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Bushfire Tragedy

10 February 2009 51 comments

Victoria has experienced the worst bushfires in Australian history.

The final death toll of the devastating "Hell on Earth" bushfires could be well above 200, according to reports of government crisis meetings.
With the official toll standing at 131, the fires are already the worst natural disaster to ever befall Australians.

Some of the fires are still burning, threatening the Glenhope area north of Melbourne and the towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah in the northeast.

The Victorian government has been briefed to expect a final death toll close to 230, according to a report in The Australian.

By ninemsn staff and AAP
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Thank you everyone for your concern and messages...
the fires are in Victoria ....south of NSW (where I live)
...there have been 3 major bushfires in NSW with one on the Central Coast
fortunately these fires in NSW have not caused any deaths...
my thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones and the hundreds of people who have lost their homes..

Bushfire tragedy: Send your messages of support


51 comments: to “ Bushfire Tragedy so far...

  • Lynda Lehmann 10.2.09

    I've been worried about you, Kim. I'm relieved to read these fires are not in your area, but wish they had not happened at all.

    I sent my good wishes and prayers.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 10.2.09

    OMG Kim...over 200 dead...that's I said in my note...we've sen terrible fires here in the States, but not anywhere near this kind of death toll...and they are saying that it is arson, yes...that make it even worse...our thoughts and prayers are w/ all of you and certainly for your safety...will keep on watching and praying...big

  • Anita 10.2.09

    I hope you are keeping very safe. My nephew is out there somewhere - hoping he is safe too. Australia is very much in our thoughts what with the fires, the temperatures and the floods too.

  • Kim 10.2.09

    thank you Lynda...
    I'm watching the Prime Minister on TV atm and he is thanking the thousands of volunters who are helping with all kinds of aid..
    thank you for your good wishes and prayers ((hugs))
    ps love your new avatar!!!

    hello Amy
    yes the Prime Minister has just described the horrors that he saw first hand in those communities and his determination to catch those arsonists responsible..
    it's a terrible terrible thing!!
    thanks for your love and prayers (hugs) and xxxxx

  • Anonymous 10.2.09

    over here if there is bush fire in other country we can easily have haze here.

  • Anonymous 10.2.09

    thanks for coming and yeah you got the tag :)

  • Anonymous 10.2.09

    I am kind of lazy will try update my blogs

  • Kim 10.2.09

    hi Anita
    thank you...
    thankfully we are on the coastline...
    I hope your nephew is safe...
    Australia is certainly being hit with the extremes in weather...floods and loss of life as well in the North and the bushfires in the least the temperatures have dropped..

    hello TH
    we had a lot of smoke here at the weekend but thankfully those fires were put out and we have rain here today...
    thanks I got your tag too :)

  • Kim 10.2.09

    gosh TH ..
    I hope the haze doesn't spread that far....

  • Mariuca 10.2.09

    Hola Kim, I read abt this in today's papers, that's terrible eh? I hear the death toll is still increasing! :(

  • Mariuca 10.2.09

    Hope u are keeping safe Kim. Happy Tuesday to you, I feel extra lazy after my 3-day weekend lol! :):):)

  • Kim 10.2.09

    hello Mariuca
    I've just been watching the news and they are showing the photos of the people who have perished in the fires
    it is really distressing ...
    the official death toll stands at 173 and the police are predicting this will rise to 300...
    I am much further north and we have a rather big storm here with rain lightning and thunder...
    (amazing isn't it!!)
    I believe the Australian public have donated over 26 million so far and a national appeal is yet to be launched on Thursday...

  • Lisa Lorenz 11.2.09

    OH Kim, its just awful..I was crying last nigt watching the news. I knew you were safe in NSW. I hope you have no loved ones over there. My good friends live in Melbourne and I have sent them a mail this mornign. I am praying they and their friends and family there are safe. I hope these fires end soon. Its just devasting. My thoughts and prayers are with Australia and its beautiful people over there...xoxox Lisa

  • Anonymous 11.2.09

    I am so sorry for all the people who lost everything. But things can be replaced, people cannot. If you are in the danger zone, leave! Please stay save and my thoughts are with the Australian people.
    I hope the fires will be out soon.
    Best wishes from Cincinnati USA
    Sonja from

  • Sage Ravenwood 11.2.09

    My thoughts are with those who have losted loved ones in this disaster. I'm relieved your safe dear one. Please continue to keep us updated. The saddest part of all is to learn someone intentional started these fires. (Hugs)Indigo

  • Anonymous 11.2.09

    We've heard a lot about this tragedy on the news in Norway too and I've been thinking a lot about you and my other Australian blog friends!

  • Jackie 11.2.09

    Kim what a tragedy this truly is. As Amy stated we have been having some really bad fires over here too. But, 200 dead is just so awful to hear.

    I am just glad to hear that you are okay. Oh my what a sad sad thing for those poor people!!

  • Jackie 11.2.09

    Kim, if and when you get time I have a little something for you. It is posted at the bottom of the post.

    Do with it as you please. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!!


  • Speedcat Hollydale 11.2.09

    oh dear ... comments are acting strange. I never know if they go through with your moderation on. I sent one!

  • bokjae 11.2.09

    Hi Kim, sad to learn of this terrible bush fire that kills more than 100 people! My prayers and concern with Auzzie Land at this moment of crises with flooding in the north as well.

  • John M. Mora 11.2.09

    Kim, this is horrible - I so feel for the people who have lost liveds, it is just horrid to even think onje has lost one's home.

  • Michelle B. Hendry 11.2.09

    I am glad you are safe Kim - I have been watching this on the news the last couple of days. My heart goes out to those who are directly affected and to everyone in Australia. A tragedy like this is felt by the world.

  • Anonymous 11.2.09

    that day I saw haze and I realised its from people that burn things

  • Anonymous 11.2.09

    its twins birthday today!

  • Anonymous 11.2.09

    Many people like me in the UK are ashamed of our government, which is quick enough to send aid to Gaza but has said nothing yet about helping our own kith and kin in Australia.

    Keep safe.

  • Unknown 11.2.09

    Kim, I am very sad for you people and for all the poor animals who have lost their lives. This is a desaster. Houses can be rebuilt, materials replaced but the lives are lost. This is the true tragedy.

  • Mariuca 12.2.09

    oh that sounds terrible Kim and 26 mill sounds like a lot, but I'm sure it's not enough to cover everything! :(

  • Mariuca 12.2.09

    You are safe at Mariuca today Kim, thanks for the ad dearie! :):):)

  • Gregorio 12.2.09

    Those fires are quite horrifying I hope all is well for you.The news has said they might have been started by an arsonist.If so that is incredibly selfish and even more horrifying.
    Take care I hope for the best to all of you.

  • Kim 12.2.09

    ohhh I hope your friends are OK Lisa!!
    thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers :))
    Charlotte and I have been very very upset watching the coverage..
    whole families have perished!!
    the death toll is now 181 and still rising and they have just caught 2 of the arsonists of them responsible for the death of 100 people :((
    how horrifying!!

    hello Sonja
    thank you for your kind wishes..
    we are in another state and thankfully temperatures have dropped and it seems the fires in Victoria are almost under control..

    thank you for your condolences Indigo..
    and thank you for your kind concern..
    this is such a tragedy and those arsonists are monsters!!

    thanks you Renny
    your concern and kind thoughts are really appreciated...

    it's like a bad dream Jackie!!
    and seeing the photos of those who have lost their lives is just heart wrenching...
    I'll pop over asap and thank you so much for thinking of me

    hello Speedy..
    I have been a bit slow moderating my comments :)
    I see you have jumped up the commenters list eh... ;)

    thanks you so much for your prayers and concern Bokjae
    it is so heartwarming to hear that you care about us Aussies and yes the flood victims in the North also have suffered terribly :(

    ohh John
    it's difficult to find words to describe how these poor people must be feeling at this time...
    and what of the future too??
    thank you so much for your empathy

    ohh yes Michelle...
    it's such a tragedy and at the same time to have messages and support from O/S just shows how much people care..
    thanks so much for your concern and kind wishes :)

    hello TH
    I'll be over soon to wish the twins a Happy Birthday ...
    it is my dear Dad's Birthday too..
    he would have been 77 today...

    thanks for your comment Jim
    one wonders eh..
    hopefully time will tell ;)

    thanks you so much Petra...
    the loss of life and animals is horrific!!
    and you are so right ...these lives and animals cannot be replaced..
    thanks so much for your kind concern...

    it's up to over 50 million today Mariuca...
    Aussies have certainly pulled together and many many countries O/ well..
    ps thank you for your ads too and you're welcome xxx ;)

    thanks so much Gregorio
    unbelievable isn't it!!
    and they have caught 2!!
    thank you for your kind wishes...

  • Netster23 13.2.09

    glad to know that you are okay Kim!

    My prayers are with those who lost their lives and those left behind...


  • Anonymous 13.2.09

    hi Kim, yeah its twins birthday and not sure hows their celebration in uk.

    wow your dad is 77.

  • Anonymous 13.2.09

    hi kim, my dad in law will be 72 this year.

  • Mariuca 13.2.09

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Mariuca! Join me in a wonderful new Love Meme. Let’s spread the love shall we? :)

  • Kim 13.2.09

    thanks very much Netster
    your prayers and thoughts are very much appreciated :)

    hello TH
    sadly my dear Dad passed away in 2002....

    thanks Mariuca
    love your meme...
    it's perfect for Valentine's Day...
    I probably won't manage it as I'm without my reading glasses until Tuesday and my eyes aren't that great atm
    in fact I have to get up really close to the monitor to read this lol
    have a beaut day tomorrow xx

  • Kim 14.2.09

    how lovely Mariuca!!
    thank you xx
    have a wonderful day too :))

  • Genevieve 14.2.09

    I was thinking of you, glad you are alright! That's so very sad to see all of terrible debris and tragedy.

  • Unknown 14.2.09

    Kim, when I lived in Coolum I saw some awful bushfires. They start so quickly, it's very scary.
    There are no words to describe how sorry I am for the families affected by this. All I can do is pray for them.

  • Anonymous 14.2.09

    I am sorry kim. I didn't know.

  • Anonymous 14.2.09

    Happy Valentine's day to you, whats your plan for today?

  • Jackie 14.2.09

    Kim I know I am late according to the time in the land of Oz. But, before I go to bed I just had to come over and say Happy Valentine's Day to you.

    I hope you have a grand day while I am sleeping like a baby.

    Good day mate and sweet dreams too:-)

  • Judith HeartSong 14.2.09

    This was a terrible tragedy. Be safe and well Kim.

  • Anonymous 15.2.09

    Was sad to watch the fires in your country, quite depressing. We have many fires here in the states, especially in the western states and also Florida, but not with the large loss of life you've had. Hope no one you may have known was in the fires.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I don't get may visitors yet, as mine is a young blog. I have added about 10 pages since your visit--mostly on the american civil war. Catch you again before long.

  • Anonymous 15.2.09

    It was one of those things that made my mouth hang open when I saw it. We have a lot of friends in Australia and were in contact with most of them pretty early on. I h read that one of the fires was arson. I can't fathom that, it makes me sick.
    I am glad that you are safe, and I hope your family and friends are safe as well.

  • Anonymous 18.2.09

    Kim, thank you for your recent comment on my blog--very sweet. Are the fires over, will things ever get back to normal.

  • Anonymous 23.2.09

    This is awful I've been following the story on the news and can't even imagine how bad it really is out there, my sympathies to the families that have lost someone out there x

  • Anonymous 27.2.09

    Bushfire tragedy!!!!!!!really kim!!nice post......God CAN SAVE ONLY......

  • Anonymous 27.2.09

    NICE BLOG.....

  • Anonymous 28.2.09

    i feel very sorry for them who lost their lives in the fire ... cant they invent something to stop fires

  • The Muse 1.3.09

    Again...and never enough...i offer my humble prayers and warm thoughts!

  • Anonymous 9.3.09

    That's terrible I can't imagine how I'd feel if there was such a tragedy going on so close to my house. Bushfires are awful, not only lots of people will lose their homes - thing about all those animals that will either die or will have no place to live afterwards...

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