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Top 101 Artists' Blogs

5 August 2008 26 comments

I am thinking of changing the Top 101 Artists' Blogs List
to a Top Artists' Directory..

1. There are well over 300 blogs ranked on the list at present
2. Technorati has been very unreliable with its statistics recently
3. I think that artists can promote their sites more if I have them listed in categories and alphabetically...
4. Artists will have more of an opportunity to showcase their sites with an image, description and location

Please let me know what you think about this....
All suggestions are welcome..

I will be compiling the directory over the next two months with a possible launch in October to coincide with this blog's second birthday...
All artists listed on the Top 101 Artists' Blogs List will be added to the Directory
If you would like to have an image of your work and short description (no more than 25 words) added please leave a comment and send me your information by email
New submissions are welcome ...

has been updated..
laketrees is # 7
and PoeARTica is # 11 on the list


26 comments: to “ Top 101 Artists' Blogs so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 5.8.08

    Hello Kim...I love the new look of your blog...very LIGHT!!!...I would love to participate in the re-vamping of the Top Artist's, I will, @ some point send you a blurb and some samples of work. BTW, I've been looking for a photo I took of the portrait of the twins, and finding all kinds of other goodies along the, Girl Whirl @ 10 weeks old....awwwww, pink ears and pink pads, Christmas in the Victorian house we lived in before this..and my Edward, still a boy @ 12, and 13 w/ Girl Whirl curled up in the crook of his neck...he'll be 19 on Sept. 15th and quite the young man....whew...I went off topic!!..have a great day...

    Amy :)

  • Kim 5.8.08

    hello Amy...
    thank you :)
    I'm pleased that you're in favour of the proposed change to the list...
    I'd love to see the will have to have a "memory lane" post on your blog :)
    Edward is the same age as Alexander (19 in December)
    and Charlotte is 17 on Sunday..
    wow !! where does the time go...
    have fun browsing your photos....
    reminds me that I need to sort out the many boxes of photos that I have ..eek!!!

  • Anonymous 5.8.08

    Hey Kim,

    I haven't talked to you in a while. Hope everything is good.

    Great project you've taken on here. Very ambitious. Good luck.

    Really enjoying the new look.


  • Amy Lilley Designs 5.8.08

    I wish we could bottle them to keep them small...a VERY Happy Birthday to Charlotte on Saturday!!!

    BTW, the photo was (obviously) before I got my hands on a digital...I can see it in my minds eye......

  • Kim 5.8.08

    hello Rob
    yes thanks...
    I'm looking forward to getting it underway..
    hope all is well with you :)

    lol Amy..
    like pickles in a jar :)
    actually it's my birthday on Saturday and Charlottes on Sunday...but she is having her party/sleepover Saturday night...eek...

    hopefully you will find your photo .....

  • Leet 6.8.08

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    You have nice site…
    That’s cool and I like the color…
    By the way
    I want to introduce my site, the content about painting
    If you don’t mind you can visit my blog and give the comment about my painting
    If you interested to be painted, you are welcome 

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  • John M. Mora 6.8.08

    Sounds like a great plan - do you have the time to do this?

    My best, always - I do like the white backgrund - more like being in an aritstic cloud.

  • Anonymous 6.8.08

    You've changed again! I like the new look but I liked the crayons too...
    What a great idea. Technorati is such a pain, a directory will be much more useful and reliable - and I hope less work for you :)

  • Kim 6.8.08

    hi Leet
    thanks for calling by..
    I will put your site in the new directory if you like :)

    hi John..
    I think initially it will be time consuming...but hopefully the benefits will be long term...
    the white works eh :)

    hi Diane....
    I thought the crayons were great but a little too heavy with the white..
    still a WIP hehe..

    yes reliable is the word...and technorati? NOT!!!

  • Anonymous 7.8.08

    I think it is a wonderful idea. My exhibition opens this weekend, so I'll get something together to send it to you next week! :) Thanks!

  • Kim 7.8.08

    oh ...every success with the opening of your exhibition Michelle :)
    don't worry you have plenty of time to get your info in...have a terrific weekend :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.8.08

    You page rank fivers do all the cool stuff.

  • Kim 10.8.08

    you could do the same Speedy...
    I can see it in lights now !!!
    Speedy's Top 101 Golf Blogs :) :)

  • Tracey 17.8.08

    Hi Kim,

    Wow watching tv and painting, I can't imagine being so focussed :) Music is the only distraction I can handle or things go askew when I work ;)

    Thanks so much for offering to add pictures and descriptions I will email mine shortly :) I love the portraits of your neices, what a wonderful way to honor them, just beautiful!

  • Kim 17.8.08

    that's great Costecu..
    I will be publishing the directory in October so plenty of time :)
    thanks for calling by :)

  • Shez 22.8.08

    Sounds like a great idea Kim. Quite an undertaking on your part. Like the new name and banner too!!! Will get an email off to you soon. Thank you!!! :)

  • Kim 22.8.08

    great Shez!!
    thanks for leaving a comment :)
    have a terrific day :)

  • Anonymous 24.8.08

    Great idea Kim. Sounds like it will take bit of work to do this. Of course I'm always up for participating. Like the way the blog is looking. very clean and easy to read.

  • Anonymous 25.8.08

    Hi, Kim. Love what you're doing for the artists. I am already in your blogs list, and would like to be included in the new directory. I will send you an email shortly. Keep up the good work!

  • Kim 26.8.08

    hi Kim
    that's great ...I'm working on the directory now ...

    thanks for calling by Dean...
    looking forward to getting your info :)

  • Judith HeartSong 13.9.08

    you redecorated! I will send you a blurb and an image, happy blog birthday early!

  • Kim 13.9.08

    great Judith...
    enjoy your weekend :)

  • Anonymous 19.10.08

    Hi, Kim

    I would very much like to be added to your list. I will email you my submission.

    I just recently discovered you through a link, and very much like your site and the idea you have for the Top Artists Directory.

    Happy Trails.


  • Kim 19.10.08

    hello Deb..
    that's great....
    looking forward to your submission :)

  • Anonymous 6.1.09

    It's been fun being listed on your top 100. You said that if we're on the 100 we'll automatically be in the directory so that should be fine. Let me know what size image you'd like for the description/image section. Thanks! Jana

  • Unknown 17.4.09

    I would love to paricipate in your directory. My blog is located at I hope you enjoy.

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