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Five reasons that I blog.

14 June 2007 12 comments

I have been tagged by

Villager at Electronic Village (a wonderful 'virtual village' with an eclectic collection of insights)
who was tagged by Salman Siddiqu at CompuWorld
to list 5 reasons why I blog.

I will keep it simple ...(otherwise I will ramble) ....

# 1. ego ....I blog because I am ME

#2. artist ....I blog to keep an online visual diary

#3. community ....I blog because I meet new friends every day

#4. conscience ....I blog because I have I have a little voice in my head that tells me to blog

#5 curiosity.... I blog because I am terribly inquisitive

I am going to tag these very interesting bloggers because they are who they are

* Morriconei (a very witty and talented guy) at Cracked Ego

* Lakshmi at her beautiful blog Chilligavva

* Jaya (a lover of 9 cats) at Cat On My Head

* AFICIONADOS (a great daily read) at MF Curiosities from the Web
(grandes curiosités quotidiennes d'un MF de read) at du Web)

* and last but not least Pearl (who I strongly suspect is an elf or a fairy) at Interesting Observations


12 comments: to “ Five reasons that I blog. so far...

  • Anonymous 14.6.07

    hahahahahaha.. . thanks for giving me that much needed laughter this morning...:) what if I AM an elf??

    sure I'd love to participate...;)

    thanks much!!!


  • Kim 14.6.07

    well if you are an elf..Pearl then you should have known that I was going to choose to tag you...I think the elves in Lord of the Rings had one.....a crystal ball that is ....
    glad that you're participating !!!

  • Unknown 14.6.07

    Kim - Well done! I am grateful to have come across your flow as a result of the BTF contest. I wish you well...

    peace, Villager

  • Jaya 14.6.07

    Ahhhh... thanks for thinking of me for this. I actually got tagged with this meme back in April, the first month I was blogging. If you want to see what I had to say, you can read it here:

    And, while YOU had the good sense to keep it simple, I was senselessly rambling in my response.

    About your reason #4... that little voice... Does it have any friends, other little voices, and if so, what are THEY telling you to do?? And are all the voices 'little' ones, or are some of them BIG voices?

  • Kim 15.6.07

    hi Villager
    I tried to keep it short and sweet...especially considering that I rambled on eternally in the comment box on your site....I think it's the fact that the space is so small and you can't really tell how much you are writing...and here I go again !!!!You are certainly doing very well yourself at BTF .....I wish you the very best too !!!!
    hi Jaya
    I will pop over and have a you rambled???ha ha I was tempted too !!!
    and the little voice(s)....hmmmm...yes actually there the dusting voice...the ironing voice....only little...but the painting voice's huge....

  • Anonymous 15.6.07

    Thank you for the kind words. Very much appreciated.

    I'll definitely put a list together.

    Have a good one.

  • Anonymous 15.6.07

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Guilty! I enjoyed looking at some of the links you've included here, and a few other things you've added to your site. You always have interesting things to look at and try. Fun!

  • Kim 15.6.07

    Thanks Morriconei !!
    I'm sure it will be an interesting one ...I'm looking forward to reading your post !!!

    hi Kelly's those twins taking up all of your time !!!!
    I never know what I will add to my blog fromm day to day...and change is as good as a they say.....perhaps I need a holiday....

  • Jaya 15.6.07

    Gosh, Kim... you have little ironing and dusting voices?! I wish I did... instead I got the 'Why clean it up, it will just get dirty again' voice. Jeeeesh. I wonder if I can return my voices for a refund, or trade them in for more useful voices?

  • Kim 15.6.07

    haha Jaya
    I can relate to the why clean voice....I have one very loud one fact it's taking over the why eat voice which I'm trying very hard to turn a deaf ear to
    btw.....I cannot tell I lie but I stole your clock idea when I was over at your place...I thought it would help to remind me when to go to bed....but it hasn't worked.....

  • Anonymous 15.6.07

    And you were worried, Kim?
    I said what I had to say and it felt goooood! But that's me, teehee!

    Have fun in all things.
    "Know what I'm talkin' bout, Vern?"

    *Hugs, Girly!*

  • Kim 15.6.07

    ok Maryanna
    I'm now I shall get on over to your town and read yer meme
    hugs back to you too !!!!

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