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Anzac Day 2009 - my Artwork published!

25 April 2009 30 comments

a photo of me with the work (2008)

Lambert Barker's son Jack Barker with the work "The Last Train Home"

Last year I donated one of my works "The Last Train Home".
I received a phone call from my Mother today (Anzac Day) to tell me that there was an article published in the The Advertiser titled:
Brothers in arms at Neath Hotel on the 22/04/2009
thanks Mum as I certainly wouldn't have been aware of the article otherwise!!!

click on the online article to zoom...


30 comments: to “ Anzac Day 2009 - my Artwork published! so far...

  • Sage Ravenwood 26.4.09

    How awesome is that. It's a truly wonderous painting, full of life and meaning dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  • Ascender Rises Above 26.4.09

    Congratulations on being published!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 26.4.09

    Kim, this is GREAT...I remember when you posted the painting, and the article makes very clear the meaning for your family of the 'Last Train Home'...the donation was heartfelt and apparently, greatly appreciated by the owners and patrons of the hotel...WONDERFUL, just wonderful...have a great and hugs..:)))

  • Michelle B. Hendry 26.4.09

    Congratulations!! It's stunning...and what a wonderful way to honour a generation! Well done...

  • Kim 26.4.09

    thanks so much Indigo :)

    thank you Jacquelyn :)

    thanks Amy :)
    you have a wonderful weekend too :)

    thank you Michelle :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 26.4.09

    Kim, what a fascinating piece of family and local history--and a nice write-up, to boot! It's a good thing your mom saw it. Congrats to you for your wonderful work and having it acknowledged this way! And for your family legacy...


  • John M. Mora 26.4.09

    Most excellent, Kim - best....

  • Kim 26.4.09

    thanks Lynda..
    very true...luckily someone told Mum about the article :)
    the work is one of my favourites :)

    thanks so much John :)

  • TH 26.4.09

    congrats Kim!!

  • TH 26.4.09

    this morning send my bro to airport he will be back again on 7 may

  • TH 26.4.09

    yesterday supposed have dinner with them but total got 13 ppls so its not a good number so we not go.

  • TH 26.4.09

    hows weather there? here is very hot!!

  • Mariuca 26.4.09

    I'm here Kim! Wakey wakey!!!

  • Mariuca 26.4.09

    I shld be saying wakey wakey to myself eh Kim? LOL!

  • Mariuca 26.4.09

    Congrats dear! What a great accomplishment and I'm so proud of you! You are one talented artist, dats for sure! :):):)

  • Mariuca 26.4.09

    Dropping ec and wishing u a lovely Sunday! :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 27.4.09

    How cool!!

    ... but why is everyone in black and white while you are in color??

    he hee :-)

  • Lisa Lorenz 27.4.09

    WOHOO KIm! I am so thrilled for you. Great stuff. I remember when you did this painting. It is so amazing! Super article. You must be so proud. I am busting with pride for my mate! Way to go Mum for seeing it! Have a great day xoxo Lisa

  • Kim 28.4.09

    thanks TH :)
    the weather is getting cooler each day here but the sun is still shining ;)

    lol Mariuca...
    thanks for the wake up call :))
    I'm running behind this's already Tuesday and I've got a million things to do ..eek!!!

    hi Speedy
    now I'll have to see what the photo looks like in grayscale..haa!!

    thanks Lisa...
    I remember your lovely comments when I painted this :)
    I'll have to phone the paper today to see if they have a back copy...
    have a great Tuesday mate!!

  • cooper 28.4.09

    Many congrats on this awesomeness Kim, well deserved.

  • Artist Boyd Greene 28.4.09

    Kim, that is so awesome! Justly deserved recognition for one fine portrait. The size is amazing. It is neat seeing you beside it, it gives the painting even more meaning. Bravo for you Kim, you are such a great artist. Your design and the draftsmanship are superb.

  • TH 29.4.09

    hi kim, we are about to go sleep :)

  • TH 29.4.09

    good news my dear got the job offer

  • TH 29.4.09

    but need to get the offer letter to read first

  • TH 29.4.09

    sad news is that the holiday in july might not able to go as we already bought the flight tickets and cannot get refund. :(

  • TH 29.4.09

    I hope to lose more weight :P

  • Kim 29.4.09

    thanks very much Cooper :)

    thank you Boyd...
    it probably would be my largest group portrait apart from the murals of course :)

    that's great news about the job TH :)
    that's a shame about your tickets though :(

  • John @ Wollongong Web Design 30.4.09

    This is great, you were also recognized when they gave recognition to this art. The painting is truly amazing.

  • RennyBA 3.5.09

    Congrats Kim - you really deserve this - you know I'm a great fan of your work!

    Happy Weekend :-)

  • Aakash Kokz 23.3.11

    Beautiful Pic :-)

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