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A Mad World

25 May 2009 29 comments

A busy week ahead as I've decided to do six small portraits of my daughter Charlotte for her 18th Birthday in August...

if you haven't seen the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona yet I recommend watching it just to see the inspiring abstracts by
Agustí Puig

I'm featuring this poignant song for Music Monday....
(recommended by Charlotte)

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.


29 comments: to “ A Mad World so far...

  • Carleen 25.5.09

    Love the song but had never seen the video. Thanks for sharing it. Happy MM to you!

  • Cooper 26.5.09

    I can't wait to see it kim. As always.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 26.5.09

    I can't get over how STUNNING your Charlotte is...

    happy birthday toooo youuuu

    happy birthday toooo youuuu

    happy birthday dear Charlotte

    happy birthday tooo youuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  • ma 26.5.09

    Kim as usual, you've done some outstanding house cleaning on this blog and it is absolutely gorgeous! And Charlotte is more stunning every time I see an update. Then again, she looks just like her Mum in many, many ways. What stands out to me is the way both of your eyes twinkle. And, twinkling eyes a good indicator that speaks clearly of the owner's soul. I've learned.

    So what are the big plans for our August birthday girlies? *Inquiring minds wanna know,yanno.


  • Netster23 26.5.09


    Hello :) :) :) :)

    emmmm.... ummm.... ahhhh....

    KIm, your your daughter is so gorgeous!!!! So pretty so oh I can't find the word damn it. I have fallen.... in love.....

    I want to call you mom....

  • Kim 26.5.09

    hi Carleen...
    I hadn't seen the video either until I checked out the song on youtube... it's wonderful isn't it :))

    I've finished the first portrait today ..only 5 to go Cooper :))

    I'll pass on your lovely compliment to Amy...her birthday is on the 10th August the day after mine ...but I loved the Early Happy Birthday song..hehe...

    hi MA..
    ah yes...was getting bored with it and once I start I get a little
    thanks for the lovely compliments..hehe twinkling eyes..we do laugh a lot ;))
    arghh ..plans...well we thought a cocktail party at home might be nice with some of Charlie's friends and family...
    but... a Harry Potter party could be on the cards as an alternative.. :D

    ummm Netster :) :)
    I'll pass on your compliments end up with a swelled head...with such lovely comments ;)
    I'm not ready to be a Mother in Law yet!!! :D

  • Lynda Lehmann 26.5.09

    Charlotte is adorable! (How can our children be so OLD? We're not, lol....)

    I will have to see that movie. There are so many I'd like to see, but we're hung up here, with the house-building.

    How is your shoulder these days, Kim?

    All those portraits will be a big undertaking. Very ambitious!

  • Kim 27.5.09

    thanks Lynda...
    if only we could get younger as they get older lol...
    I'm not a Woody Allen fan but the movie is worth seeing for Penelope Cruz's performance and the paintings of course...
    thanks for asking about my shoulders ..the right one is still stiff but getting better thankfully :)
    it must be nice to have the warmer weather for your house building...
    the portraits are mini portraits ..only 10" x 10" and I finished the first one yesterday :))

  • Netster23 27.5.09

    Mom, these roses are for Charlie,


  • Mariuca 27.5.09

    Oh to be 18 again.... Charlotte is adorable Kim! :)

  • Mariuca 27.5.09

    You changed ur blog layout too Kim, had to search for ur EC yesterday LOL! :)

  • TH 27.5.09

    hi kim, i was busy as just set up online store.

  • TH 27.5.09

    kim... just find out that the color of mpv car we want not availble so choose other color

  • TH 27.5.09

    the one you saw chery is made in china over budget so not buy that

  • TH 27.5.09

    my twins sis also birthday this aug :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 28.5.09

    Woha! I just feel off the chair...Kim, your Charlotte is drop dead gorgeous! OH my, you must be so proud. She is radiant like her beautiful mom. Man mate, you made some beautiful children! I just love the new look of the blog, and I can wait to see the paintings of Charlotte. I cant beleve she is already going to be time flies...Have a great day my friend..xoxoxo Lisa and all my best wishes to beautiful Charlotte! <3

  • John M. Mora 28.5.09

    you have to be proud - she is lovely and also apperas grounded and best.

  • Sheila 28.5.09

    I've come to congratulate you for being SlogBite's featured site, and find I have to congratulate you on having a beautiful daughter too!!

  • Anonymous 28.5.09

    Congrats on being featured on Slogbite.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

  • Kim 28.5.09

    I've passed the roses on Netster :)
    they're gorgeous!!!
    thank you from Charlie + I :) ;)
    *smiling*...ur other Mom

    oh thanks Mariuca :))
    ah yes 18 ;)
    changed the layout to match my new website!!!..I think I have the EC widget just above the fold ;) ;)

    what day is your sis's birthday TH?
    I'll check out your shop :)
    glad to hear you have chosen a final colour on the car :)0

    hi Auntie Lisa :))
    thanks so much for your lovely compliments :)) I'll pass them on to Charlie :)
    yeah a change is as good as a holiday :)
    just finished the 2nd mini portrait ...# 3 tomorrow!!

    very proud John!!!
    she's wise beyond her years too so that makes me feel extra proud ;)

    thanks Sheila..
    nice to meet you :)
    that's a very Aussie name you have ;))

    thanks BM !!
    I'm very surprised and happy to be featured :))

  • Linda 28.5.09

    Just dropping by to congratulate you on being Slogbite's featured site! Keep up the good work!

  • Netster23 29.5.09

    hug hug mom...

    :) :) :)

    /me feels like flying... Charlie loves it... can't sleep tonight hahhahaha

    You have a nice day Mom... O_O

  • Kim 29.5.09

    thanks Linda..
    have a great day

    :) :) :) @ Netster
    have a great weekend :)

  • TH 30.5.09

    I sure wanna be 18 again but I cant :(

  • TH 30.5.09

    about the car might get it after 2 months, the plate number we need to bid for the number :(

  • TH 30.5.09

    I mean the car plate number

  • TH 30.5.09

    hi kim, i bring son to eat one night and something happened.. check my blog to find out.

  • jafabrit 31.5.09

    We are on the same track with the music video. I just LOVE this song and have it on my blog entry for monday, so it fun to come here and see it.

    Hope all is well with you :)

    ps. pretty cool about slogbite, woo hoo!

  • zorlone 7.6.09

    Hello Kim,

    Zorlone here from the poetry blog. Wow, you are hosting a contest, cool. I like the portraits of your daughter. You are very talented. ;)

    Best of luck!!!


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