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House hunting and..

13 December 2008 55 comments

Moving in by Norman Rockwell
Moving in

I shall be moving house before the 12th January 2009 so I may not be online much during this period.... I imagine that I'm going to be pretty busy with house hunting ...packing... and organising a
I'm giving away 1,000 EC credits to the reader who can guess the actual day that I move in/out...
I would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a joyous New Year ...


55 comments: to “ House hunting and.. so far...

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    good luck in the hunt

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    hunt a dream house :)

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    hope you find one soon

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    happy weekend to you

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    my guess Jan 2 2009

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    Jan 7, 2009 :) just guessing

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    Jan 8, 2009 is this the day?

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    maybe it is Jan 9, 2009

  • Anita 13.12.08

    Merry Christmas Kim, and may your new year in your new home be a wonderful one!

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    Well, a good hunt and a merry christmas.

  • Mariuca 14.12.08

    Happy house hunting Kim! :)

  • Mariuca 14.12.08

    I thought u've already found a home and just happily packing away now! ;)

  • Mariuca 14.12.08

    I am guessing 7th Jan or 4th Jan he he! :)

  • Mariuca 14.12.08

    Oh and Merry Christmas to u too sweetie! :):):)

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    Wow, Kim I didn't kn ow you were moving. Good luck with the move I know moving is quite a hassle sometimes so try to enjoy it the best you can. If anyone can enjoy moving it would be you.

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    hope youll have a wonderful life un your new house. best of luck!

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    let me guess... jan 5? good luck, dear!

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    hi Kim, how you doing. Emila is having her Christmas Special Giveaway at her blog

  • Anonymous 14.12.08

    it has been rainy here and I post about hole in back of my home on other blog.

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.12.08

    Kim, I hope it all goes smoothly for you and that it will turn out to be more exciting and fun than a hassle!

    Hope you are settled in time to enjoy the holidays with your family

    See you soon! :)

  • Anonymous 15.12.08

    hi saw your message :) I am still bit sick though.

  • Anonymous 15.12.08

    hunt it down!

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    Hola Kim! Here with MPG first, as promised! :)

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    And i'll surely drop daily until u return he he! ;)

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    How's the house hunting coming along? Will u be having ur own studio space in ur new home? :)

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    Thanks so much for ur msg at EC. Don't stress out too much from all the packing okay? :):):)

  • Mariuca 16.12.08

    Okay, off to visit Poeartica and TAD now, see ya! ;)

  • Anonymous 16.12.08

    drop EC here :)

    still not all well... need long time I think

  • Anonymous 16.12.08

    house hunt is great its even better if its within your budget!

  • Anonymous 17.12.08

    Congratulations I think? I'd say you'll start moving on the 9th and end sometime on the 11th. :)

  • Shez 17.12.08

    Oh my, moving in January.......were my first thoughts when I read your post. Then it took about 30 secs for it to sink in that, you do not live up this way, and it's not -20C, and snowing heavy... you guys are in your summer months. LOL I'd say you'd start moving on the 8th Jan,and keep at it till the very last minute:) Best wishes for a great holiday season and your new home Kim.

  • Anonymous 17.12.08

    I think of another giveaway on my other blog. But might take long.. time to get start.. not sure yet

  • Anonymous 17.12.08

    it will be for everyone can take part.

  • Kim 18.12.08

    hi TH
    thanks for dropping by and keeping me posted on what's been happening lately...
    you guessed the 9th January which is the day that I'm moving so I'll be sending you the ECs...
    hope you are feeling better :)

    thanks Anita...
    at least I've found a place so that's good :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

    thanks Webagentur :)

    hi Mariuca..
    thanks for all your cheery comments and dropping at my blogs...
    I'm moving on the 9th of now it's on with the packing and organising removalists..
    hopefully things will get back to normal now that I've found another place and will be able to do the rounds this weekend :))

    thanks Cooper...
    it's been a busy time but at least I've found a place...
    so that's a relief... :)

    thanks very much Simple Delights :)

    you were close Motherhood ;)

    thanks Lynda
    on with the packing now and maybe find some time to get that portrait of Alexander and Kelly which I had a deadline for the 29th January..
    oh well we'll see :)

    hello Wayne...
    your guess was pretty spot on so I'll be sending you credits too :)

    very close Sharon ;)
    thanks for your good wishes ...
    happy holidays to you too!!!

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    I'm here now Kim! :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    Ohhhh so ul be moving on the 9th then. Still got plenty of time to pack, don worry! :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    Good to hear ul be coming back to EC soon, we've missed you! :)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    Thanks for dropping by my blogs today, always a pleasure to see ur pretty avatar at my sites. :):):)

  • Mariuca 19.12.08

    Oh and thanks for all the ads at both my blogs, love and hugs! :):):)

  • Anonymous 19.12.08

    Hi Kim! Thank you so much for the credits! I Hope you have a fun time moving and don't wear yourself out too much.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 19.12.08

    Oh Kim...wonderful that you've found the right place...moving can be very cathartic...hope it all goes off w/out a hitch and that you all can nuzzle right in once you get there...great news...:)))

  • Anonymous 19.12.08

    hi Kim thansk for 1000EC , so happy I guess it right. SO which day is it.. I guess so many times

  • Anonymous 19.12.08

    thanks Kim I am feeling better

  • Kim 19.12.08

    oh yes packing and lots of culling ...especially clothes...Mariuca :)
    it's good to be back online :))

    you're welcome Wayne..
    thanks for your drops too :)

    oh thanks Amy
    I think the worst part is over now :)
    just cleaning and packing and moving to go ..eeek!!

    my pleasure TH...
    glad that you're feeling better...
    you wouldn't want to be sick over Christmas :0
    ps the date was the 9th Jan ;)

  • Anonymous 20.12.08

    Jan 9, 2009. Nice number.

  • jafabrit 24.12.08

    Happy House Hunting, all the best for christmas and the New Year

  • Kim 24.12.08

    and 9 is my lucky number too TH :) :)

    thanks Corrine...
    have a wonderful Christmas Day tomorrow...

  • Rob Hoekstra 25.12.08

    Really great i like your article thanks keep it up...........

    By Dhaval Patel

  • Anonymous 19.1.09

    For the last 20 years, we moved three times. All of them created a lot of fuss and mess. Since we're still in a temporary home, I am anticipating a fourth move. And I'll make sure that it will be the last. But I find house-hunting rather enjoyable.

  • AscenderRisesAbove 31.1.09

    yesterday? (because I am always a day late)

  • Anonymous 10.2.09

    Yeah. Moving is one hell of an exhausting task i have ever experienced. First you have to pack all those things, then move them to new house and then set them again.Wow

  • Anonymous 19.2.09

    you bet it was not easy to gather all those things. Especially your store room stuff. So much stuff is in there when i was moving to a new house

  • Anonymous 20.2.09

    I know it is so hard to move.. as my father is in Govt. and we had to move whenever they got transfer.

  • Anonymous 22.2.09

    you remind of me moving from California to the new york cause of my hubby get a good job there. It was the most exhausting moments of my life. Though we are settle now..

  • Anonymous 25.2.09

    That's a lot of EC. Its nice giving away something. I think you have moved to your new house now, I hope you have a happy time. :)

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