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Irina Baronova and the photo

15 June 2007 12 comments

The portrait of Irina Baronova is coming along slowly.....because I am using glazes and the weather is so cold.....I have to be very patient....
This photo was taken last year.
Irina is the star of Ballets can see her in the videos at the top of my site.....
Irina is patron of my sister's "Baby Ballerinas" School.


12 comments: to “ Irina Baronova and the photo so far...

  • Anonymous 16.6.07

    Coming along nicely as far as I can tell.

    I love the brush strokes you use, they bring a great vibrancy to the painting.

    So, are glazes more water-based than most mediums?

  • Anita 16.6.07

    Kim this is gorgeous - I particularly like the monochromatic feel with the splash of colour of the scarf in the reference picture and think this suits itself very well to your style. I'm into glazing myself at the moment - it adds such translucency to the work, I feel.

  • Kim 16.6.07

    hi Morriconei
    thank you
    this was initially painted in acrylic paint and now I am using oil paints diluted with a they give the effect of water colour but take much longer to dry....the brush strokes are pretty loose and I agree they are a good contrast to Irina...

    Hi Anita
    there is an awful lot of black in the photo and I am just playing it by ear with the background...the scarf was a pleasure to paint and I love the colours in it....very Russian.....and yes the glazes are giving Irina's skin that nice translucency ...I will probably use glazes on the black as the moment I am using paynes grey to build up some depth...

  • Lisa Lorenz 16.6.07

    WOOHOO Kim, I agree this is just gorgeous, I love it! you have really captured this lovely lady. I love the black and the shawl...excellent work - I love the glazing effect and Paynes grey! Thanks to you..I discovered this beautiful color. Remember when you did your big self portraits...Habit of Identitiy! They were awesome!

  • Kim 16.6.07

    I remember Lisa...seems like ages have an excellent memory for titles !!!!and there was an awful lot of Paynes grey in that series !!!!!
    Thanks for the compliments ....
    and you have a lovely day...

  • Anonymous 17.6.07

    Kim.. how could we start taking classes from you on the net?? :) Im kidding.. your work is just awesome.. I wish I had half the talent as you .. :)

    wrote my 5 reasons this morning .. have a splitting headache :) and couldn't include the nice humor touch your entry had :) see ya..

    PS - and thanks for that tip :)

  • Anonymous 17.6.07

    Oh this is wonderful. You have captured the likeness perfectly and I love the bright colours in the scarf.

    Did you do this as a grisaille in the under layers? It is something I want to have a go at, but I can't find much info about how to do it.

  • Kim 18.6.07

    hi Pearl
    thanks for the lovely comments...and it all comes with practice....I really think that there are a lot of people who could be great artists....but there aren't as many great art teachers...(and this is coming from me an ex-art teacher)...thanks for the meme...
    I will pop over and have a read...

    hi Kitty
    thanks so much
    when I paint a portrait I always use two photo in greyscale and one in colour....I have seen some great examples of grisaille at wet canvas and art and artistry...two art communities and also Anita at am-art..(her link is above ...she has done some beautiful roses) for me I am always experimenting and I believe if it doesn't work in greyscale then it won't work in colour...I think with first layer (pass) was in greyscale and acrylic...normally I would use oils...but I'm always trying different methods....I know there are some great posts at WC where the artists explain the process in great detail...hope this helps.....

  • Bobby Revell 23.6.07

    Incredible, beautiful:)

  • Kim 23.6.07

    thanks very much Bobby !!!!

  • carrie 25.6.07

    very nice result

  • Kim 26.6.07

    thanks so much for your comment Carrie......

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