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Dancing all night

5 May 2009 22 comments

just finished the archway to the ballroom stage prop (My Fair Lady)
I thought this song for Music Monday would be appropriate....
this young girl.....Hollie Steel.. could give Susan Boyle a run for her money in the TV series Britains Got Talent...

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22 comments: to “ Dancing all night so far...

  • Mariuca 5.5.09

    chop! :)

  • Mariuca 5.5.09

    Kimmy!!! I see MD here at ur awesome blog, what a lovely surprise!! Thanks so much, you rock! :):):)

  • Mariuca 5.5.09

    Listening to ur song now...

  • Mariuca 5.5.09

    Oh she is adorable in her ballerina outfit and it is so good to see Simon smile! :):):)

  • Mariuca 5.5.09

    Happy MM to you Kim, am off for a cat nap now MEOW! ;)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 6.5.09


  • Mariuca 6.5.09

    Hi Kim, I have a special award, for you, CONGRATS! :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 6.5.09

    Absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, Kim! She gave me shivers. And the dancing, to boot! So much marvelous human potential....

    And I like your prop. Funny, I was just remembering "My Fair Lady," this week!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 6.5.09

    GORGEOUS...the scenery which you have lovingly painted and this special little girl...gorgeous!!!

  • Kim 6.5.09

    lol Mariuca!!!
    you're FC here!!!
    congratulations :)
    I've sent you 500 ECs..
    grand to see MD on EC are going to be busy now :))
    an award!!! I'll be over soon :))

    thanks Speedy :))

    incredible voice eh Lynda....I'm starting the bird lady from Mary Poppins today and then a prop for the ballet Pineapple Poll...
    thanks for dropping by :))

    hi Amy ...thank you...
    the mfl prop is dissembled and ready to go to my sister's ..hopefully I'll get the next 2 finished this week :))

  • John M. Mora 6.5.09

    It is becoming and something to inspiring artistic backdrop to dance.

  • The Muse 6.5.09

    Oh I cannot believe you are talking about that wonderful movie/play! It is one of my all time favs! :)

    Your work is going to help bring that fantasy to life!

    Nice to see you, my blogland friend!

  • TH 6.5.09

    hi kim, hot day having headache now

  • TH 6.5.09

    you saw the ring :) at emila :)

  • TH 6.5.09

    yay my bro k back tomorrow evening but next day to india

  • TH 6.5.09

    its for his brother in law wedding.

  • Kim 7.5.09

    thank you John..

    thank you Muse

    I hope your headache has gone TH

  • TH 8.5.09

    hi kim, yeah headache gone caused by lack of sleep :)

  • TH 8.5.09

    oh my hubby got the job supposed company should let him go early but they dont want.

  • TH 8.5.09

    they counted the annual leave for sunday as well.

  • Dapat Duit Tanpa Modal 9.5.09

    hi friends im visit you
    nice video

  • RennyBA 10.5.09

    you might say I'm old fashion, but I just love the good old 'My Fair Lady' and as a gentlemen I'll say: Would you like to dance? :lol:

    Happy Weekend and Mothers Day!

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