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and the winner of the Free Portrait for Christmas is not Britney Spears or Technorati !!!

22 December 2007 22 comments

Princess Diana Letter

The second Win a Free Portrait for Christmas Competition is now closed !!!
And the winner is Colin.....
Congratulations Colin....
I will be emailing you with the details of the prize shortly....

Santa and I would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. All of your entries were amazing....and I wish you all a happy and prosperous Christmas...

Many thanks go to all my readers who very kindly promoted the competition too....
your support ...Diggs and Stumbles were very much appreciated !!!

and the Mystery Bonus Prize will go to the first reader who can tell me why the letter above was sent to me...

What is going on at Technorati ?????

Is Your Web Site Optimized for the Christmas Rush?

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22 comments: to “ and the winner of the Free Portrait for Christmas is not Britney Spears or Technorati !!! so far...

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    Your such an unique, nice, good and lovely blogfriend Kim - this is a great contribution in Blogsphere!

    Congrats to Colin and Marry Christmas to all of you!

    RennyBA's Terella

  • Diane 22.12.07

    You lived in London 1980-82 and you presented Princess Diana with a portrait you had done of her wedding group.

    Congratulations, Colin - excellent news!

    Merry Christmas!

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    Congrats to Colin!!

    My answer to your question is: "someone else set you up for this ;) "

    Take Care, Kim!

  • Lynda Lehmann 22.12.07

    Congratulations to Colin! I'm sure he's excited to hear the news!

    I'm with Diane on that, Kim. I seem to remember your having met your sister in London to dance with a troupe there for awhile. :)

  • Unknown 22.12.07

    you related to them somehow?

  • Netster23 22.12.07

    Congratz Colin!

    The first winner is ME! hahaha just kidding.

    cheers & hugs & Merry Christmas

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    Hi Kim...
    Wow, I am stunned and delighted. Thank you everyone for participating and thank you for your most kind comments left here :)

    For me this is a double celebration as it's my birthday too...I'm truly delighted.

    Merry Christmas Kim, and to all of your readers.


  • Fruity 22.12.07

    Wishing you, Kim and your family an early Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, just before I leave for my holidays.
    Cheers from Fruity

  • Kim 22.12.07

    thank you very much Renny !!!
    you are very kind...
    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

    I'm sure that you were a detective in another life Diane :D
    you are absolutely right !!!
    I will email you with the details of the mystery prize today :)

    ah no Jos..
    I take full responsibility for it ;)
    and thank you :)

    you're right Lynda :)
    thanks for dropping by and have a lovely Christmas....

    no Kimmy ....
    I'm not related to Colin and his daughter ...

    LOL Netster
    I will be having more competitions next year you will have to think about entering :)
    Merry Christmas to you !!

    Happy Birthday Colin !!!!
    and just before Christmas too !!!
    Congratulations on your win :)
    well deserved !!!
    Wishing you a wonderful day and Merry Christmas too !!!

    thanks Fruity...
    have a safe and peaceful Christmas....and enjoy your holidays :)

  • One Wacky Mom 22.12.07
  cool! Amazing...

    congrats to colin...

  • Kim 22.12.07

    thanks for your comment Ev...
    and Christmas greetings to you and your family :)

  • Anonymous 22.12.07

    Congrats, Colin. If I had voted, it would have been for you. Those daughters of yours are beautiful.

    Thank you Kim for a great contest. I am a winner having been allowed to take part.

  • Kim 22.12.07

    hey Archie
    thank you for entering !!!
    it was a pleasure to feature your fantastic Santa photo....
    hope your Christmas day week a "cool" one over there in WA :)

  • Kim 22.12.07

    ps Archie...
    Colin sent in two photos of his in fact you had me double checking his post ...just to make sure :D

  • Speedcat Hollydale 22.12.07

    Hoooray for Colin!

    What an amazing letter Kim! I'm sure your portrait was equally impressive.
    Just reading the term "Mystery Bonus Prize" makes me all excited - Ha haaa!! Someday "I" will have a mystery bonus prize. What will it be I wonder.... I hope it's a free chicken dinner :-)


  • Kim 22.12.07

    a free chicken dinner sounds good Eric....may be free golf lessons thrown in as well for good measure :)
    I will reveal the mystery bonus prize....after new year ;)

  • anandi 23.12.07

    Congrats to Colin!!
    and Happy Christmas to all.

    Kim, as a mark of gratitude, I have done the ambigram of your name.


  • Kim 23.12.07

    oh thank you Anand !!!
    that's so kind of you ...
    I will pop over now :)

  • Gelombang Rakyat 23.12.07

    Congratulations Blog Brother!

  • AscenderRisesAbove 25.12.07

    guess i am a day late and a dollar short to enter this one. ;-)

  • Kim 26.12.07

    haha Ascender...
    you will have to enter the next one...coming up in the new year !!
    Merry Christmas to you :)

  • Kim 26.12.07

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Zubli :)

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