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Entries for the Win a Free Mini Portrait Competition..

1 August 2009 36 comments

Mini Portrait - Charlotte #1 Mini Portrait - Charlotte #2

# the Mini Portrait is 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas..
# free postage
# value: $250 (au)
# one person/subject of the winner's choice


Congratulations to the winner of the Free Mini Portrait
number 158
John 150 -171

thanks to everyone for your wonderful response to my competition!!

TH 1 - 46
Bem 47 - 49
Kirsten <3 wintertea 50 - 55
Ane 56 - 58
Amy Lilley Designs 59 - 75
Speedcat Hollydale 76 - 88
Mariuca 89 - 149
John 150 -171 (winner)
Lisa 172
Lynda 173
Boyd 174 - 200
Max 201
Trish 202 - 206
Christy 207 - 247
Julie 248 - 262
Brenda 263 - 293
lsallen88 294 - 299
Netster 300 - 315
cynsheis 316 - 320
Shez 321 - 342
Gina 343 - 340
Katie 341 - 352
Kathleen 353
TH 354 - 365
Brenda 366 - 377
Jackie 378 - 413
Patsy 414
Brenda 415 - 428
Jackie 429 - 434


36 comments: to “ Entries for the Win a Free Mini Portrait Competition.. so far...

  • Netster23 30.7.09

    Dear Kim, your tweetmeme widgets, you may want to change the @tweetmeme (did you purposely did that? or you left it by default?) to your own tweeter name. You can change that under tweetmeme configuration.


  • Admin T.H 30.7.09


  • Lynda Lehmann 31.7.09

    I would love to win a piece of your beautiful work, Kim!!! :)


    Charli is not 18 yet? I thought she was a bit older...

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Oh Kim I would love to win a piece also.

    I will try to work on something this weekend. I already am signed up for feed and email!!


  • Jackie 31.7.09

    okay I just twitted and I already am signed up for email and your feed.

    I am headed right this moment to right a post.

    I know I am very late. But, I would truly love to have a portrait for my daughters.

    Love and hugs,

  • Speedcat Hollydale 31.7.09

    I dreamed i won!!

  • John M. Mora 31.7.09


  • Kim 31.7.09

    oh Netster
    I wouldn't have a clue how to change it...I looked at the widget site and it was terribly confusing..
    I couldn't even get the widget on my front page of the template is soooo complicated :0

    you got the chop TH are the first EC commentator :))
    I'll send the ECs tomorrow :))

    hi Lynda
    yeah Charli started school when she was 4 years and was accelerated...she got her year 12 higher school certificate last year when she was 16...all her friends are is very mature for her age :)

    hi Jackie I've put your entries up :)))) thanks for your wonderful support :)

    hi Speedy ;))
    good dream... :) ;)

    hi John..
    :) :)... it's all up to fate now and the random org generator ;)

    good luck everyone and thanks for dropping by with your comments :))))

  • eastcoastlife 31.7.09

    Just in time! I want to win and have a portrait of myself too!

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    Thanks Kim! Good luck to everyone!! I hope you were able to get some rest Kim!

    This has to be keeping you extremely busy!!

    Happy weekend!!

  • Kim 1.8.09

    ohh ECL...
    you needed to leave a comment here :( sorry

    thanks Jackie..
    I'm about to post the winner shortly :))

  • John M. Mora 1.8.09

    Hey, the last time I won was the race to the egg...just kidding....

    Kim, Marie, my wife, and I will need to decide whatg to send you - I assume a digital pic would do - I am pretty sure it wil be our Mariana...

    All my best - wow....thanks so much.

  • Kim 1.8.09

    congratulations John!!!
    yes ..up to 3 A4 digital pics would be ideal (head and shoulders preferably)
    you can email them to me *
    laketrees[at] * please...
    a great weekend to you and your family :))

    * replace [at] with @
    cheers Kim

  • TH 1.8.09

    congrats to the winner :)

  • TH 1.8.09

    hows your day? I not get enough sleep..

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    Congratulations John! i am very happy for you!! I can't wait to see the portrait!!

    Another wonderful project Kim! Just think of how you have lit up their world today!!

    Happy weekend and big hugs,

  • Admin T.H 1.8.09

    john is so lucky!

  • Admin T.H 1.8.09

    we just back from lunch as get hubby from work

  • Admin T.H 1.8.09

    its always fun have giveaway or contest or competition..

  • Admin T.H 1.8.09

    watch out for mine at my blog

  • Admin T.H 1.8.09

    hey kim marzie having a contest...

  • TH 1.8.09

    at her perfume gallery blog!

  • Mariuca 1.8.09

    Hi Kim, I'm here! :)

  • Mariuca 1.8.09

    Wow congrats to John for winning an awesome prize! And thanks to Kim for hosting such a wonderful contest. :)

  • Mariuca 1.8.09

    Hmmmmm me too a little confused with my twitter button settings Kim! :(

  • Shez 1.8.09

    Congratulations John for winning!!!! You said in your post too, that you felt lucky!!lol
    Kim it was a great contest!!
    Have a great weekend!!! :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.8.09

    a big congrats to John...looking forward to seeing his portrait...have a great Sunday dear Kim....:))))))

  • Jackie 2.8.09

    Hi Kim,
    You started me thinking about the sunflowers. i too think they would show up much better.

    I know you are busy. But, I sent you an email with the sunflowers attached.

    Thank you for telling me about my Twitter. I got it fixed!

    Happy Sunday!! don't work too hard!!:-)

  • Netster23 2.8.09

    didn't notice the winner has been announced! I thought it's me or Speedy.

    Better luck Speedy next time Speedy! Better next time Netster!

    Congratulation John!


  • TH 2.8.09

    hi.. going out for dinner..

  • John M. Mora 3.8.09

    sent you foru emails,. Kim.

    Thanks, everyone, for your good cheer. I feel so lucky winnign this portrait and it wil be one of my daughter, Mariana....

    You are most talented and generous, Kim.

  • web development company 3.8.09

    The portraits are truly awesome.I congratulate the winner.Look forward to more such posts from you.Thanks.

  • bem69 4.8.09

    Congratulations to John, and thanks Kim, for letting me participate in this contest :D

  • Kim 4.8.09

    thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments and congratulations...
    you have All made this a really great competition with your positive and friendly responses over the last two months..
    don't worry if you missed out
    I'll be sure to have another competition before the end of the year ;))

    I'll be keeping an eye out for your competition TH enjoy your dinner :)

    I've changed your image looks super :))

    hey Mariuca..
    have started your mini portrait...will be posting the WIP soon ;)

    hi Shez
    yeah feeling lucky certainly helps it seems ..I'll have to keep that in mind when I check out my next lottery tickets ;)

    hi Amy...:)
    have a grand week ..I hope that rain stays away from your lovely tomatoes ;)

    lol Netster...
    you and Speedy will have to start feeling luckier ;))

    thanks John
    I've made my choice but it was a difficult one as they would all make lovely portraits :))

    thanks WDC :)

    you are welcome Bem
    have a great Tuesday :)

  • Ayie 6.8.09

    congratulations to the winners =)

  • Erik 16.8.09

    It's been a while since I've been to your blog. I look forward to the day I have the brain to hand coordination to do portraits as lovely as yours.

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