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laketrees has a new URL

17 May 2009 43 comments

I have just purchased a domain for this blog and naturally my PR ranking has gone from 5 to 0....
my new link for laketrees is:
and the title is still laketrees
I would very much appreciate if you could take a moment to change my URL if you have a link to me on your blog....
thanks so much ....

.... finished painting two more stage props....a ship's cannon for Pineapple Poll and the Bird Lady from Mary Poppins....

a little Modern Dance from the fabulous dancer Sylvie Guillem for Music Monday this week

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.


43 comments: to “ laketrees has a new URL so far...

  • ma 18.5.09

    Congratulations, Dahlink! I'm not sure if you've seen what I've been up to this whole year. Come on down, Chicky. You're still in our sidebar along with the rest of the gang.

  • RennyBA 18.5.09

    Congrats with a new domain - my Google Reader is updated!

    That cannon looks very Norwegian :-)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 19.5.09

    well, you have built up quite the portfolio of stage props for the ballet company!!!...each one unique, strong, totally 'Kim'...again, they must be thrilled...

    You'll get your ranking back...I'm positive...:))))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 19.5.09

    Kim .. you must tell me the reasons you changed to a self hosted URL. I have asked this question to many people, and most of their answers make no sense to me - I bet you will be the one to make me understand the significance / advantages.... will go and change your link at my blog right now! Also, I will shoot you new links from my other side blogs with a decent page rank inside new posts.

    Happy MM and happy week to you :-)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 19.5.09


    Say, I love the "Bird Lady" from Mary Poppins. So full of character ;-)

  • The Dork One 19.5.09

    congrats on the new url!

    don't worry you'll get your pr back in the next indexing


  • The Muse 19.5.09

    Well hello URL :)
    I dare say it will be juiced up soon enough!
    (i too have decided to make some vast changes in my blogging etc...
    hopefully the transition will be smooth!)

    I enlarged the images and was very pleased at what awaited me...
    What gifts you have been blessed with, Ms Kim!

  • Kim 19.5.09

    oh hi MA !!
    just been over to check out your place and your new URL too ;) ;)
    lookin fabuloso chickadee!!!

    thanks for the update Renny ...
    the cannon is one of my favourites!!
    I like its rustic quality and it does look Norwegian ;)

    oh thanks Amy...
    I'm having a spell this week ...time to work on my Art Portfolio and a million other things lol
    I'm glad you think the props have a Kim "look" as it's difficult to keep the creativity intact ;)
    hehe thanks for the encouragement re. rank :)))

    ummm errr Speedy
    gee I think my explanation will make little sense..I was checking out domain names and found that laketrees and Kim Barker weren't available..eek!! so went with KimmBarker (middle name Maree) sort of a panic reaction if you know what I mean ;))
    hey thanks for the links're precious xxx
    ps the bird lady was a challenge with very little photo references to go by eek!!

    hi Alex
    thanks that's great to hear ..I didn't think it would happen that quick!!

  • Kim 19.5.09

    ohh thank you Muse...
    and your blog looks marvellous..
    and so engaging ;)
    have a happy happy week :))

  • TH 19.5.09

    congrats on new url

  • TH 19.5.09

    headache yesterday but today okay

  • TH 19.5.09

    oh yeah forgot to snap the ice craving on the wedding dinner

  • Freelance graphic designers 19.5.09

    Are you able to add PHP code to blogspot templates? If so, you should look into setting up a 301 redirect to your new domain - this will help get your PR up to where it currently is on the new domain!

  • Margaret 20.5.09

    Congratulations on the new url and self hosting. You'll be really happy. BUT you didn't have to lose pr. There are things you could have done to point the old to the new and G would have followed like a well trained puppy.

    Take a peek at my post today and you'll see how.

  • John M. Mora 20.5.09

    Wow...Cannon fodder....bird lady is perfect and looks already like it is washed in theatre light - night light....wil update my url -

  • ma 20.5.09

    Thanks for dropping in and having a look see at the place, Dearie. It was a very nice surprise to see your comment and even more of a delight knowing that we have caught up with one another again. [You know why I sorta drifted away now doncha?] I had the url but hadn't done anything with it until SueBlimely and Mig got onto me to get 'er done. So I did. I couldn't have done squat with either website if it weren't for those two.

    Anyway, know you know where to find me and life is good now versus having to deal with Blogspot and the drama that seems to be attracted by it.

    I have no regrets.

  • Lisa Lorenz 20.5.09

    Hey Kim, WOW.I am blown away by your the bird lady! Gosh you have talent! I am in awe! Congrats on the new domaine..going to do the switch now. Thanks also for your lovely comments on my poppies. xxx Lisa

  • Daria 20.5.09

    Your paintings caught my attention - you might be interested in visiting an Inspirational Art Gallery at - that I am moderating.

    Congratulations on your new domain, I am quite sure your PR will start growing soon with all the great content you provide on this blog. :)

    Good luck!!

  • Lynda Lehmann 20.5.09

    The props are looking excellent, Kim. You must be having a lot of fun with this!

    I'm with Speedy in wondering why you chose your own URL. If you don't mind my asking, what is the advantage? My URL for my main art site is, but I did that to distinguish myself from the "my expose" site that hosts me. It's easier to remember than

    I will change your URL tonight! Hope you're having a great week, Kim!

    xxxx Lynda

  • Sourav 20.5.09

    The props are looking really really nice


  • Ann 20.5.09

    You really have a gift for painting. I looked at the videos and I can tell you that I raised spiritual. I love ballet and I go with my husband once a month to the theater.

  • Kim 21.5.09

    thanks TH :)
    glad to hear that you are feeling better :)

    thanks for the tip FGD :)

    thanks Margaret..
    I read your post and I think my transfer went smoothly as Blogger (as far as I know) has made the adjustments automatically...
    I'll have to wait and see ;)

    thanks John :)
    the bird lady reference was from the video and rather I'm glad you like the theatrical effect :))
    purely accidental :))

    hi MA..
    good to hear that you got those problems ironed out with Blogspot... and great to see you set up and running smoothly :))
    and with yer own URL ;) ;)

    thanks Lisa
    and you're welcome ....keeping my fingers xxxx for your's the day!!!

    hi Daria
    thanks ..I'll pop over and check out your site :))

    hi Lynda
    yes it's a nice change and I have a break for a couple of weeks ...
    might even get back to that double portrait WIP
    I honestly don't have a logical reason for getting a domain for my blog and it looks like I have done the opposite to you ...
    I used to have a domain name for my old website but I let it go when I moved house...
    eek I think I can use the excuse that I'm an Aussie and we are topsy turvy down under ;) :))

    thanks Sourav :))

    thanks Ann
    great to meet a fellow balletomane :))

  • anandi 21.5.09

    Hi Kim,

    Congrats on your own URL.
    I really love the lady and the birds. The painting has lots of depth.


  • TH 21.5.09

    hi kim,this afternoon there is rain so its not that hot.

  • TH 21.5.09

    son is still nap just not awake a while

  • TH 21.5.09

    the new car we still not buy yet as waiting ppl to quote hubby car

  • TH 21.5.09

    wow.. cannot believe his car value now only RM$28K when he bought it RM80K

  • Mariuca 22.5.09

    Oh no! I thought I commented here but apparently I did not! :(

  • Mariuca 22.5.09

    I've changed all ur urls at my blogs Kim and will add your blogs to Meow Diaries too yay! :):):)

  • Mariuca 22.5.09

    Still so busy with work here, hope to finish everything today so I can relaxi taxi this weekend! :):):)

  • TH 22.5.09

    I just post up the color of the car and the engine at my blog

  • TH 22.5.09

    wow mariuca is busy too.

  • TH 22.5.09

    added your blog to twinshappiness.

  • TH 22.5.09

    posted pics of playground at blog

  • One Wacky Mom 23.5.09

    Congrats my dear friend. YOur new blog is lovely. And you're now Kim Barker the love child of you know who!!! LOL

    Say hi to Dadddy Bob for me.

  • TH 24.5.09

    hi kim me having bit headache now.. hot day here.

  • TH 24.5.09

    son is wanting to go out..

  • GONDES 25.5.09

    Wow congrat friends for your new domains

  • DubLiMan 28.5.09

    I just wanted to congratulate you on being the featured site at SlogBite. This was well over-due.

  • Kim 28.5.09

    thanks Anandi!!
    how have you been ??

    good luck with the car purchase TH :))
    thanks for the add :))

    thanksy Mariuca :))
    ur the best !!!

    hi Ev :))
    how's life treating you...
    lol Bob??? LOL..will do ;)

    thanks Gondes :))
    have a great day :))

    thanks Mel
    it's an honour and great to see that your site is such a huge success :))

  • Max Coutinho 29.5.09

    Hey Kim,

    Congratulations for being the featured site at SB :D!

    I love modern dance, and this video is absolutely fantastic (the female dancer displays quite a levity in her movements): thanks for sharing!

    Once again, congrats :D!


  • RennyBA 29.5.09

    Just her to congratulate you with SlogBite “Featured Sites”!

    Well deserved and all good things said about you and your blog is true Kim!

  • Kim 29.5.09

    thanks Max :)
    she's brilliant isn't she :))

    thanks Renny :)
    have a great weekend :)

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