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Google Update - Page Rank

30 April 2008 22 comments

Page Rank Button

It looks like laketrees has gone from a PR 4 to a PR 5 in the latest Google Pagerank Update.

You can check yours here:

Google Pagerank per DC

or here:

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22 comments: to “ Google Update - Page Rank so far...

  • John M. Mora 30.4.08

    Mine range from 1 to 3 with average of 2 - not sure what that means....."one is the loneliest number; two can be as bas as one, it is the loneliest number since the number one" - Three Dog Night from OZ.

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 1.5.08

    Hello Kim,

    Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment.:-)

    My Google page rank in February was 2, then in mid March I think, they changed it to zero. There were no explanations, no answers to e-mail, nor acknowledgment of receipt of inquiry from their webmaster. Zilch.

    I don't know what I violated in the TOS. It was arbitrary. Other bloggers received the same treatment, some went from 5 to 0, and a popular one went from 9 to 0. Some blogs were just taken out.

    Anyway, I've stopped looking at what my page rank is, but I'm happy to see those I know increase their rankings. And I'm happy for you.:-)

    I guess I have adjusted well without a page rank. My visitor traffic is okay. I'm more focused on what's there to spit at. :-)

    Have a nice day and keep your rank going up. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 1.5.08

    Mom always did love you best!
    My place continues to remain at the same rank as it has for 2 yrs or so but oh well. Life is good to me in spite of Google's PR.

    Good on ya, SistahMine!

  • jafabrit 1.5.08

    Mine is a 4 or one and a 5 on another. I am not getting what difference the page rank is making, professionally it hasn't made a tangible difference professionally since I was a 2. I am googable, but doesn't seem to make much of a diff that I can see. What is your take.

  • Kim 1.5.08

    haha John...
    my Google toolbar is showing a 3 at your site ..
    I think it takes a while for it to settle...but usually the toolbar is a reliable measure...

    hi Durano ...
    thanks for your good wishes :)
    I'm seeing your site as a 2 on my toolbar....
    it seems to me that Google would do well to have a share in the lottery it seems rather hit and miss to me....

    thanks MA...
    YOUR site's a 10 in my ranking :) ;)
    that's the KB ranking ;)

    hi Corrine....
    if you are seeing a 5 then that would probably be your rank....
    I really think ranking and statistics can be pretty temperamental....Technorati is the greatest example....
    I find the best indicator for me is my site meter (Stat Counter)....which gives a good analysis on my traffic and visitors

  • jafabrit 1.5.08

    But my question is do you see something tangible coming out of being a high rank. I just can't seem to be excited about it because I don't see what difference it makes, my visitor stats are the same as ever.

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 1.5.08

    congratulations on your new page rank - I like your comments blurb (prose actually)

    thanks for sharing the page rank checker tool too.

  • Kim 1.5.08

    hi Corrine
    I know some people say that linking to a site with a higher PR is good but I don't think I'm qualified in this area....
    I am interested to see what happens with this site as compared to my other site PoeARTica (which has stayed at a 4) and gets far more traffic than laketrees....
    I have spent more time using keywords and titles that are directed more to Google search (here at laketrees)...but I still think it has to do with how popular each post is in the search engines..
    eg my post on the portrait of Andre Rieu is probably my highest ranking page and I still get about 6 visitors a day searching for information on Andre Rieu
    there is an article at Wikipedia that explains it much better than me :)
    hope this has helped answer your question Corrine :)

    thanks baby~amore'
    I am lucky to have some very interesting visitors who always make meaningful and constructive comments :) :)
    glad to be of help with the toolbar ;)

  • jafabrit 1.5.08

    Perhaps I am just not asking the question in the right way. I understand the whole principle of ranking, what I can't seem to understand is what it translates into in real terms, in concrete terms. So we get more traffic, AND?

    My husband equates it to standing on a corner handing out dollar bills and you will get a crowd, but that is it.

    I suppose if I were actually selling work on my blog, or putting ads on there that earn money with each click it "might" make a difference, but nobody seems to be able to tell me that either.

    arrrg! I just seem to be stuck in a so what mood of late.

  • Kim 1.5.08

    I believe your husband is on the right track Corrine...
    I think if you have a higher ranked PR blog then you can get sponsors and charge them for ads on your would be best to check out the Aussie Blog.. ProBlogger or Dosh I think they make money on their sites...but don't quote me ... ;)

  • Anonymous 2.5.08

    Congrats! Keep up the good work! : ]

  • jafabrit 2.5.08

    ugh, not sure I want to do that (have adson my blog that is) ,but I would like to see something tangible. It has been suggested to me that I put a buy now button on my blog so it gives visitors a chance to buy my work.

    I am going to have to ponder this some more. Meanwhile I cheered up with some good news today. My little art group won a grant (modest) for our find art fridays project.

  • Kim 2.5.08

    cogratulations Corrine...that's great news !!
    have you thought of having a shop like zazzle where you can sell prints of your work ?

  • Kim 2.5.08

    thanks Jenna :)

  • jafabrit 2.5.08

    I tried the cafe press thing, but that hasn't really gone anywhere and it would be a redirect. It isn't that I want to get into sales per se, just trying to figure out what having a good google ranks means in terms of my work professionally.

  • Kim 2.5.08

    I do know that the higher ranking will see an improvement in your traffic...especially with google search...and therefore greater pays to check the google PR on your individual posts to see which pages have the highest rankings...and use these as an indicator on what people are searching for on the web..

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.5.08

    Congratulations, Kim, on your new ranking! That's great!

    I think, as far as Jafabrit's question is concerned, if we remain on the web for about 15 years (lol...) and our page ranking goes to a 7 or 8, there's a much better chance of interested folks finding our art. Maybe that's not what Jafabrit wants, but personally, I would like to sell more on the web.

    Keep up the good work, Kim, and soon you'll be jumping up in rank again!

    Hugs to you!

  • Kim 2.5.08

    thanks Lynda :)
    15 could be right there...
    and I agree selling art on the web is difficult....unless you are prepared to cut your fees or go on Ebay....
    I know Ebay works because I've seen some artists at Wet Canvas....selling very successfully there so that could be another option for you and Corrine...
    hugs to you too :)

  • jafabrit 4.5.08

    I am not sure what I want lynda, kim.
    To me my blog is like an empty canvas to play with rather than a tool to sell (although I might entertain the idea of adding a sales cart/buy now button to my blog?)

    so I suppose I just have to ponder as I muddle along :)

  • Kim 5.5.08

    I can understand you seeing your blog as a blank canvas...
    I'm the same....I'm always changing it....
    I think the cart/button sounds like a good idea Corrine....I haven't got around to looking at that as I always get sidetracked :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 5.5.08

    The Google Pagerank per DC has lots of goodies! Thanks for pointing me that way. It's mobile friendly too (I was here before on my phone) KEWL

    page rank? As I have eluded to before, on a certain subject during a search, it mean the difference between 1st page results and 2nd or third. Does that matter? Sometimes :-)

    Kim, have you also done some SEO streamlining here in your html content? I know that a few times during a search engine queery that certain things were recomended ... like meta changes, key word addition / deletion, page description, and site map (I still do not understand a site map!)

    Yhaa Hooo! 5 5 5 5 Kim is 5. I think I will be a 4 till forever, unless like some others a 0 shows up!

    **** NOTE: People showing a zero should try adding www after the http:// in their URL. Sometimes that sparks a new reading.

    Happy day!

  • Kim 5.5.08

    I know Speedy...
    you can get distracted there just like I have been since I joined many little time...eek...I could become addicted...
    thanks for the badge....I'll put it up this week :)

    like meta changes, key word addition / deletion, page description, and site map (I still do not understand a site map!)
    SEO streamlining

    ...whoah...that sounds heavy...I think my blog is a real disaster when it comes to what lays beneath the surface...eek ...I spend most of my time putting in widgets and then taking them out...
    I think I need a professional minimalist to give it the once over...heheh

    I'm a dummie when it comes to the technical stuff... I just read lots of technical blogs and try to follow the I did with your badge (red face)...
    I'll get you back on that one...

    haven't seen any donut missiles over this way ....yet ;)

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