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Attack of the Giant Killer Aussie Meat Pies!

5 May 2008 16 comments

Breaking News
12.30pm Tuesday MAY 6 2008

Canberra has been wiped out !!!

Sources say that the National Capital of Australia was bombarded at 12.00 noon by flying missiles....

It was first thought that the missiles were donuts that were launched from the USA (some shady character was playing around with a very suspicious black female undergarment)
On closer inspection...police and emergency workers have found that the craters (measuring 24 kilometres in width) closely resemble giant meat pies...

if you look closely at the photo of a baby pie (which is being held by a giant) you would think they were harmless..
But obviously they're not !!

Thousands of survivors have been seen wandering the outskirts of the city dazed and covered in tomato sauce....
It looks like the Biotic Baking Brigade (Last active NOVEMBER 14, 1998 6:56 PM) have admitted responsibilty for the attack...

Innocent koala being rescued by a very kind lady after the disaster

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Breaking News Stories of Bra Bombardment & Donut Jelly Leaks

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16 comments: to “ Attack of the Giant Killer Aussie Meat Pies! so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 6.5.08

    How much can I love this story, let me count the ways ...

    1. Shady Character (smile)
    2. Giant meat pies (yummie!)
    3. Bionic Baking Brigade (triple B's = 8000 pts.)
    4. You were the very kind lady??
    5. I love Koalas ... who doesn't

    Great post Kim... Tooo funny!


  • Kim 6.5.08

    that WAS fast Speedy !!!...
    and I just managed to get my follow up post in with the links up too :)
    do you think this might become a front pager at Google too??
    I'll keep my fingers crossed...
    that WAS me rescuing the koala...
    however did you guess that ;)

  • Anonymous 6.5.08

    wow things are escalting flying donuts,hotcross buns and now meat pies..I would hate to be an airline pilot and have to dodge al the debris...:))))

  • Kim 6.5.08

    haha Robert..
    I hope you've found a good repairman for your roof ;) :)

  • Olga, the Traveling Bra 7.5.08

    "Suspicious" black female undergarment??!? Hey!...I resemble that remark!!!

    Dang! "Whoever" is responsible is sure gonna have a lot of cleaning up to do!!!

  • Kim 7.5.08

    LOL....noooooooo !!!! surely not couldn't have been you....
    I thought you were over at Corrine's visiting the knitting tree :) :)
    I think Speedy and Robert have volunteered to clean up ...they did start it ...
    oh btw...
    I believe Miss MP and the other correspondents are all innocent as well ... you ;)

  • Anonymous 7.5.08

    Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Was Speedy Starbucks involved with the Biotic Baking Brigade??? ;)
    If so, did Speedy Starbucks launch the meat-pie missiles using the classified Bra Bombardier??? :)

    A Déjà vu carbonated copy comment!

    Excellent reporting behind enemy lines at night, Agent Laketrees!

    Miss Moneypenny is a innocent bystander?

  • Kim 7.5.08

    hi Debbie..
    'Miss Moneypenny is a innocent bystander?'
    no? you know inside info ?
    yes one wonders whether "they" were involved...
    haa...yes I forgot that I made this report in the dark :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.5.08

    DD MMP UC was behind the whole thing, and gave me the launcher for strike 3.

    I was not here .... but this is true.

    Hi Kim, I heard reports from FOX that the koala rescue is making headlines all over the blogosphere!!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.5.08

    ... no dust bunnies (really)

  • Kim 7.5.08

    of course Speedy ...
    I believe YOU...
    your football photo proves that you weren't THERE at the time...
    um was this evening or day time...any way..
    no worries we have photographic evidence...
    DD MMP UC MAY have a lot to answer for...I thought that obama photo was a clever diversion..
    I thnk she may have gone underground with THAT Canadian redneck !!
    hey ...yes ...our Koalas know how to make the headlines big time ..that's when they're not high...
    or asleep !!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.5.08

    touche` !

  • Kim 7.5.08

    haa they are called dust koalas down under over here...
    believe it or NOT !!!
    however did I get my comment in between yours ..
    I feel like a sandwich :)

  • Anonymous 7.5.08

    Yer a woman after me own heart. And just like Speedy said, "Great post Kim... Tooo funny!"

  • Anonymous 7.5.08

    Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Speedcat is just like a man o' war, exposing the women as the fall-guy er... fall-gal! ;-) :-)

    Fair and Unbalanced Fox News is reporting on this event, No way! :-)

    Miss MP may not be directly involved at the moment but she is prepared if the war zone strikes New England. My counteroffensive strategy is classified Top Secret! ;-) :-)

    How did you find my underground bunker? I only told one other person and she's not talking because of my Duct Tape defense! :-) :-)

    Which is better, getting sandwiched or oreo cookie'd? ;-)

  • Kim 7.5.08

    haa MA..
    I was thinking of you when I wrote samwich...err...I mean sandwich :))

    I didn't really think you were responsible for the fall out Miss Debbie !!
    I mean Miss MP is another cup of tea .. IMHO....
    good to know that you have her on your side ;)
    do you ever get jealous of her???
    I mean you were only trying to ketchup.. (I finally got that !!)
    ohhh that's a tough one ...I think I'd have to go for a vegemite samwich (sauce...MA) over the oreos...
    I have to stay patriotic !!
    I'll keep mum on the secret bunker as long as the OTHER person does...
    and who might that be??
    I know there's a clue in there with the duct she in the electrical trade??

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