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Strip the willow...

26 September 2009 28 comments

last week I started two drawings which ended up turning into mixed media works......
perhaps a new body of work?
the title was inspired by a friend (who is a poet) after she saw the drawings and mentioned the dance...Strip the Willow...

available in prints
gallery wrap canvas
90cm x 60cm
click on the image to enlarge

"Strip the willow." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.


28 comments: to “ Strip the willow... so far...

  • Mariuca 26.9.09


  • Mariuca 26.9.09

    Hi Kim! Oh I definitely love the romantic tutu is my all-time fave colour! ;)

  • Mariuca 26.9.09

    The drawings are great Kim. Love the details on the red tutu! :)

  • Mariuca 26.9.09

    I hope you're having a great weekend! It's B's birthday today, come over for some yummy cupcakes at Mariuca later! :)

  • Jackie 27.9.09

    Chop chop?

  • Jackie 27.9.09

    Hi Kim, I was just playing with the chop to see if it's possible to beat Marzie!

    I doubt it very seriously. Oh my these are just wonderful. You have been working.

    I love both!! They remind me very much of my paintings that I own by Harry Day from New England.

    They are both just fabulous!! I wish I had the money to buy a print right now.

    Maybe soon though!! I hope you are all cleaned up from the dust storm. Also, as you have dropped out of the competition would you do me a favor?

    To assure everyone that the contest was valid...would you do the drawing for me? I am concerned some may doubt the validity as I might be leaving EC for good.

    Let me know okay? and no pressure...just asking!!

    Wonderful and beautiful in color and the composition is fabulous!!


  • Jackie 27.9.09

    I knew it. She's unbeatable!! hey I just got my adgetize code up and I am waiting for approval.

    It was so simple!! I love it!! I'll adgetize you while I'm here!!


  • Kim 27.9.09

    you have got the chop Mariuca :))
    those cupcakes look divine...
    I think I'll just have to get some tomorrow....
    hope you and the Birthday Boy are having a wonderful weekend :))
    glad you like the red in these..
    I think I'm going through a red phase atm :0

    yep Jackie..
    Mariuca must have just beat you to the chop..
    thanks for your compliments on these works ..
    I'm hoping to do a lot more....
    perhaps offer as cards too ..
    who knows!!
    sure I'll help out with your draw :))
    loved reading your farm story...
    what a great weekend post!!!
    have a beaut one :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    hi kim :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    headache as period come :(

  • TH 27.9.09

    rainy all day long

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    bought new toy for sean as hubby want to play

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    his new love transformers

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    the raw corn so yummy and juicy :)

  • TH 27.9.09

    its only good if you got it from cameron highland

  • TH 27.9.09

    not been Cameron highlands for many years. :(

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    wow.. pretty drawing love it :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    looks like ballet dance :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    wow mariuca chop first :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    long time no chop chop :)

  • Admin T.H 27.9.09

    yesterday wanna come by but headache

  • Netster23 27.9.09

    Hello Kim,

    I love the drawing :) looks like it can be use for a fashion :)


  • RennyBA's Terella 28.9.09

    The best strip show I've ever seen!! :lol:

  • John M. Mora 28.9.09

    shop, shop

    The red tutu is truly elegant - like an orchid in bloom yhet you stiol see the danced - so graceful and poised.

    I like both, but am drawn to the lines in red.

    Why are they called tutu's?

    You inspire me to do a mumu series....

  • Kim 28.9.09

    thanks TH
    I hope your headache has gone..
    the corn sounds good...
    that Mariuca is quick ;) at the

    haha Renny...
    thanks...glad you liked it ;)

    thanks John!!!
    the origins of the word tutu are quite colourful :)
    you can read about it here
    a mumu series.... yes...that would be great :)

  • Kim 28.9.09

    oh Netster!!
    I'll have to call you the invisible blogger :0
    I missed your comment!!
    thank you I agree it is a fashion like style ;)
    I've been reading too many vogue magazines
    have a great Monday :))

  • Ayie 30.9.09

    lovely! very creative and i love it!

    how are you doing kim?

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