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A lovely surprise in the mail..

14 September 2009 62 comments

These gorgeous presents arrived in my letter box at the weekend....all the way from Mariuca in Malaysia!!!
I love them!!!
I believe Mariuca picked these up at Disney world in Japan... Tokyo while on another scent-sational vacation for Mariuca and Mariuca's Perfume Gallery
Thank you so much Mariuca....
I hope your mini portrait arrives soon....

just finished the Degas door sign for my Sister's Baby Ballerinas Studio and another stage prop.....I'm presently working on that never ending WIP of Alexander and Kelly..

my choice for Music Monday this week is Andreas Scholl ..a voice from heaven and a score from a top movie too!!

"The world was all before them, where to choose
Their place of rest, and Providence their guide:
They hand in hand, with wandering steps and slow,
Through Eden took their solitary way."
— John Milton

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62 comments: to “ A lovely surprise in the mail.. so far...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 14.9.09

    This is the best of the blogosphere...the connections from all over the world..enjoy your gifts from Maylasia...very sweet..the studio door sign looks perfect...what a great idea to make it into mini Degas tiles work...wonderful, permanent, colorful, welcoming design indeed...and the never ending WIP..I notice that Kelly has changed her hair...or you changed Kelly's hair...either way, it's still fabulous dear personal opinion...:)))) hugs

  • Mariuca 14.9.09


  • Mariuca 14.9.09

    Yay! The pressies arrived woo hoo and I'm still waiting for my portrait he he! :)

  • Mariuca 14.9.09

    I can't believe u already got your package in Aussie and LJ still hasn't received hers here lol!

  • Mariuca 14.9.09

    So happy u love them gifts Kim! I had a great time souvenir shopping on my vacation, that's one of my fave parts of any vacation! :)

  • Mariuca 14.9.09

    Thank you for all the linky here, you're da best, love and hugs sweetie! It is coming up to 8am and I'm abt to zzzzzz, see ya later! :)

  • Kim 14.9.09

    wow Amy
    it's amazing isn't it...the power of the internet...I was just over at your blog admiring your amazing photos!!!
    haha you just beat Mariuca to the chop which means I'll be sending you 500 ecs...and thanks to Jackie I can send them today (I won 500 ecs over at her blog last week for being #2 commenter pays to be a chatter box lol...)
    I had a busy weekend with lunch out yesterday with Charlie Mum and my Sister....I'll email you today ..
    thanks for your lovely compliments..hehe Kelly changes her hair regularly :)

    omg still up at 8am Mariuca!!!
    you are a night owl!!!
    I love my little pressies...they are divine ..I don't want to use the chopsticks...they are too precious :)
    as for the lollies ..Charlie has already put her name on those as I don't use my mobile..
    the little dolly has found a home near my Kimmi doll collection hehe ..she is very content...
    happy zzz to you and thanks so much for your kind generosity..
    I do hope your portrait gets to you this week...
    hurry up postman!!!

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    goodies are nice :)

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    mariuca no sleep?

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    love your work kim :)

    have a good week :)

  • mark 14.9.09

    have a great MM....

    1st time I hear this Song..

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.9.09

    Is that a flute or a piccolo ... the flutes younger sibling ??? In any case, what a haunting piece of music. I felt like I was riding through a forest in the year 7

    (( smile ))

    Thanki fer the linkie too


  • Stop Dreaming 15.9.09

    I like it

  • Mariuca 15.9.09

    Hahahaha! I too wouldn't use the adorable chop sticks if I got them as a pressie, they're so cute! And I love the colour of coz LOL! :):):)

  • Mariuca 15.9.09

    Ha ha yeah Kim, I got up late evening and now am ready to start my day! Hope ur having a good night on your end of the world. :)

  • Jackie 15.9.09

    Hi Kim,
    Your presents are lovely. Marzie is such a sweet and dear person. she truly is!!

  • Mariuca 15.9.09

    LOL @ Mariuca no sleep! Hey TH!!

  • Jackie 15.9.09

    I have to agree with Amy about the studio door. It captures everything and is just marvelous to complete the project!!

    TYVM also for the mention and the linky love!!

    I can use all I can get right now as this family illness has put us all in a state of limbo.

    Of course we are grateful for each day. But, we spoke with her and she is tired of the pain and suffering and just wants to go home!!

    Her final and true home where she can finally have peace and rest!!

    It was heart breaking though while there. She has a grandson with Cerebral Palsy. and she has toted him around all of his life.

    He is closer to her than either of his parents. He is having such a tough time letting go. He is 25 now and came out of her room crying like a baby.

    We are all very concerned for him!! We just don;t really know how he is going to get through this!!

    Now enough of this!! I love your pick for MM!! I always do and I hope you have a great day and fabulous week!!

  • Jackie 15.9.09

    I am off to try to caught up today. We had so much rain and dense foggy mist yesterday that all 3 satellite connections were down.

    Today is not much better and we have rain in the forecast for the next 3 days.

    Of course, this is helpful in only one way. If I am going to have a post for Wednesday I better get creative and find a really good still life shot!!

    Hugs and love always!

  • Genius Matt 15.9.09

    Damn I wish I would receive nice gifts ;))

  • Ayie 15.9.09

    cute souvenirs from marzie!!

    the door sign is very nice kim, great work!

    and that other one is a huge painting...that's very time consuming =P

    i hope all is well,

    happy monday!!

  • Kim 15.9.09

    thanks TH..
    they're lovely pressies :))
    lol I don't know how Mariuca goes without sleep!!!
    I'd be a mess if I didn't get my 8 hours every night :0
    have a lovely Tuesday..
    I have a a four drive today to pick up my son and his girlfriend from the airport :)

    hi Mark..
    I heard this song on the radio on Sunday and fell in love with his voice immediatel..happy MM to you too :)

    hi Speedy's heavenly music isn't it and I'm in the dark when it comes to musical instruments :0
    and their relatives ;)
    have a great day xxx

    thanks Stop Dreaming :)

    I'm starting to wonder whether you might be a vampire Mariuca!!!
    do you ever get to see the sun...have a lovely evening/morning ..
    got my fingers crossed for the safe delivery of your portrait xxx

    very true Jackie..
    it was such a lovely lovely surprise and Mariuca is soooo kind :)
    I pray that your SIL is at peace...
    that is so sad about her Grandson :(
    thanks for your kind compliments on the door sign..
    I'm preparing for the next few months to be extra busy painting stage props for my Sister's annual Baby Ballerinas concert in about 10weeks time :0
    hope you have a great start to your's raining here too xxx

    lol Matt :))

    thanks Ayie
    the portrait is very large but very light so that's good... the canvas alone cost me $800 so I have to stop procrastinating and get it finished!!
    thanks for your compliment on the door sign too and I love my Mariuca gifts :)
    have a great week :))

  • Ayie 15.9.09

    have a great week too kim! wow $800! that so much $$$! haha better finish it then!

  • Lisa Lorenz 15.9.09

    Hey Kim, Just dropping in after a busy week. How nice of beautiful. I so love the new door sign for your sisters studio! Beautiful work as always...and the WIP is gorgeous so far. So big. Wow, its impressive. Cant wait to see it done! I bet Alexander and his lovely girlfriend are anxious to see it! Thanks also for your lovely comments on my blog about the Boo, my work and your wishes to my dad. I will let him know...have a great week mate! xoxoxo Lisa

  • Lisa Lorenz 15.9.09

    Just reading more KIm an saw you were in the hospital????.my heart skipped so many beats and I was feeling so nervous..was happy to read all was okay! Was really worried. Take it easy my friend! all my love, xoxo Lisa

  • cooper 15.9.09

    Your work continues to astound me. You are too busy these days. I'm trying to get that video to play you tube is having one of those "attacks". I will listen tomorrow because now I am rally curious to hear the song.

  • Admin T.H 15.9.09

    hi kim ;) I am here.

  • Admin T.H 15.9.09

    tomorow only know son's urine result

  • Lynda Lehmann 16.9.09

    How wonderful to give and receive gifts from blogging friends! It sure warms up the world a bit, to have these exchanges, doesn't it?

    I love your sign and continue to be awed by the range of your creativeness, Kim.

    You will finish the portrait in due time. Do you think you were sick with the flu the kids had? Are you well now, my dear? I hope you are feeling fine....

  • Jackie 17.9.09

    Hi Kim! I have to agree with Lynda!! I too am always amazed at your talent!!

    I like Lynda am also hoping all is okay with your health. I hope you are just busy!!

    I am also hoping that nothing really serious showed with your test results!!

    Sending you a great big hug and lots of love!!

    Jackie XX'S:-)

  • Kim 17.9.09

    thanks Ayie :)
    it's impossible to rush when you are painting in oils ;)

    thanks Lisa..
    it was great to catch up on your latest news :)) and see all your fab pics :))
    yeah... great to get back in the swing....still got the bruise from the drip though :0
    have a terrific end of week Lisa xoxoxoxox

    thanks Cooper
    yeah busy is good ....
    you would enjoy the movie too ;)

    I hope your son's results are good...I have my fingers crossed for Sean

    it's great to get surprises in the mail Lynda..
    and Mariuca's gifts were very heart warming :)
    I don't think having the flu helped but I'm back to normal now... just a few more days on a course of tablets for reflux
    ..hope all is going well for you xxx

    hi Jackie
    thanks...yes feeling fine and working on the WIP
    thanks for your concern :)
    ...will be over later today xxx

  • TH 17.9.09

    hi kim, its hot here too

  • TH 17.9.09

    hubby hometown is like 30 min drivefrom beach but they never want to go :(

  • Unknown 18.9.09

    what a cool little package. Don't you just love getting things in the mail? I know I do. Heck I was excited just getting new Vinyl Bookmark Holders yesterday LOL!
    Love the door sign. Perfect!
    (by the way - do you need a ladder to work on the top of that painting?)

  • Ayie 18.9.09

    i never really tried oil and i will eventually coz I have lots of canvasses already...maybe some guide from you? hehe

    i usually just use watercolor whenever i paint

  • Admin T.H 18.9.09

    hi kim, have you been to Japan? I have not..

  • TH 18.9.09

    oh yeah resulf of son is out, bacteria in urine. :( cause by the skin

  • TH 18.9.09

    doc tell the name of surgery but I keep cannot say the whole words.

  • RennyBA's Terella 19.9.09

    Lucky you - Mariuca is such a great friend in Blogsphere!

    Happy Weekend dear blog friend :-)

  • Jackie 19.9.09

    Good Morning Kim! That is if you're up yet!!

    I am actually typing this in my sleep.

    I am so so so tired!! But, a day isn't a day unless I at least pop over.

    So sweet dreams...I have 4 more drops then I'm dropping down on my sofa to watch season2 of The Tudors!!

    It arrived today and i can't wait!! Happy weekend!! XX'S:-)))

  • Mariuca 20.9.09

    LOL @ me being a vampire hahah! :)

  • Mariuca 20.9.09

    Hey Kim! I finally got a slip in the mail today asking me to collect a package! But Mon and Tues is a public holiday for us but I'll def be picking up the parcel next week. I hope it's what I think it is woo hooooooo! :):):)

  • Mariuca 20.9.09

    It's the Eid Mubarak celebration tomorrow Kim, everyone's busy tonight! Hope ur having a relaxing time. I spent the whole day cleaning and wiping and vacuuming.. ;)

  • TH 20.9.09

    hi kim, giveaway at my part, hope you take part :)

  • TH 20.9.09

    grandpa birthday :) 93 yay !! :)

  • TH 20.9.09

    wow my grandpa seeing like 3rd to 4 generation I mean grand kids..

  • Kim 20.9.09

    a hot day here today as well TH :)

    very cool package Christy ;)
    thanks for the compliment on the sign ..
    have another door sign to do this week
    lol...nearly need a ladder...lucky it's light and easy to lift :)

    hi Ayie..
    I haven't been using oils a lot either...the drying time puts me off ;) and the cleaning of the brushes...I'm rather lazy when it comes to that ;)

    I haven't been to Japan TH... I did a stopover in Singapore in the 80s and it was soooo hot :)
    so is Sean having an operation?

    thanks Renny..
    yes Mariuca is :) :)
    happy weekend to you too ..

    good morning Jackie..
    Sunday here..
    The Tudors sounds interesting...
    what's it about ...I haven't heard of

    woo hoo Mariuca!!!
    finally ..
    I was just wondering this morning as John received Maryanas a week ago...
    I hope they don't hit you with any sales tax..
    hehe housework!! nice when it's done though..relax and enjoy :)
    have a great 2 holiday days :) xxx

    wow TH
    93...good for him!!!
    .. birthday greetings to your Grandpa....
    I'll pop over to check out your giveaway today :)

  • TH 20.9.09

    hi kim, yeah $2000 in Ringgit malaysia. thats alot money..

  • TH 20.9.09

    sean not going for surgery as doc advice better wait til he says very pain!!

  • TH 20.9.09

    not sure how to say the word, its circumsize?

  • TH 20.9.09

    my dad not get any from uncle about grandpa birthday celebration :(

  • TH 20.9.09

    in Australia got holiday on Hari Raya?

  • TH 20.9.09

    love the header :)

  • John M. Mora 20.9.09

    Kim, the sign for your sister's studio is perfect - graceful and poetic and charming...just beautiful - a work of art....Edgar would be proud...reagrds from a chilly NY - juast yesterday it was Springtime here....maple leaves are turnign red, some falling, some hangin on.

    Be careful catchign the dreaded typo is longer lasting than the bird flu...

  • Kim 20.9.09

    thanks TH :)
    ended up changing the whole design!!
    no holiday here but it's Sunday :)
    that could be painful for Sean...maybe it's better to wait and see...
    hmmm.. sounds like your Dad would not be too happy about your Uncle not telling him about your Grandpa's Birthday party :(
    hope you are enjoying your break :)

  • Kim 21.9.09

    thanks John...
    I imagine that New York would be pretty colourful with the arrival of Autumn...
    afraid we have a lot of blue sky and sunny days ;)
    ah yes the typo fever... :)
    I think I have blog make over fever atm :)

  • Ayie 22.9.09

    Hi Kim, then what is another good paint to use for canvasses? I never tried painting on canvass that's why only on watercolor paper...tnx

  • Ayie 22.9.09

    happy Monday to you kim!!!

  • Kim 23.9.09

    thanks Ayie..
    you can use acrylic and oils on canvas ..
    you can also try gouache and pastels if you fix them and frame behind glass or perspex :)

  • Ayie 24.9.09

    great! my bro in law uses oil before, he's painting major. He said being preggy now he's not advising it to me coz of the smell though a mask can be used. I wil try pastels since i've been using that too and will research further about tha guoache. thanks so much kim for the tips

  • Kim 24.9.09

    glad to be of help Ayie and congratulations on your pregnancy :))
    have a lovely Wednesday :))

  • Ayie 25.9.09

    oh thanks so much kim =)

    enjoy your thursday too! I had an easy start...morning nappy =)

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