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Were you born to Paint ?

4 February 2008 15 comments

You are never too young or too old to paint !!!!

Discover The Best 101-Year-Old Artist In The World

Good things come to those who wait. CBS 2's Scott Rapoport tells us the story ...of a 101-year-old woman who has painted her whole life.
View the video here

and the Youngest Professional Painter in the World...

Art army Films Presents: Phoenix Trinity Perego

and on a completely different note.....

Super Bowl blog: Live with Gil Brandt and Pat Kirwan

I'm backing the Giants !!!

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15 comments: to “ Were you born to Paint ? so far...

  • Lindsay 4.2.08

    This is heart warming. Thanks for the links.

  • Kim 4.2.08

    you're welcome Lindsay :)
    I really enjoyed both stories :)
    and at opposite ends of the spectrum too :)

  • jafabrit 5.2.08

    I made the mistake of thinking I couldn't be an artist because I couldn't just conjure up an image like what I thought artists could. Not until 40 and my first painting class did I realize how wrong I was. It is always a delight to see people of all ages expressing themselves with art, and also very encouraging for those who think it is too late.

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 5.2.08

    Hello Kim!

    This is a wonderful video and I truly enjoyed it, coming in second to the Super Bowl.

    This little toddler is another gift from God. Amazing! And the oldest painter still does his craft! I can't think of anything that warms the heart more that I have fully gotten over the silly Beatles song titles to use for comment.

    On another note, isn't great that the Giants emerged triumphant after being written about as second placers? Well, I'm always for the underdog so I was rooting for New York. But I also really liked them better than the Patriots.

    I hoped you watched it since I know you're a fan. I was screaming myself hoarse throughout.

    The stories you posted are the perfect ending for a perfect game. --Durano, done!

  • John M. Mora 5.2.08

    Kim, what a lovely story of Adelle - the kiss she gets at the end and her thank you is pricelees.

    The Super Bowl was amazing - it was the first time my 12 year old say a full game and he loved it. Rite of passage for him and his similar aged cousin. A third friend, also 12 or so, had his face in his Nintendo gameboy and he kept having to say "what happened."

    Hell of a game - almost a fairy tale.

    I do art, try to be creative, because I have to - some days I considser it a devine "curse" since so many other drives would be easier. Adelle has a great attitude.

    That little girl learned somethign from young freewhellin' Bob Dylan. Cool hat.

    Thanks always for your constructive and art do not mix but when you shake it sometimes you can make a hell of a salad dressing.

  • Kim 5.2.08

    hi Corrine..
    art is like playing the piano...
    the more you practise the better you become....
    40 is quite young when you consider that many people take up painting when they retire....
    I know I didn't paint very much for 20 years ...because of teaching...and it's only in the last 6 years since my dear Dad passed away that I realised that painting is in my blood...

    ah yes Durano...
    I do think that there is an artist in all of us...
    your comments are very creative and your very funny Beatles parody....was a perfect example...
    My son was watching the game and I asked him for his tips and his words were "I'm going for the Giants...because they are the underdogs" there you go ...
    I can understand your elation as I joined in the cheering towards the end too :) :)

    divine curse !!
    hahh...salad dressing...great analogies John!!
    that game was VERY addictive ...and I can imagine your son's son was the same and he's 18 !!
    I was on the computer at the time so I can relate to the nintendo playing 12 year old LOL...
    but towards the end of the game I was hooked :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 5.2.08

    I must come back to this post and see what's going on here ... (sigh). My old Packard only goes 40!
    On a different note, I am glad I'm not a betting man. This time around I was off a few points.
    ALSO ... I am thinking about painting Liza M. I had a comment on my blog that really was something.
    Next year, I stop here for SBS pregame :-)


  • Kim 5.2.08

    a portrait of Liza M!!!
    how exciting Speedy...
    will you be painting her from life...
    I hear that she has taken quite a shine to you ;)
    I'm pretty lucky when it comes to picking winners and I did get a tip from my I'll be happy to tip the winner for you next year as long as I get a commission... :)

  • Diane 5.2.08

    It must be so wonderful to have such a talent, and not only discover it at such a young age but also to to be able to get joy from it throughout a very long life.

    It just goes to show that it's never too early to encourage your children and never too late to try something new :)

    Just hurt my back playing tennis, so have even more sympathy for your predicament - hope the shoulder continues to improve.


  • Kim 6.2.08

    oh dear !!
    that's bad news Diane...
    bad backs can be very painful...
    are you doing anything for it ?
    my good arm is up the creek so I will be taking a celebrex tomorrow...
    they are good for inflamation ...but I have to be be careful as they do have side effects...
    do take care...and I hope it's better tomorrow...

  • Daniel Edlen 6.2.08

    Thank you for commenting on my site, I appreciate the encouragement. I hope my contest goes well too.

    This is a great post. I love when art's creation is celebrated and promoted. Creativity is in all of us, just needs to be nurtured!


  • Kim 6.2.08

    you're welcome and thanks Daniel....
    you have some terrific artworks and such a unique concept...
    your competition is a great idea and I'll be entering too :)
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 6.2.08

    I don't if I have good painting stuff inside of me.
    I try to paint once, but I mess with the symmetry and detail, and what I get is a really lousy painting.

    I don't know if I got the guts to paint again

  • Anonymous 7.3.08

    What a little doll! I guess that does away with the "I'm too old to learn something new" argument doesn't it?

    You never know where you will find art. There are some wonderful wall murals that have been submitted to my contest that were
    paintings to decorate baby's rooms. Check out the pictures.

  • Anonymous 8.3.08

    Lol, same here i cant paint for sxxt. We all have diffrent talents tho:)

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