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My blog is now worth $45,163.20 !!!!!!

21 June 2007 8 comments

My blog is worth $45,163.20.
How much is your blog worth?

two days ago it was worth $23,000.00

The Viral Tags and Viral Icons really do work !!!!!!!


8 comments: to “ My blog is now worth $45,163.20 !!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 22.6.07

    Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
    Maryannaville is worth more than I can imagine in my wildest dreams, Kim. Too bad I can't cash it in for that amount.

  • Kim 22.6.07

    hey Saboma
    I imagine you could have a pretty wild party if you could cash in on YOUR blog......nknknknknknkn

  • Anonymous 22.6.07

    I didn't check, but I'm sure my blog comes in at a staggering .20 cents. Oh yeah, I'm raking in the money.

  • Kim 22.6.07

    hi Morriconei
    actually I checked for you...hope you don't mind....your blog is worth $2,822.70....pretty good pocket money eh???
    my blog was worth 20c a few months ago ....and that was official....haha

  • Anonymous 30.6.07

    Here is the site that tells the real truth about blog pricing. Beware though,it is very depressing after using Business

  • Kim 30.6.07

    thanks JB
    I'm scared to look !!!!!

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    Wow, that's great.
    btw, for me it is more important how much money you make from your blog than your blog worth... am I right?

  • Kim 23.7.07

    you are so right Ruri !!!! blog was worth about $86,000.00 when I last

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