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Random Picks and Stolen Art

19 February 2008 38 comments

WIP: Portrait of Colin's Daughter
further progress on top...

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Charcoal grey, Ivory black & Titanium white
click to zoom

Random Picks from the Top 101 Artists' List - # 36 Maya

People, their moods, expressions and emotions have been a source of wonder for Ujwala, and this is reflected in her work. Her portraits capture the subtlety of human emotions, and present with impact the personality of the subject. Ujwala uses a variety of medium ranging from oil on canvas, charcoal on paper to the digital medium to convey her impressions.

Thanks to Debbie for picking the lucky number this week...

Art News/Exhibitions
MCA Museum of Contemporary Art Current Exhibitions ...

Callum Innes (born 1962) is a Scottish abstract painter and former Turner Prize nominee. Innes is a painter who has tended to work alternately on a number of disparate series, each of which he repeatedly revisits. His characteristic form of coolly atmospheric abstraction has aptly been described as "unpainting", given that key compositional elements are generally produced, not by the application of paint, but through its removal by washes of turpentine. Each finished painting thus suggests a freezing in time of the otherwise momentary arrest of an ongoing process.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

National Gallery of Australia,
Exposed painting black oxide

Anna's brush with new found fame
If Anna Rubin were to write the story of the past five years of her life as a screenplay, it would be considered so ridiculously contrived, so obviously pitched with Julia Roberts in the lead role, that every agent would surely dismiss it.

If you only steal one masterpiece this year ...

Most of the top-10 lists you see in the newspapers will have been voted for by the general public. But when it comes to art, there is an alternative list, picked by a shadier, shiftier bunch: the men and women who make a career out of stealing it.
The art thieves' top 10, based on information on stolen works compiled by the London-based Art Loss Register, is an exclusive selection, running from Picasso at No 1 to Matisse at 10, via Miro at 2, Chagall at 3, Dalí at 4, Renoir at 5, Dürer at 6, Rembrandt at 7, Warhol at 8 and Rubens at 9. None of the French masters whose works were stolen at gunpoint from a Swiss museum this week makes it: Degas is at 15, Cézanne at 25. So what makes a Picasso so much more tempting than even such undeniably great and popular artists?
Missing ... detail of Maya with her Doll by Pablo Picasso

Top 30 Famous Artists

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38 comments: to “ Random Picks and Stolen Art so far...

  • BillyWarhol 19.2.08

    that is Beautiful of Colin's Daughter* Nice work Kim*

    ;)) Peace*

  • Kim 19.2.08

    thanks Billy :)
    a bit more work on it yet :)
    though I'm pleased with the progress so far :)

  • Anonymous 19.2.08

    What can I say, the portrait looks amazing :)
    All that detail and only with a photo to work from is awesome:)

    Have a wonderful week my dear friend,
    Hugs to you,

  • Anonymous 19.2.08

    The portrait of Colin's daughter is coming along beautifully, I'm so glad you are still able to work. How is the shoulder coming along? Is the physio helping?

    BTW I think this version of your blog is the nicest - clean and clear, very fresh looking - me like :)

  • Kim 19.2.08

    thanks Colin
    I'm hoping to have her finished next week...if all goes well :)
    looks like the portrait could be an Easter present for your daughter :)
    have a great week...(hugs)

    thanks Diane
    the shoulder is no better or worse...though the physio is good for loosening it up...short term...

    yeah I'm quite happy with the site design....keeping it simple seems to work the best :)

  • Linda Blondheim 19.2.08

    Your portraits are amazing Kim. I love your blog.


  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 20.2.08

    Hello Kim,
    It's fascinating to see the portrait come to life in stages. It's as if I was right behind you watching the portrait's development!

    You're truly gifted. I'm glad you voted for me on Spicy page, otherwise I would not have known this other world, where wonders happen at a pace that can outnumber and overcome the disappointments in the real world. --Durano, done!

  • Kim 20.2.08

    thanks Linda...
    I think my blog is more of a work in progress than my portraits at the moment :)
    thanks for calling in...have a great week :)

    hi Durano...
    thanks so much :)
    cheers to Spicy page eh :)
    you're so right ..painting IS another world...
    I've always believed that creativity is an antidote for the negativity in this world....
    the Arts and Creative Pursuits are often undervalued aren't they...
    now there's an idea for a new movement ..."make art ..not war !!"

    have a great day Durano :)

  • Anonymous 20.2.08

    It's been great watching this portrait come together. It's looking great.

  • Kim 20.2.08

    thanks for your compliment Mellanie...
    WIPs are always good indicators of the process involved ....
    always a learning curve for me :)

  • Anonymous 20.2.08

    Amazing work with the 'Colins Daughter' portrait. Sounds like you are giving it away, good karma to you

  • Anonymous 20.2.08

    good'day kim,

    agree with everyone about colin's daughter portrait as much as i can see from your post. this may interest you - a friend does portraits too. photo realism but they look airbrushed. she won't do b/w however because of the difficulty.

    thank you for raising callum innes, i am a fan. very minimal. maybe my favorite is ad reinhardt who kept peeling the onion until he could only paint black squares.

  • John M. Mora 20.2.08

    Colin's daughter - does she have a name is alluring - I find her captivating - just lovely to see her "mature."

    The article is a good read and evidences great contempt for late Dali.

    You rlast comment was quite best.

  • Kim 20.2.08

    thanks k2sriw...
    and yes I am :)

    hi PM...
    glad you liked the article...peeled onions just goes to show that there are black squares and then there ARE black squares....
    I suppose it's like B & W portraits which are much easier for me than the coloured versions :) I have a great respect for artists who can paint so realistically that the work looks airbrushed...that takes a lot of control and discipline IMO

    hi John
    Colin's daughter does have a name ...though I'm getting used to calling the portrait by the accidental title...if you know what I mean ;)

    waiting for the paint to dry is sometimes an asset as it gives me time to assess the details...and look at the big picture :)

    ironically Dali was my idol when I was studying art at High School...I loved his burning giraffes !!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 20.2.08

    I think your work is much more impressive than Pablo's ... if I stole a Picasso, it would only be to fix the eyes. (;

  • Kim 20.2.08

    ha Speedy
    I gather Picasso is not your cup of tea....
    ahhh as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)
    and I'm sure you would do an excellent "fix" with the eyes :)

  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    Thank you Kim... you found my missing Powerball Pick! :))

    Did you find my long lost half sister at Speedy's Portal?
    Hint: Read his comments at this post.

    After the Portrait of Colin's Daughter is finished, there is a rumor that Speedy has signed up for your secret artwork lessons to fix the eyes of the stolen Picasso! :)

  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    Hi kim.. how r u today? i got a tag for you dear.hope u can drop by my place and a bunch of thanks for voting me..

  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    Short term physio is never much use is it? 12 months and I'm still waiting LOL

    To those who want to know if my daughter has a name...of course she does hahaha
    She is called Laura.

    Have a great day Kim,
    Hugs to you,


  • Unknown 21.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    artcyclopedia - top 30 famous artists - nice little test this could be - and oh wonder - the only name I could not identify was that of Nan Goldin - now what does that prove? That I don't read any!
    Ha - the public interest and preferance is soooo fickle!!!

    Warm regards, Petra

  • Kim 21.2.08

    ROFL Debbie (of the missing twin sister)
    I think that the funny biscuits over at your place are making people behave in bizarre ways...I started to see double on my last visit....
    and those stick figure drawings...absolute masterpieces !!
    you and Speedy need to open a stick figure Art Academy...pronto...before the secret of Speedy's fragile mental status gets out...I hear the that he has become quite delusional after his stint in that bathroom :)

    hi Catsy...
    will be over shortly and thanks for the tag :)

    haha Colin..
    and Laura is such a pretty name too :)
    and here I was thinking that your daughter and her missing name may have become the next Mona Lisa enigma....
    in fact it was starting to sound like the Da Vinci Code
    I'm pleased that the Portrait of Laura is now official :)

    12 months !! goodness that's a long time...I'd be pulling my hair out !!
    my next physio is Tuesday next week....

  • Kim 21.2.08

    hi Petra..
    glad you liked the list ...I thought it was interesting too !!
    I thought the top 50 art posters was good as well...
    it's always good to know what the public prefers when it comes to popular art....:)

  • One Wacky Mom 21.2.08

    you know that I'm am techno challenged my darling I get a ping from somebody and I see an award somewhere and i see my name...and it's say "Ev"...wowowowowowo

    And it's from you..

    Wowowoowoww darling

    YOu know I'm working heavy duty on my book and so as you know........

    I'm a tad crazy


    so I don't know what's going on in blogog land right?

    only what people email me right?

    and then I see this award?


    cuz Im' crazy

    luz you darling!!!!!

    thank you my friend!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim 21.2.08

    thanks for calling in...I was sure that you would get over here when you had some free time...I hope all is going well with your book...
    you aren't crazy ;)...
    because if you are ..then I must be too :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 21.2.08

    I was just wisked here from D. Dolphins, were I was indeed fixing the eyes.
    As they say in stolen art, the thief is only guilty when proven guilty. Same with tags; until I formally tag you, there really isn't a tag which I never tagged.


  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    The portrait looks amazing :) nice piece of work.

  • John M. Mora 21.2.08

    Came back and read about Anna, the amazing self taught painter - what a cinderella story - you hide your Easter eggs in plain sight,

  • One Wacky Mom 21.2.08

    How's daddy....bob barker?



    Mommy is Cher. She was looking great at the awards. But I didn't get to watch them, I just saw a glimpse of her my friend. Did you you help her get dressed?

    Great job on her dress!!!!!

    HOpe you got her jeans!!!!



  • Kim 21.2.08

    I'm smiling Speedy :)
    I think I've cracked the tag code...
    now all I have to do is demystify the memes...
    and it's a bonus to hear that you have fixed the eyes...
    it's amazing what you can do with those keyboard symbols :D

    thanks SEO Beratung ...

    an amazing story John...and what an accomplishment in 5 years !!!
    I really enjoyed the story too :)
    yes ....
    the ...easter egg was scheduled for xmas....but postponed due to the frozen shoulder :)

    hey Ev
    if Cher is YOUR mommy then my Dad is NOT Bob Barker....LOL
    I didn't get the jeans :0
    it seems the story has spread near and far....
    and is becoming a cryptic mystery...
    ps I'm absolutely positive that you ...Speedy and Debbie D...all eat cryptic crosswords for breakfast...
    I know my Mum DOES...
    that's my real Mum (of course) :)

  • suzanne cabrera 22.2.08

    Ha...the top 10 art steals...this is just too funny. I guess this is one list I'm happy NOT to be on?

  • Anonymous 22.2.08

    With Blog Brownies and cryptic crosswords for breakfast, we can

    Double our Pleasure and Double our Fun!

    This is a Blogger Stick people test, it is only a test, please do not adjust your blog as we will return you back to your post momentarily:

    .....(^ ^)
    ..*-- ^ ^ --*

    Note: periods were used because Blogger ate my spaces!

    This concludes my Double-D Stick person test for Blogger. We are now pleased to return you to your regularly scheduled blog! :))

  • Kim 22.2.08

    it's funny Suzanne when you think about it !!
    having your work stolen because you are famous...
    it does defeat the purpose doesn't it :D...

    too funny Debbie...
    you are such a lateral thinker ...who would have thought of making a test pattern out of keyboard symbols !!!
    which reminds me I got this joke in my email from my friend Deborah :
    I met the bloke who invented crosswords today. I can't remember his name, it's P something T something R.

  • Kris Cahill 22.2.08

    This painting is great, Kim! Fantastic job, all the more impressive because I know you are still on the mend. One wouldn't know that from the quality of your work.It is fantastic!

  • Kim 22.2.08

    thanks Kris..
    I have just signed the will post the finished version in my next post :)

  • jamaine12 22.2.08

    The portrait in oil is very nice..Colin's daughter is pretty in that canvas..^_^

  • Kim 22.2.08

    thanks Jamaine...
    yes ...she is very pretty :)
    thanks for calling by :)

  • Anonymous 28.2.08

    I thought you might have found a pic of my daughter. Why? My name is Colin :)

    Nice artwork by the way. Found this from MyBlogLog. My id is CSS.


    Col :)

  • Kim 28.2.08

    thanks Col....
    well it would be a small world if her name is Laura too :)

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