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Irina Baronova

1 July 2008 52 comments

Baby ballerina

Irina Baronova
1919 - 2008

Drawing of Irina Baronova - © Kim Barker (2006)

Peaceful end for last baby ballerina

IRINA BARONOVA, one of the 20th century's leading ballerinas, has died at her home at Byron Bay.

Baby ballerina
To a generation of ballet lovers, the name Irina Baronova was synonymous with perfection. As one of the legendary baby ballerinas of the Ballet Russes, she was internationally famous by the age of 13.

Baby ballerina's swansong
The Australian Ballet's Brisbane opening night performance of Giselle on Tuesday next week will be dedicated to Baronova.

Irina Baronova - last of the famed baby ballerinas of Balanchine
Chris Pasles, Los Angeles Times
Thursday, July 3, 2008
Irina Baronova, the last of the three baby ballerinas whose international careers were launched by choreographer George Balanchine, has died.
She was 89.

My Mum is sitting directly behind Miss Baronova -
Miss Baronova was the Patron of my Sister's Baby Ballerinas' Studio

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About Irina Baronova


52 comments: to “ Irina Baronova so far...

  • jafabrit 1.7.08

    Absolutely STUNNING drawing, especially the hands. WOW!!!!!!!

  • Kim 1.7.08

    thank you Corrine...
    I'm posting this drawing as a tribute to a wonderful wonderful lady... she will be missed...

  • Anonymous 2.7.08

    Thanks for being one of my top 25 ec droppers!

  • Michelle B. Hendry 2.7.08

    Wow!! Beautiful... It really seems to capture her spirit.
    Kim - you might want to pop by my blog... There is an little award waiting for you! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do with laketrees!

  • John M. Mora 2.7.08

    The eyes, the hand the mouth gesture as if she is about to smile or complete speaking. Much strength in her body and the arms stil exude years of trainign and dedication.

    Imagine being able to glide and then no longer doing so. A lovely homage with much care and thought and talent.

    Get thee to that beach - promise?

  • Kim 2.7.08

    you're welcome Mousey...

    thank you Michelle...
    and thanks for your lovely award too :)

    thanks John..
    Irina Baronova was patron of my Sister's Baby Ballerina's Dance school
    (the portrait lives there)
    we have some wonderful photos as well...

    ah the beach...
    I will make an effort...I promise ;)

  • BillyWarhol 2.7.08

    wow is right* incredible detail + just capturing the real person*

    Bravo Kim!! ;)) xoxo Peace*

    p.s. I'm excited too cuz my EntreCard Ad is on yer Blog today!! YAYYYYYYYYYY*

  • Anonymous 2.7.08

    A sad loss to the world of a truly beautiful ballerina and extremely vivacious lady.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.7.08

    Oh my goodness Kim, she is so BEAUTIFUL...and this drawing, a contemporary, the scarf tied around her shoulders, the headband and haircut...again, beautiful, beautiful...

  • Kim 2.7.08

    thanks Billy
    peace to you ...
    yay to you too and thanks for advertising on my blog :) :)

    hi Mum..
    so true...a great loss to all...she will be remembered with great affection by us....
    and I feel very honoured and privileged to have met her and also to have had the opportunity to do this drawing and paint her portrait..

  • Kim 2.7.08

    hi Amy...
    thank you
    this portrait is one of my favourites..
    and I really appreciate your lovely critique....

  • Anonymous 2.7.08

    That is really exquisite, Kim, and you are right, extraordinary talent will always be missed but what a wonderful legacy...

  • Kim 2.7.08

    hi Diane...
    I don't think Australians in general realise how significant Miss Baronova was and her enormous contribution to the arts...
    dancer star...and writer....
    but then most Australians leave a lot to be desired when it comes to appreciating and recognising great and enduring talent in the arts .....
    that's probably why the most talented go overseas..
    I'm rather ashamed to say that "Tall Poppy Syndrome" is alive and well in the 'lucky country' :(

  • Anonymous 2.7.08

    I like her expression..and the cloth details...great artwork! :)

  • Kim 2.7.08

    thankyou Anmari :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 3.7.08

    Hello Kim,

    Your post is a great reminder of the considerable contributions and sacrifice of the Baby ballerinas in general and Irina Baronova in particular to ballet and modern dance.

    Your beautiful painting is a fitting tribute to this artist who has given most of herself and to the art she helped create.

    I didn't realize she lived in Australia. I hope Australians get to appreciate this artist and be honored by her choice of Australia as her resting place. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Matthew S. Urdan 3.7.08

    Thanks for your comments on my post "Circles". They are much appreciated. Great drawing. Dugg, and I'll be back to drop later.

    I think we're already seeing the EntreCard Digg Community a big success.

    Thanks again!

  • Kim 3.7.08

    hello Durano
    I don't think a lot of Australians were aware that Miss Baronova lived out here....
    I tried to capture her humility and generosity of spirit as well as her elegance and dignity ...

  • Kim 3.7.08

    hello Matthew..
    thanks for calling by and for digging this post..very kind of you..
    and thanks for your advice too :)

  • Anonymous 3.7.08

    wow, great handwork.

  • Mariuca 3.7.08

    Hi Kim! I'm so impressed by ur portrait, simply because I suck at Art or drawing and this one is so nicely done! I just don't know how u do it! Happy Tursday! :)

  • Anonymous 3.7.08

    That is a stunning drawing - I envy your talent (in a good way.) I have worked with young ballerinas myself, during training, one of the delights of being a pianist - and can vouch for their hard work and dedication. To rise to the top is a major achievement. Bless her, for bringing the world such joy during her life.

  • Kim 3.7.08

    thank you Victoryv :)

    thanks Mariuca :)
    a lot of patience helps ..
    I'm sure you're not as bad as you think...
    drawing takes a lot of practice..
    have a happy Thursday too :)

    hello Ellumbra..
    thanks for your kind comments...
    having been a dancer myself.... I did admire the skill and beauty of Miss Baronova...
    the dedication and passion as you so important....and similiar to the requirements needed when studying the piano :)

  • @i_theindian 3.7.08
  of the best blogs i have come across in recent times...and that painting is simply beautiful!

    Thanks n regards

  • Casey Klahn 3.7.08

    What wonderful presence in this portrait. You are great, Kim!

  • fastfastlane 4.7.08

    Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about Irina, and very sorry for your loss. I know that she meant very much to you. It is a great loss to all.

  • Kim 4.7.08

    thanks for your comment x :)

    thank you Casey
    Miss Baronova was a wonderful subject :)

    thanks Deborah..
    very sad and I agree a great loss to all who knew her...
    her funeral is in Byron Bay today....

  • Waterrose 4.7.08

    Ahhh... she was a wonderful ballerina

  • Mariuca 4.7.08

    LOL!!! Oh I am TERRIBLE Kim!! My Art teacher once laughed at my drawing of a "dinosaur"!!! And I don't blame her he he! ;)

  • Anonymous 4.7.08

    That is a pretty awesome drawing. I'm not exactly a great drawer, but I have done a few graphite renderings... and I have to say this is a good rendering as well. Nice use of shades.

  • Kim 4.7.08

    very true Waterrose :)

    ah Mariuca..
    art teachers have a lot to answer for...
    I'm sorry...but having been an Art Teacher...I believe that all drawing has merit...
    that is why children (and adults) do not continue to use Art as a creative and very worthwhile pursuit...
    who knows could be drawing masterpieces now !!!
    that is...if your teacher could have motivated you in a meaningful manner :)

  • Kim 4.7.08

    thanks very much Gary :)

  • Anonymous 4.7.08

    Hi, i have added all your blog links. Please kindly add mine. Thanks. Cheers!

  • Anonymous 5.7.08

    Kim, you definitely captured the grace and beauty of a ballerina in this masterful drawing. Absolutely awesome and as always your blog continues to get even better!

  • Lindsay 5.7.08

    This is a beautiful tribute to the ballerina. Lovely portrait! Lindsay

  • Kim 5.7.08

    thanks MT
    I've added yours too :)

    thanks very much Boyd :)
    my blog is an ever evolving WIP ;)
    have a terrific weekend...

    thanks so much Lindsay...
    have a great weekend :)

  • Mariuca 5.7.08

    Kim, thank you for ur very nice response to my comment. That does make me feel better actually! :)

    Also wanna say thanks for advertising on my site, hope u'll get some good clicks from MPG! :)

  • John M. Mora 5.7.08

    My thanks for your visits and encouragement - did you get to the beach yet - I need a pic of that beach....plllllllllllllllease ....for a photo.quilt

    We cam join the hemispheres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well, they are already joined, I guess.

  • Kim 5.7.08

    hi Mariuca..
    I'm a bit of a soap box fiend when it comes to Art
    I'm glad you feel better about your drawing :)
    it was great to see my card on your blog today :)
    I hope you are over your "fire" incident :0

    oh oh not yet John...
    could be some late nights with the Tour de France...
    perhaps a Sunday beach walk tomorrow :0
    of course I will be cheering the Aussies on...

  • Unknown 6.7.08

    Hi Kim,
    very nice drawing! Another example how beautiful older women can be and that youth is not always the #1 "achievement" to aim for.
    Greetings from Munich,

  • Anonymous 6.7.08

    The detail is incredible. So dramatic.

  • Nader Shenouda 6.7.08

    Hello Kim,
    Can I please do a post on this painting?
    on my Blog:

    I like it a lot, great shades!!!


  • Kim 6.7.08

    thanks Petra..
    so very true....
    have a lovely weekend over there in Munich :)

    thanks Diane...
    have a great Sunday :)

    hello Doudy..
    you're welcome to post this on your blog..
    thank you...
    have a terrific week :)

  • Anonymous 7.7.08

    I dugg this the other day and thought I 'd commented.

    That is wonderful almost haunting picture Kim.

  • Anonymous 7.7.08

  • Anonymous 7.7.08

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  • g 7.7.08

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  • Kim 7.7.08

    hi Cooper
    I agree
    I think it has to do with the transparent effect that I achieved with the shawl ..

    hi Butzel..
    that's a very cute kitten you have :)

    hi Michael..
    will check it out :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 9.7.08

    How interesting! I knew that you had danced with your sister, but I didn't know that she had a studio.

    It's a great loss when these famous people of legendary achievement, leave us.

    (I'm finally catching up a bit here, Kim! Hope all is well....)

  • Lynda Lehmann 9.7.08

    I forgot to say, Kim, that your drawing is wonderful!

  • Kim 9.7.08

    thanks Lynda
    it is very sad to think that the last time I saw Miss Baronova she was so youthful and full of life...
    my sister Karen has 550 students and most of them preschool age :)..she opened her studio 5 years ago...
    thanks for calling by ...I hope all is going well over your way :)

  • Anonymous 10.3.09

    Awesome Portrit! So much life in it!

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