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Running late!!!

31 March 2009 35 comments

for Music Monday..this week..
the prop painting is keeping me pretty busy...
and the TAD Competition closes today...
last chance to win $200 (au)...
still time to enter your art works!!!

A big thank you to my Top EC Droppers here and at PoeARTica and TAD!!

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how much love

and one of my all time favourites for... Music Monday

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.


35 comments: to “ Running late!!! so far...

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    CHOP! ;)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Hmmmmm did I make the chop Kim? ;)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Happy MM Kim! Thanks for all your wonderful comments at my blogs, love ya! :):):)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Wow Twin Peaks!!!! Oh I love this one Kim! :):):)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Love Twin Peaks Kim! I have the soundtrack CD! Excellent MM choice this week. :):):)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Congrats to all ur Top Droppers Kim! :):):)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Esp to MPG and Mariuca ha ha ha, will continue dropping daily here Kim, am still not number 1! ;)

  • Mariuca 31.3.09

    Have a lovely Tuesday, love and hugs. :)

  • Kim 31.3.09

    lol Mariuca!!!!
    you finally got FC!!
    woo hoo!!
    and congrats for being in my top 3 droppers at all of my blogs :) :)
    I'll be sending you the 500 ecs as soon as I save them up..probably before the end of the week ;) ;)
    have a lovely evening :x)

  • Jackie 1.4.09

    Awww congrats to Marzie for making FC!

    Maybe now that I am no longer dropping from both blogs I can start visiting you everyday now!

    Wow terrific work on the props. I always thought that would be a fun project when I was studying design.

    Thanks for the answer back the other night on the storms. We have been having one right after another lately.

    When you have a thunderstorm in Tornado ally it is always something to watch out for.

    I hope you are okay with your storms. I know if you are not use to it then it can definitely be very scary.

    Have a good day Kim!!

  • th 1.4.09

    hi kim, morning to you

  • TH 1.4.09

    so happy son at kindy

  • TH 1.4.09

    my sister in law K is back to care for twins :) bro back in UK

  • TH 1.4.09

    my dad was not able to go airport as he attends dinner

  • On a Whimsey 1.4.09

    Thanks for the mention and great listening to Twin Peaks!!

  • Lisa Lorenz 2.4.09

    Hi Kim, just dropping by to see what you are up sure are a busy bee. I love the props! Such beautiful work. I always LVOE seeing you creations! What is this TAD. Can I join your site? wishing you a great day mate! :)

  • anandi 2.4.09

    Hi Kim, How are you? These are lovely. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.4.09

    I'm looks like you are having so much fun...:)))

  • Kim 2.4.09

    thanks so much Jackie...
    the props are great fun!!!
    I'm doing harlequin atm :)
    the storm was pretty bad!!
    our barbecue ended up on the other side of the balcony!!
    we still haven't cleaned up as it hasn't stopped raining and a power blackout last night for 8 hours didn't help...
    have a beaut April Fools day over your way :)

    hi TH...
    glad to hear that your son is so keen to go to kindy :)
    happy April Fools Day..
    I'll be over to see what you have been up to with the twins :)

    you're welcome Pat :)
    don't forget to check out the entries in the art comp at TAD too...

    hiya Lisa...
    yeah ..busy ..busy ...busy
    I'll be over to read how your exhibition went... :))

    hi Anand..
    thanks...good to hear from you :)

    hi Amy
    it's a bit like painting by numbers and keeping inside the lines ;)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 2.4.09

    Page rank 5 again for Laketrees? .... WOOT WOOT

    Cool tune Kim, did I win anything?

    he heeeeeee

    Hope your deck is all back to normal :-)

  • TH 2.4.09

    hi kim, it so happen that my computer is super slow today and I have not login twins and other blog. Take more than a minute to login and wait to see comments takes time too. :(

  • TH 2.4.09

    boy is bz watching garfield now so I can do comment here :)

  • Kim 3.4.09

    yeehaaa Speedy..
    thanks for letting me know about PR
    I honestly wouldn't have win the "most observant" award :D
    hmmm I'll have to think of a prize now ;) ;)
    the 'deck' is still a mess :(...perhaps I'll get time today arghh!!

    hey TH
    my computer is slowwww toooo.
    and I have another week of it ...too many downloads from our 3 computers in this household :0
    so Sean likes Garfield :) me too!!

  • Lilly 3.4.09

    Oh my I havent been by here for a while no time for blogging much. You are as busy as usual and the props look fantastic. The weather has gone crazy!

  • Lisa @ Work at Home Mom Revolution 3.4.09

    Wow. I hadn't thought about Twin Peaks in years. That show never made sense to me. Nevertheless, I watched it religiously.

  • John M. Mora 3.4.09


    A great chess piece - I do feel since I cannot attend the recital I am rooked. These are going to be wonderfful props - will someone make a video you can show on musical Tuesday?

    My best...

  • Lynda Lehmann 4.4.09

    Kim, your props are gorgeous. Can I have that sarcophagus for my living room? lol...

    Been missing ya, lady!

  • Jackie 4.4.09

    Hi Kim,
    Sorry to hear about your weather. I hope by now it has cleared up.

    As you know our April Fool's day turned out to be quite a downer and a shock.

    Thank you for dropping by immediately after you saw my tweet.

    Today I am working my way back. Although my daughter is still pretty shaken.

    WooHoo PR5 WTG. I was PR5 at TPV but I bet that's gone now. I'll have to check later.

    Happy weekend!!

  • Kim 4.4.09

    hi Lilly..
    yeah it's been a busy start to the year...another storm here now and I just cleaned up the balcony!!
    I hope this one passes out to sea and doesn't cut our power out !!

    hi Lisa
    I could never understand the show either ;) but the music is certainly memorable ..glad you enjoyed it :)

    hi John ..sure thing ..I'm sure my sister will have everything recorded for posterity and that gives me time to work out how to get it online :)

    hi Lynda lol
    Cleopatra is in 2 pieces atm as she has to be hinged just below the neck....what part would you like ;)

    hi Jackie...
    I hope that your daughter is getting through her loss's times like these that words just don't seem enough
    my prayers and hugs to you at this sad time...I'll be over to visit soon ...
    ps I hope that your PR is still a 5 :)

  • TH 5.4.09

    woot a PR 5 for you :) that is great!

  • TH 5.4.09

    twins blog still zero pr

  • TH 5.4.09

    sister in law K is back care twins but we have no go see her and visit twins tired days and sunday is rest day too.. now hubby nap and son watch cartoon.

  • TH 5.4.09

    mom in law also asking when back hometown :( no time...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 6.4.09

    I see you been busy on Tweeters ... ha haaaaaaa !!!!!!!!

    Funny, I set my mobile to alert me anytime you tweet so I could get to your Music posts first a while back (cheating yes) and then forgot to set it back to normal. I was getting text and text. That was OK cause it seemed like I was popular for a moment.


    Happy week Kim,

  • TH 6.4.09

    the kindy keep ask me to allow son go for kindy trip outdoor but I think he is too young to go. so family member too objection!

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