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Big Bang

10 June 2008 43 comments

Sticky Post

big thanks to the gorgeous Catsy @ Catsy Carpe Diem for tagging me with this meme to increase your stats and readers...
if you haven't joined up over at Mel's @ Attitude, the Ultimate Power then join up now !!!!


43 comments: to “ Big Bang so far...

  • fihanna 28.1.08

    HI KIM!
    Now we go to Big Crunch..
    This is viral-meme and Technorati is angry
    take care ;0)

  • Kim 28.1.08

    ciao Hanna :) :)
    I see you got in early !!!
    clever clever girl ;):)

  • Anonymous 28.1.08

    Hi Kim, good to see you on board too - thanks for the link love!

  • Kim 28.1.08

    yes this was too tempting Renny :)
    have a great week :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 29.1.08

    Like Hanna, I have no idea what this may / or may not accomplish. Cuttting across a frozen lake with thin ice to save time? I am walking with a floatation device. Never drive cars (or trucks) on ice!!

    I am going to check my tech Right Now :-)

  • Kim 29.1.08

    hehehe Speedy...
    it's looking good on my side here ...but I'm touching wood :)

  • Catsy_Carpe Diem 29.1.08

    hi dear kim.. well we owe it to this big bang meme.. mine also went up..:-)

  • Kim 29.1.08

    it's great isn't it Catsy !!!
    you certainly picked a winner here :)

  • Diane 29.1.08

    Oops! I sorted out my glitch - you are back in and I'm up to date!


  • Kim 29.1.08

    I think it happens when you update...Diane
    I think the crossover and adding new sites can be confusing especially when you are coding in a scroll box :)

  • John M. Mora 30.1.08

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does this do? Big Bang sounds loud.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 30.1.08

    The "Big Bang" is a Rocket!!! Great name too ...

  • Kim 30.1.08

    ha John
    good description !!
    this is a link meme/tag and Mel (who is the originator) has sent a challenge out to make this the biggest meme ever...1,000 links....
    If you join the meme by leaving your blog links at Mels and posting the list on your blogs your authority at technorati should rise....what it is basically a big link exchange...last time I checked there were over 200 blogs on the master list at Mel's place...if everyone keeps updating the master list on a daily basis (ie copying and pasting the new incoming links onto their list ...then the meme becomes a chain or train...

  • Kim 30.1.08

    it's certainly is Speedy...and the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing ...
    I'm pushed just keeping up with it ..
    I don't know how Mel is keeping up with it...:)

  • Anonymous 30.1.08

    Great to see the list growing. My authority has jumped 50 the last two day - it works!

    Mine is updated too:

  • Kim 30.1.08

    ha Renny
    it does work....
    I just updated mine too....and I see that Mel is in the Top 5,000..
    good for him !!

  • fihanna 30.1.08

    Morning Kim,
    I just woke up from sleep. A bit blur...50 time of tecnorati, bene!

    I guess this is something like the techno train... choo choo... haha...

  • Kim 30.1.08

    ciao Hanna
    50 !!! woo hoo ..
    I think this may be better than the technorati choo choo train :D

  • DubLiMan 1.2.08

    Let me tell you....keeping up with this has been a challenge. But, I do love challenges. I'll work this all night, every night, if we can actually reach 1,000.

    Just an FYI, I have orchestrated 3 memes since October of last year: "Why do you Blog?" "New Year's Resolution" and this one. Just before my first meme my Authority was 289. Now it's 792.

    With this, I have created a group of about 20 sites, Speedy included, who launch these simultaneously. This process gives us a large originating distribution. The first 23 sites listed on the "Big Bang" were on the initial launch.

    It may be a couple of months before we put out another one. If you are interested in joining this group send me an email to

    This invitation goes to anyone reading this comment.

  • Kim 1.2.08

    I don't know how you have been doing it Mel !!!
    such a mammoth job....
    I think this venture sounds great and you can count me in ..
    I will e you :)

  • Debbie Dolphin 3.2.08

    Hi Chief BB!

    I knew this BB would be interesting to watch and add more fuel to the spoofing fires of the Technorati Tragedy! :))

    Technorati New Math:

    STA 341 + BB 312 = FTA 653 - CTA 438 = 215 Links fell into the Digital Black Hole of Technorati!

    To cheer you up, the good news is: 271 Links fell into the Digital Black Hole of Technorati after my BB post! I wonder if the Big Bang is another Bad Break for Miss Flackburner?

    Is "?/10" Pork Rations another Google Gremlin?

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 3.2.08

    ok Debbie
    I have got some of the math BB but what's FTA CTA & STA...???
    is STA ...start authority? (bear with me).....
    FTA = final authority
    ok the CTA has me stumped...

  • Debbie Dolphin 3.2.08

    Hi Chief BB!

    You're on the right Technorati Track!

    STA =start authority

    FTA = potential final authority (adding the 312 BB links)

    CTA = Current Authority (at the time of my comment)

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 3.2.08

    thamks Debbie....
    I simply haven't an answer for this one...I know the faving procedure is all over the place too atm....
    I hope your numbers are restored asap...

  • Debbie Dolphin 4.2.08

    Hi Kim,

    You're Welcome and no answer is needed!

    I thought you might find the Technorati New Math of the Big Bang interesting!

    Although the key rhetorical question is

    If every Blogger posted their Technorati problems than would Technorati quickly move to fix their Black Holes instead of causing more Technorati Troubles like your fav problem?

    After checking my Blog on Technorati, you reappeared as a fan and thankfully, I am on page 3 of your laketrees fans!

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 4.2.08

    I thought I would just go ahead and fave everyone who has faved me as I really didn't believe the automated message saying not to worry ...
    that all would be fixed ..ha
    I've heard that before...
    ps...the fave issue did sort the chaff from the wheat though as it showed how many didn't fave me...ah yes all those hours on the technorati trains...hmmm

  • Speedcat Hollydale 5.2.08

    Quite amazing on my scale. Mel the great?? So far ... YES!!

  • Kim 5.2.08

    hear hear Speedy !!!
    I think Mel deserves a knighthood for this :)

  • DubLiMan 6.2.08

    Sir Mel....I kind a like that.

    Hey, you never know where or when I will appear.....ha ha ha ha ha..

  • Kim 6.2.08

    hey Sir Mel...
    It's an honour for such a high ranking blogger to being visiting my humble blog...
    I appreciate you calling by...
    I'll be over soon for my daily update :) :)

  • Anonymous 29.2.08

    I joined there two weeks ago.I hope very soon The goal will achieved.

  • Anonymous 2.3.08

    :) I liked it!!!! I do not know who working out on this blog, but I liked it. So much interesting information, Good LUCK!!!

  • Kim 21.5.08

    thanks for visiting Expat and Troy :)

  • Netster23 10.6.08

    Hello Kim :)

    hug hug

  • Kim 10.6.08

    hello Netster :)
    thanks for calling by ..
    hugs to you too :):)

  • Lynda Lehmann 11.6.08

    Kim, I'm trying to do a post on the Big Bang with the text copied as per instructions, but the text editor in blogger keeps freezing and I can't edit and finish the post. Any ideas on this?

    Thanks....I'm getting droopy-eyed on this!

  • Kim 11.6.08

    I'll email you the html code Lynda..
    the trick is to copy and paste in compose mode...but you have to wait a while for it to come up..

  • Lynda Lehmann 11.6.08

    Thank you for being so helpful, Kim!! You're a sweetheart. I think I've got it now. It's posted, so I sure hope I've got it right.

    Yikes, I am so bleary-eyed. Thanks again for your precious time!


  • Kim 11.6.08

    glad I could help...:)
    I'll pop over and check it out..have a good night's sleep Lynda :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 11.6.08

    Thank you, my dear.

    As it turns out, I did have fairly decent sleep.

    xxxx and thanks again for your help!

  • Kim 11.6.08

    haha Lynda :) time does fly..
    I just checked out your site and it looks great ...
    and I just updated my list at Mel's so you are now in my list !!!
    and now I'm off to bed haha..

  • Lynda Lehmann 11.6.08

    Well Kim, I hope YOU have a good sleep! zzzzzzz..........

  • Kim 12.6.08

    thanks Lynda ;)
    have a fantastic day :))

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