing over there in your English weather.....gosh I don't think I was ever without a jumper....brrrrr...

  • Fruity 8.11.07

    It sure looks fun and exciting to be able to ride the surf. I just don't wan to go down under, oops, under the high wave water!

  • Kim 8.11.07

    haha Fruity...
    some of those waves can be incredibly's not a sport for the faint hearted in fact Alexander has had stitches in his head twice from being hit with his surfboard... :0

  • Jackie 8.11.07

    Oh my wouldn't I love to have learned how to surf. Congrats to the Aussie winner...I think that's simply wonderful. I have watched many documentarys about your country and find it fascinating. It is one place I have always wanted to visit!!

  • Jackie 8.11.07

    Oh my your artwork is incredible!! Simply outstanding. I am so glad I came by for a visit. It has been very difficult to make any rounds while being in this truck. And, I have heard so many wonderful things about you I just had to stop by.

  • Kim 8.11.07

    hi Jackie...
    thanks for dropping certainly wouldn't be easy blogging from your truck ....
    thanks for your lovely comments about my art...
    Australia is well worth visiting...
    but be warned once you visit may not want to go home... :)

  • floydcraig 9.11.07

    Congratulations! You Are A Winner! You have won a Floyds Best Blogger Award!
    See Your Award Here:

  • Lynda Lehmann 9.11.07

    Amazing photos, Kim! Are your seas really that blue? Looks just gorgeous...

  • Kim 9.11.07

    thanks very much for your award Floyd...
    have a great day :)

    I enhanced these photos Lynda....but the water is that blue most days :)

  • Anonymous 9.11.07

    Congrats to the AUssie winner and to Australia for the title!

    Alexander looks like he's having a blast too, great shot.

    And last but not least, congrats to you on yet another award :-)

  • Kim 9.11.07

    thanks Deborah....
    yeah ....go Aussies go :D
    D & A can't take the grins off their faces.......
    and Alexander loves his surfing :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 9.11.07

    Woohoo...Congrats to Mick Fanning - and even more wonderful was seeing Alexander in action on his surf board. wow he's amazing. Looks so hard to surf. Wishing you a great day Kim, and it was great to see those wonderful pics...I am longing for the beach now! xoxo

  • Kim 9.11.07

    hi Lisa....
    the weather here is cold and rainy the beach has been out....
    hopefully the sun will be back this weekend...and we can get some fresh air ...haha...
    have a great day xxxxxx

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