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a dusty day in Oz...

23 September 2009 30 comments

I took this photo of my balcony this morning...lots of red dust here ...couldn't even see the ocean....
looks like I'll have lots of dusting to do...

More photos taken by my Brother who lives near Newcastle....
Great photos!!!
have a Happy Birthday Jeff!!!!

Looking out back door

Tamika and her dog Dusty
Keeping an eye out for approaching dust storm

Preparing to put on goggles and dust mask as dust storm approaches

Manages to put on mask.

Needs hand to put on goggles as storm hits

Dust turns Sydney sky red
Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city
Health warning as dust blankets Sydney
Sydney dust blanket causes highest air pollution on record


30 comments: to “ a dusty day in Oz... so far...

  • DAVID 23.9.09

    Good pictures love the dog wish we had one .
    hi tam

  • Kim 23.9.09

    oh well maybe one day Dave ;) ;)

  • Unknown 23.9.09

    Hi Kim, thanks for tweeting me about this. I can't believe how bad it is, how far-reaching. The photos of your own family are great, really love dusty & his mask. Thank you to your brother for sharing the photos from Newcastle area. It's unbelievable! Reminds me of when I was very young, before we moved to Australia, when Mt. St. Helens erupted in Washington. The dust settled all over our neighbourhood (next country over!) and we even collected little vials of it.
    I hope things settle down soon.
    take care

  • Kim 23.9.09

    hi Christy..
    yeah it's been an eventful day to say the least ...
    I didn't even know about the volcano in Washington!!
    I would have been living in London at that time...
    .. just looked it up on Wikipedia..
    goodness that would have been scary!! I'll have to see if I can find the documentary on it...
    fancy you have a bit of history in that dust...maybe I should save my dust off the balcony and the

  • Ayie 24.9.09

    woah, i didn't know you get to have dust astorms like that there...the shots are great but the dust dust storm i know isn't.

    happy Wednesday!!!

  • House Home Garden 24.9.09

    Kim, Great photos. Just makes me wonder how far reaching this will be in terms of people being affected by the dust, lung damage, etc.
    Yet there is beauty everywhere. Interesting world, isn't it?!


  • John M. Mora 24.9.09

    Well, I am not going to throw a shrimp on your barbi tonight...that is amazing - just incredible.

  • Kim 24.9.09

    thanks Ayie :)
    the photos are beaut aren't they :)
    this is the first dust storm I've ever seen..thankfully the sky is blue and all is well today :)

    thanks Lucinda
    how true :)
    the hospitals were inundated yesterday...hopefully there weren't any life threatening cases...

  • Antonio Estevez 24.9.09

    I enjoyed these pics a lot Kim! thanks for sharing and be careful out there! I don't want you disappearing in a cloud of dust, dear.

  • th 24.9.09

    hi kim yeah saw onnews

  • Admin T.H 24.9.09

    its terrible weather?

  • Admin T.H 24.9.09

    orange sky

  • Admin T.H 24.9.09

    your bro birthday?

  • Kim 24.9.09
  it wasn't barbie weather over here yesterday John :)
    just got the balcony cleaned up and they're forecasting another dust storm.... it's a shame as the weather has been beaut today :))

    thanks Antonio
    you're very welcome...I was lucky my Brother took these shots :)
    haha I'll be very careful if there is another one....

    yeah TH ..
    it wasn't good ..especially with the winds...I've never seen any thing like it :0
    yeah it was my Brother's birthday yesterday ;)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    Kimmy!!!!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    Hahahahahah!!!! I just called B on his cell and he said there's a big box for me at the post office hohohohoho!!!!! From Aussie!!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    I daresay it's my portrait pressie and I can't wait for him to come home so I can rip open the package hahahahhaha so happy! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    Meanwhile, I am enjoying your pics here, really love ur balcony view Kim! It's like being on a beach vacation every day! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    Have a lovely Thursday sweetie, can't wait to see the portrait woo hoo! :):):)

  • Mariuca 24.9.09

    PS! I finally see Adgi here yay! Will make Laketrees one of my daily Adgi clicks now! :)

  • Kim 24.9.09

    haha Mariuca...
    it was a dusty old balcony yesterday :))
    hey yes I've joined adgitize after reading Jackie's post...
    not that I'm an expert on advertising but I'll see how it goes..
    woo hoo so your portrait is nearly there....
    thank goodness...I though it might have gone MIA ;)
    you have a beaut day too Mariuca :))

  • Jackie 25.9.09

    Wow Kim this is really something. We have them here some times so I know exactly what a mess they cause.

    If they are really bad they will even manage to spread some dust inside our house and car with everything closed up.

    I am trying to join Adgetize right now but am too numb to understand what my paypal profile is.

    If you went with Paypal will you please email me and tell me what information I put in there? I have no clue what to add that won;t give them complete access to our account!!

    Wow good luck cleaning up!!

  • Ayie 25.9.09

    oh that's so nice to hear no more orange sky! glad you're ok

  • Land for sale 25.9.09

    Great pics. I also like Dusty.He reminds me of wishbone. Especially the pic where he is wearing the mast and everything. Totally like wishbone, always getting into things. That was one wicked dust storm!

  • Caio Fern 25.9.09

    hi kim !!
    i liked very much to know your 3 blogs . thank you for have droped by !! i am glad i found you .
    your blogs have a differnt layout of what i am used to . and i am kind of a cave man for this kind of things . so , could you tell me how can i start to follow you ? it would be very nice for me .
    see you !!!

  • Anonymous 25.9.09

    What great photos it looks like a horror movie I couldn't beleieve it when I saw it this morning on TV.

    Dorothy from grammology

  • Kim 25.9.09

    hi Jackie
    I just put the paypal email address in but I'm not sure if that was right :0
    I hope you are all right...are you taking painkillers??
    the balcony still needs another clean as it was a pretty dense layer :)

    thanks Ayie
    have a grand Friday :))

    Dusty's real name is Black Jack LFS :))
    but he is a lot like Wishbone :))

    hi Caio
    thanks for dropping by my blogs :))
    my follow box is at the bottom of this blog (scroll right down) on the right ...I have been having problems with it lately so I hope you can see it :)

    thanks Dorothy....
    it was a bit like a horror movie when you see the photos :0
    I'm still dusting over here :)

  • Kristain Miller 28.9.09

    Great snaps..very impressive.i like it a lot.

  • lynda lehmann 1.10.09

    Yikes, Kim, I hope you all wore your dust masks when the advisory was on. I didn't know you could have such severe dust storms in the Sydney area.

    I guess you have to batten the hatches and wait it out, and forget about getting any fresh air, when that happens.

    Did you end up having to do a lot of dusting inside?

    Sorry I'm late in getting around. I am all but blown out of the Blogosphere by other concerns and projects. I can't wait until this house saga is over.

    Hope all is well, my dear Kim.

  • Kim 1.10.09

    thanks Kristain :)

    oh the dust was shocking Lynda!!!
    and we had another dust storm just after we cleaned up after the first one..
    I still feel dusty...eek...
    hope you find some time to have a break this weekend ..
    sounds like you are super busy....
    with your house....fingers crossed for you at this time :)

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