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11 March 2008 18 comments

Naked self-portrait wins Doug Moran portrait prize

My favourite
Cherry Hood

and my favourite for the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
Snappers ready for their close-up

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18 comments: to “ DOUG MORAN NATIONAL PORTRAIT PRIZE so far...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 11.3.08

    Hello Kim,

    I've been coming back and forth to your site in the last couple of days, but since we've been traveling inside Cambodia, the signal isn't quite stable, so the connection is always cut. It's a beautiful country with a very violent past.

    Any way, I like that Doug Moran Portrait winner considering she combined the naked photos of herself, her mother and her son - 3 generations - amazing! Now I wonder what belongs to whom! LOL :-)

    I can't attend your party since I don't have any art work to show, and I don't think even my nude body in a photoshopped version would qualify. LOL! But I like that Girl with a Pearl portrait, it's the painting that drew a lot of interest in me to your site - made me go over and see all those exquisite creations.But in the current batch displayed on your site, there is tremendous talent there too! These people are so gifted and makes you feel that God is great. So many, sharing their innermost treasures.

    The Archibald 08 contest is another showcase of artistry. I also like the Vincent Fantauzzo rendition of
    "Heath", it is so intense and compelling. You can see determination, struggle, and even torment. I also like the one of Eolo Bottaro "The Archibald" and "Sarah Blasko" by Alexander McKenzie. Does that reveal anything psychologically speaking?

    I've seen your comments on my posts and I'd like to thank you once again. Despite their contradictions, I have Italian friends who are very nice, perhaps as long as we keep things the way they are - friends. They only laugh about these things in their country. I'd like to see the faces of the priests in Manila laugh about something liks this. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 11.3.08

    That is one hell of a blog post.

    I love the danish royal family one.

  • Kim 11.3.08

    I do hope you are having a safe journey Durano...thanks for calling by...and I do appreciate your in depth comments...

    I liked "The Archibald" entry by Eolo Bottaro too...such a complex and symbolic work..

    the portrait by Alexander McKenzie is a fine example of surrealism IMO

    I agree on the standard of submissions for the's excellent...
    I will have to take your word on the naked photos ..hehe

    glad to hear that your Italian friends are ok :))
    enjoy your travels and have a great week :)

  • Kim 11.3.08

    thanks 1990 toys...
    the Bald Archie winning work is very funny... :)

  • jafabrit 12.3.08

    Some really nice work, I am attracted to (The Incubating Period) by
    Nigel Milsom because of its ambiguity and suggestion of a face. Also Vishti for the technical quality and the post.

  • Anonymous 12.3.08

    I'm not sure about the one that won. I have 3 favourites - the portraits by Noel McKenna, Nigel Milsom and Claire Busuttil Bridge, with the last one just edging out the others!

    It's wonderful really how different things appeal to different people. There really is always something for everyone :)

  • John M. Mora 12.3.08

    Clicked on the finalist and that was such a slow page to open but worth the wait. I see the beauty yourf aviorite finalist and am also drawn to it. The flip side is the woamn outside her car in the desert where se seems to be saving water in bottles to surviue dehydation. Has a look of disgust, fear or pain on her face.

    The Whistler's Mother homage is mildly interesting, but howe many times can a cliche be re-worked? I think the image has even been used in Buggs Bunny cartoons.

    Ovewrall an impressive series of artists. The winner is very solid. I can hold the mirror next time she paints....anything to advance the fine arts.

  • John M. Mora 12.3.08

    Ooh, I had womdered who they were snapping - I am provincial but curious:

    Sorry for the double comment.

  • Anonymous 12.3.08

    Once I saw it: my favourite too :-)

    Thanks for sharing - beautiful!

  • Kim 12.3.08

    hi Corrine
    I agree both excellent portraits...I love the detail in the turban and the use of chiaroscuro...
    the Milson work is well painted too..

    the realism in the Vashti portrait is marvellous Diane...
    a very elegant portrait...
    I love Noel McKennas dogs :)
    ha ..something for everyone...too right !!

    ha John..
    I'm sure the winner would be pleased to hear that :)
    the Chris Hall portrait is eerily realistic and very Australian...
    I immediately thought of Mr Bean when I saw the Whistler Portrait :) 18 year old son used to have quite a crush on the beautiful Miss Hawkins :)

  • Kim 12.3.08

    hi Renny ...
    it's a lovely portrait isn't it..
    Cherry Hood paints children a lot ...and is an ex Archibald winner too :)

  • John M. Mora 12.3.08

    Thank you - bits and pieces - my own Easter egg hunt....

  • Kim 12.3.08

    ha John :)
    I hope you had fun :)

  • Anonymous 14.3.08

    As I clicked on the page it was very slow in opening. But it was a wait worhty. The portraits are marvolous,and even the finalist too.

  • Anonymous 14.3.08

    Very nice choice Kim. It is a beautifully crafted piece of work.

  • Kim 22.3.08

    yes...well worth the wait !! Janelle :)

    hi Boyd
    I really love the effects...rather like a water colour ... :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 5.4.08

    oh yes; that is a lovely portrait; just sat and looked at it for awhile.

  • Kim 5.4.08

    it is beautiful Ascender...
    quite delicate and the background works so well with the portrait :)

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