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Music Monday - Que Sera, Sera

27 October 2008 37 comments

(Whatever Will Be, Will Be) - Doris Day

for daughter ...who is seventeen ...this song is for you...

thanks to Mariuca for introducing me to Music Monday......

Come join us in the Music Monday and share your songs with us ok. Leave the actual link to the post here and we will all go and visit you :)
Please note this links are strictly for Music Monday participants.


37 comments: to “ Music Monday - Que Sera, Sera so far...

  • Anonymous 27.10.08

    Hi there,
    I have your button on my blog and I wanted to include a short description with your button. It will be in my button love section.

    Blog Contest Station

  • Kim 27.10.08

    I'll leave a message at your site :)

  • Anonymous 27.10.08

    That's a great song. I used to hear it from my grandmother.

  • Anonymous 27.10.08

    Thanks for video

  • LadyJava 27.10.08

    Hi Kim!!
    Wowee!! Another classic.. I love it!!.. hehe.. I did one really classic and BW version "I Only Want to be with you" by Dusty Springfield too over at Life's Pages...don't you just love them :)

    Thanks for joining ya .. and can't wait to see yours next week :)

  • bluecrystaldude 27.10.08

    I love your choice for Music Monday. I am thinking back when I was at kinder garden. Que Sera, Sera.. Love it! Thanks for sharing~

  • Anonymous 27.10.08

    Happy birthday, Charlotte!
    I love Doris Day. What a fun video!

  • Mariuca 27.10.08

    Yahoo!! Kim has joined MM too! LJ oredi posted the code at her blog, if u wanna get the Mr. Linky box for ur blog here Kim! :):):)

  • Mariuca 27.10.08

    Kim has chosen a classic favourite, great choice dear! Can't wait for next Monday to see everyone's pick now! ;)

  • bonoriau 28.10.08

    I'm still choosing my song..will join next week.

  • Kim 28.10.08

    I think the movie would have been your Grandmother's vintage too ...Cooper

    you're welcome WF

    hi LJ
    yeah can't beat the classics can you..
    plleased to be on board the MM's a great idea :)

    you're welcome BCD

    Charlotte had her birthday in August Diane...
    she hadn't heard of Doris Day until last week so I decided to tell her some of my favourites :)

    ha ha..
    Mariuca is very clever for introducing me to MM...
    thanks for the info Mariuca :)....I was wondering about the code Miss Mindreader :)
    I shall have to try filling yours in again :)

    hi Bonoriau.
    that's good to hear ;)

  • Anonymous 28.10.08

    What a nice contribution to Charlotte. My Mom often sang this song for me :-)

  • Kim 28.10.08

    thanks for calling by Renny...
    Charlotte fell in love with this song immediately...she's a great fan of the 'oldies' :))

  • Anonymous 28.10.08

    Oops. Well, I hope it was a good birthday anyway. And I'm pleased to say 'Hi!'to a new Doris Day fan :)

  • Kim 28.10.08

    lol Diane..
    you wished us both happy birthday back in August...
    but Charlotte says she's happy to have another one... :)

  • bonoriau 28.10.08

    thank you for the twitter link..already added to master list..hope somebody will follow our twitter..heeee

  • Kim 28.10.08

    thanks Bono...
    I hope so too :) :)

  • Mariuca 28.10.08

    YAY! I'm a mind reader alright, can clearly see ur thoughts all the way over there in Sydney LOL! :)

  • Mariuca 28.10.08

    Kim, am thrilled u're on board with MM, this is one segment I'm pleased to join, since it's so much FUN! :)

  • Kim 28.10.08

    of course Mariuca :)
    I had forgotten that you are the Genie Princess ..silly me... :) :)
    I'm really pleased to be on the MM's great to hear everyone's fave music... and every Monday too !!!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 29.10.08

    Hello Kim,

    Charlotte loves the oldies? She must have an old soul that incarnated into her...if you believe that sort of thing. LOL!

    It's a lovely song with a simple melody that reflects mood of the fifties.It is however fatalistic. :-)

    And it is passed on down to the grandchildren...

    " now I have children of my own, they ask their mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? I tell them tenderly...Que sera, sera..." I hope it's not just all about being pretty and rich. But with a mom like yourself, I'm sure it won't. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 29.10.08

    Lovely video. Thanks!

  • Kim 29.10.08

    hello Durano...
    Charlotte is very wise for her age so I don't think she puts a lot of emphasis on being pretty or rich...
    though I do think she's very pretty ;);)
    thanks for calling by :)
    enjoy your day Durano :)

    hi H & N...
    you're welcome :)

  • Jackie 29.10.08

    I was here earlier and was going to leave a comment. I have no clue what distracted me. But, I wanted to tell you that I love this song and this video.

    Of course I have been in love with Doris Day all of my life.

    I am going to try to do this next Monday also. I have Week end snapshot too...but, this seems like so much fun!!

  • Kim 29.10.08

    hi Jackie
    I get distracted all the time too
    I'm not surprised that you're a Doris Day fan... :) :)...
    I'm looking forward to seeing your selection next Monday..
    I hope you are fully recovered from the pneumonia :)) *hugs*

  • Mariuca 29.10.08

    Morning!! Dropping EC here early today, I see u changed ur EC spot eh? Here with MPG first, have a good one! :):):)

  • Kim 29.10.08

    good morning Mariuca :)
    evening here :)
    I know it's a mystery where I'll put it next :)I'm addicted to changing this template around ..esp when I'm not painting :0
    happy dropping :)

  • John M. Mora 30.10.08

    Dorsi.Day - America in its post war glory, maybe a cold war, but oil was cheap to heat us. Here.

    Put another martini on the Barbie.

  • The Muse 30.10.08

    Was life more gentle then? Sweeter? Innocent?
    A nice song to hear at the close to a hectic day :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 30.10.08

    I MIGHT have to try this ... In my own Speedy way. (smile)

  • Kim 30.10.08

    hi John...
    it was a lovely era and Doris was the quintessential girl next door :)
    hah..we put prawns (shrimps) on our barbies over here...

    yes it was Muse...
    pony tails and rope petticoats... and flat shoes..
    glad you enjoyed the memory...

    ahh but of course Speedy...
    I'm actually I'm a little scared to think what you may come up with...
    is there a song about chickens or golf?? ;)

  • Lilly 31.10.08

    Oh what a gem that song is - all the questions you have as a teenager. To be 17, wow. I hope Charlotte has a happy and lovely life.

  • Kim 31.10.08

    oh thanks Lilly :)
    my sentiments exactly...
    at least she now has a year to decide what she wants to do...and I'm sure her choices will be be her own...
    I'm very excited for her and so glad that I went against the 'establishment' and started her at school when she was 4 ;)

  • Anonymous 1.11.08

    Hey there! You've won 50 EC for leaving a comment in my blogpost here: . Congrats!

    I'll send them to you as sson as I let everybody else know they've also won.
    Cheers and Happy Halloween!

  • Kim 1.11.08

    oh thanks Miss Tique..
    what a lovely surprise!!
    happy Halloween to you too :)

  • Anonymous 19.11.08

    hey... great song.. gotta hear it after a long just makes u live your teenage again !

  • Anonymous 9.1.09

    A really lovely song. Thanks for sharing the vid.

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