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the only constant is change...

22 June 2009 36 comments

fairy mural

fairy mural

I completed six fairy/ballerina panels last week and will be painting six more this week..
yesterday I took some photos of the ballet studios (still under construction)
the panels will be attached up high like a frieze around the walls ...

Music Monday

this piece of music is very special and I would like to dedicate this to my son, Alexander, who is moving out today ...

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

nine days left to enter my June competition to win your own mini portrait


I'm offering my readers the opportunity to win a Free Mini Portrait this month..
# the Mini Portrait is 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas..
# free postage
# value: $250 (au)
# one person/subject of the winner's choice
# winner will be selected from a random generator at the end of this month

What you can do:
1. leave a comment here =1 entry per comment
2. post about the competition at your blog with a link back to laketrees = 10 entries
3. RETWEET this post on twitter = 1 entry per tweet
4. Subscribe to laketrees by Email = 5 entries

I will announce the winner on the 1st July 2009 1st August 2009
Good luck everyone!!!


36 comments: to “ the only constant is change... so far...

  • bem69 22.6.09

    Hi Kim,

    Happy MM.

    I must say, a beautiful song choice by you. What a great composition of music. Happy MM and have a great Monday :D

  • Amy Lilley Designs 22.6.09

    Kim, my oh my, oh my...I am in love w/ all of these wonderfully painted, joyful, graceful, innocent, magical, very Peter Pan-like fairies...I'm so glad that you've kept the background color the same in all, (so far...), because it keeps the focus on the images, rather than anything else...and the lavender is certainly is calming and fitting for a ballet school...just amazing work...and I might add, PROLIFIC...that's a whole lot of fairies in a short amount of time...APPLAUSE...take your bows...:)))

  • Marites 22.6.09

    really beautiful me sighing:) My MM is up too.

    regarding your miniportrait contest, do you accept entrants outside your country?

  • TH 23.6.09

    wow pretty!

  • TH 23.6.09

    hubby now cut sean nails

  • TH 23.6.09

    the fairies are charming!

  • Lynda Lehmann 23.6.09

    Adorable, Kim! That is just going to be the cutest dance studio around!!

    You're doing a lot of work and a great job! :)

  • John M. Mora 23.6.09

    Kim, these are great and I am also amazed by the size of he space.

    Youcan throw a ton of shrimp on a barbie in there!

    Sorry for being so provincial.

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    Kim!! :)

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    I heart the fairies Kim!!! All of them look adorable and oh so magical, I love! :):):)

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    And u finished 6 in a week???? Awesome! Hope u get more work done this week. :)

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    I didn't drop EC for 2 days Kim huhuhuh!!

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    But am here today, wishing u a lovely Tuesday and sending lotsa love and hugs your way! :):):)

  • Mariuca 23.6.09

    Oh happy MM to you too! U must be feeling a little sad ur son is moving out today. Hugs! :)

  • RennyBA 24.6.09

    Beautiful paintings and great song - thanks for sharing!

    Btw: Hope your connection is up soon again :-)

  • Lisa Lorenz 24.6.09

    HI Kim, Oh wow how I am in love with all these beautiful fairies!!!! They are so unique and dreamy! I am anxious to see the studio finished! The will look totally awesome! have a great day mate! xoxox Lisa

  • Mariuca 25.6.09

    Kim! COngrats on the PR3, for real this time ha ha! :):):)

  • Mariuca 25.6.09

    Dropped EC here today Kim and am headed for ur other two babies! See ya there! ;)

  • Mariuca 25.6.09

    Hi Kim! I'm working on my contest post at MPG! Come stalk me so u can chop, posting soon! :):):)

  • Erik 25.6.09

    Lovin the faeries!

  • TH 26.6.09

    hi kim, son having toothache, poor kid its hurting up and down side of it

  • TH 26.6.09

    he has got at least 5 bad teeth, either big or small

  • TH 26.6.09

    I am full as just now had drunken chicken soup lol.. is it available in Australia?

  • TH 26.6.09

    its mix with alcohol in the soup when cooking. lol.. recipe I dont have as sil is the one cooked

  • oyun 27.6.09

    I love this blog.

  • th 27.6.09

    hope your internet is back in action :)

  • TH 27.6.09

    stiff neck.. terrible night.. sean keeps sleeping my pillow..

  • Shez 27.6.09

    Hi Kim, these are all so delightful, can't wait to see them hanging in their place there in the studio. Fantastic way to show your art to all, in such a creative way. :)

  • Kim 28.6.09

    hi Bem
    it's a stunning piece isn't it!!
    Ryuichi Sakamoto is a wonderful musician ..I could listen to him play all day :)
    grats are FC .. 500 ECs!!!

    hi Amy
    thank you I've finally finished all 12 fairy/ballerinas and there are fairies everywhere ;)
    I'll be posting the other 6 and starting on the 6 Degas panels tomorrow :)

    thanks Marites
    yes the competition is open to everyone everywhere :)

    hi TH
    thanks... sounds like you have had a busy week :))
    I hope Sean's toothache has gone ..

    hi Lynda
    thanks's certainly keeping me super busy... and a few more weeks of daily painting... certainly beats housework :)

    thanks John
    this studio is about a sixth of the entire studio space ...lots and lots of wall space lol...

    thanks Mariuca
    just finished the other 6 and Charlotte has been helping paint the backgrounds and borders :))
    one week since Alexander moved out but he comes by every morning for his fresh juice...haha...
    I do miss him though :(

    thanks Renny
    yes thank goodness we found out what was wrong and it was fixed on Thursday :)

    thanks Lisa ...I'm looking forward to seeing the fairies installed...I'll be delivering them next Sunday ..along with the 6 Degas panels.....very busy week ahead :)

    hi Mariuca :)
    you are the good news fairy ..PR 3 yippeee!!!

    thanks Erik
    love the way that you spelt faeries...very old English and poetic :)

    lol TH ..yes we have chicken soup in Oz :))

    thanks Oyun :))

    thanks Shez..
    me too...
    I still have to organise the beading for the top and bottom of the frieze...I think I need more hours in a day at the moment ;)

  • Mariuca 28.6.09

    Hey Kim, hope ur enjoying ur Sunday. Dropping off a special tag for u, have fun! :)

  • TH 29.6.09

    bad day today :(

  • TH 29.6.09

    the soup I think its better call liquor soup lol there is liquor in it.

  • TH 29.6.09

    tomorrow new week sure hope can get up early as sean crying all night long and wake up several time

  • TH 29.6.09

    I think I am more alert than hubby

  • Lynda Lehmann 6.7.09

    Kim, you must be having so much fun doing such a variety of projects. Your panels are just adorable!

    Your creative energy and skills seem boundless!

    Sorry I'm late these days. Too much construction taking time away from my preferred pursuits--art and blogging!

  • Leet 6.7.09

    Hi Kim,
    It's been ages.... long time no see ...your blog still look great...and the painting... remarkable... love it!!

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