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WIP Portrait of Marissa

15 August 2008 32 comments

I have been working on this portrait of my niece while watching the Olympics this week..

completed portraits of Marissa and Tamika
August 2008

Marissa is Tamika and Tahlia's older sister..

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
1m x 75cm
Titanium White, Zinc White, Paynes Gray, Ivory Black...
medium - Liquin


32 comments: to “ WIP Portrait of Marissa so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 15.8.08

    So, so certainly have your own style Kim...just a wonderful likeness, love the drop shadow on the neck and the innocence, sort of fawn-like wonder in her eyes...she reminds me of my friend, Julia, who is now 19...Edward's age...her Mother and I secretly want Edward and Julia to get married one I REALLY want to find that photo of the twins...YIKES...hey congrats to your beautiful swimmers for all their success @ the Olympics!

  • Kim 15.8.08

    hehe thanks Amy..
    you matchmaker :)
    Edward and Julia....has a nice ring to it :)
    good luck with the photo search... I know you'll find it :)
    the Aussies are doing great....and to think that the relay team was in lane 7...
    it's a shame though that the other 4 Aussie relay swimmers who swam in the heats weren't acknowledged at the medal presentation as well...

  • Anonymous 15.8.08

    Excellent work Kim. This is one of my favorites.

  • Kim 15.8.08

    thanks Cooper :) :)

  • Kim 15.8.08

    and thanks for the submission to Digg too Cooper :) :)

  • jafabrit 15.8.08

    You know I love black and white portraits, but I love the size of your paintings too. Love the way you do hair also.

    on a sidenote, do you have any idea what the deal is with technorati. My authority went down dramatically, not that I am going to get me knickers in a twist about it, but it is odd.

    thanks for the help with the graf postcard, appreciated it.

  • Anonymous 16.8.08
 's very beautiful! Great job! ;)

  • Anonymous 16.8.08

    Looks like you won another Gold Medal in painting the portrait of Marissa! :~)

    Is the Shock Relay Gold a new Olympic Sport or a Shock Victory? ;~)))

  • CharmaineZoe 16.8.08

    Really lovely painting, you are very talented. I am delighted you wanted to put an advert on my site, News,Views, Thrills & Spills! Thank you :-)

  • Mariuca 16.8.08

    WOW Kim, this is so impressive! Do u have ur own studio to work in?

    Btw, I have a tag for you! Click here to have some FUN! :)

  • Kim 16.8.08

    thanks Corrine...
    yeah Technorati is beyond my comprehension..
    I think this is happening to a lot of bloggers...
    I think I have dropped close to 160 in authority and still dropping......their six month window excuse (where you lose links after 6 months) is wearing a bit thin with me ...I know I have been getting incoming links lately that are NOT being for their communication...
    well there is none!!!
    I have removed the link to technorati as I just think it's a waste of space....
    sorry I can't be of help on that issue :(
    any way enjoy your weekend....

    thanks for your comment Hitsu :)

    lol Miss MP..
    still have a few more laps to go on the portrait...
    haha...shock victory was the word...but hey...I think the addition of a shock relay gold sounds like a brilliant idea...
    they could also have a "spit the dummy" gold medal for the competitor who best rejects his medal at an award ceremony :) :)

    hi CharmaineZoe
    thanks very much...
    it's a pleasure to advertise on your blog :)

    hello Mariuca
    thanks...I have a small space that I call 'my studio' but it moves with the easel depending on lighting and what's on TV
    I'll come over to check out your fun tag now :) :)

  • John M. Mora 16.8.08

    Amazing negative space - it dances and is alive.

    I am also glued to the Olympics - love those Aussie yellow swim caps.

  • Kim 16.8.08

    yeah they're very sunny ..those gold caps..
    just watched the swimming over here with another bronze for us to your wonder boy Phelps' gold ;)
    have a great weekend John...:)

  • Anonymous 17.8.08

    Wow. I really like where this one is going. Are you on Facebook, Myspace, or Myartspace? Would like to send you a friend invite if you are. :)

  • Kim 17.8.08

    thanks anon !!
    I'm afraid my time is limited to my blog..but thanks for the offer :)

  • Anonymous 17.8.08

    Great work of art Kim - the Olympics must be very inspirational to you :-)

  • Kim 17.8.08

    I'm enjoying the swimming Renny...
    both Charlotte and Alexander.... were State level swimmers....when they were training :)
    enjoy your weekend :) :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 17.8.08

    an amazing illustration and a fun photo. i take it that the shoulder has recovered! :)

  • Kim 17.8.08

    thanks Ascender :)
    the left shoulder is nearly back to full took about 7 months.... but now the right shoulder is frozen....
    probably from over use...
    happened a couple of weeks I know what to expect....which makes it a bit easier...
    just a dratted nuisance when it comes to certain things...
    how are you going???
    I hope things are improved for you...

  • Lynda Lehmann 19.8.08

    Kim, your gorgeous portraits never cease to amaze me. I love the scale and immediacy. The viewer feels the subject to be "present." Your work is "bigger than life"!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 19.8.08

    I just love tour work Kim. As usual, I can see and feel the thought and creativity put into your work. Very very nice :-)

    BTW ....

    I am fast, no??

  • Anonymous 19.8.08

    This is striking. I love your black and white oil paintings. Wish I could see them in person. I'll bet using that payne's gray gives those portraits a silver nitrate look, like films from the 30s. Beautiful work.

  • Leet 19.8.08

    Wow Kim,
    The portrait is so artistic
    That's cool...
    Where can I see your other collection...

    Cheers, Leet

  • The Dork One 19.8.08

    this is WHILE watching the olympics!!!!


  • Kim 19.8.08

    thanks Lynda...
    your comment is very inspiring...especially while I wait for the paint to dry so I can finish this one :) :)

    you are more than fast....Speedy...
    thanks for your lovely comment...I've been away from the computer it's been a busy time catching up :)

    thanks so much Mellanie...
    you're right..the paynes gray does give that effect....sometimes it very tempting to put a touch of colour somewhere....maybe one day :)

    thank you Leet..
    if you click on the WORKS link (at the top of my blog) you can see most of the artworks that I have created over the last 5 and a half years :)

  • Kim 19.8.08

    it does take a toll on my concentration levels Leviuqse .....
    thank goodness the swimming is over lol...

  • Anonymous 21.8.08

    Wow, that is fantastic, I love your style, I am speechless!

  • Kim 21.8.08

    thanks Patrick :)

  • xoxo 23.8.08

    wow! very nice painting kim, happy weekend

  • Kim 24.8.08

    thanks Sexy Momma
    a great weekend to you too :)

  • Unknown 30.8.08

    great artwork dude!!
    amazed to a dangerous extent!! :|

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    Masterful painting Kim, I love following along watching you paint portraits of people.

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