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Happy 10th Birthday Google

28 September 2008 41 comments

Project 10100

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Submission Deadline:October 20th, 2008

Pagerank Update

It looks like laketrees has dropped from a PR 5 to a PR 4 in the latest Google Pagerank Update.
PoeARTica has remained the same at a PR 4
It's quite the mystery to me as I probably spend a tenth of the time at PoeARTica
You can check yours here:
Google Pagerank per DC
or here:

More Awards!!!

Mariuca @ Wishing On A Falling Star
gave me This Super Blogger Award which was given to her by Ruby
thanks Mariuca!!!
Metz @ Empty Streets: It's a way of life also kindly passed the award onto me too... thanks Metz!!

and another award from Metz...
thank you!!!


41 comments: to “ Happy 10th Birthday Google so far...

  • Unknown 28.9.08

    The PR checkers are cool. I have the google toolbar so I know PR on all the blogs I visit. I am happy to report that my baby blog has a PR3 which is pretty good - I just wish it were a 4. And one day I will be a 5 like you were. Apparently alot of people's PR went down this go round.

  • Kim 28.9.08

    hi Renee..
    PR 3 is great!!! I'm sure you'll get to 4 pretty soon...I don't have the google tool bar installed as I've been using the google chrome toolbar...
    I miss having it as it was good seeing the PR rankings for sites that I visit :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 28.9.08

    I worked really hard for months to bump my 4 to a 5 but nothing I changed seemed to help. google ads seem to be the common element that will push up one point. I wonder if other things that push a rating would be things like a google check out and linking to others with your rate and above only. I *think* that things like moving a blogroll to a second page reduces the ranking.

    the google chrome bar is the google browser? I have read chilly reports of the google browser.

  • Mariuca 29.9.08

    Kim!!! Mariuca dropped from PR3 to 2! Boo hoo hoo, but that's okay I guess. MPG is holding on to 2! Hope we both can get back up in the next round. :)

  • Anonymous 29.9.08

    I use one of Mozilla add-ons so I can see PR and alexa on every blog that I visit. And I was surprised when I saw your PR dropped to 4.

    I guess Google's PR algorithm is still a mystery.

  • Kim 29.9.08

    hi Ascender
    it's a mystery to me too...I don't know what google check out is? but I have heard about the linking to equal and higher ranked blogs..
    I have always had my main blogroll on my front page at laketrees but I moved it at PoeARTica..haha...
    the google chrome bar is different to the IE browser and google toolbar which diplays the PR rank..I use chrome because it is quicker but it's pretty basic...I like it though as it doesn't crash as much as the google toolbar..

    hi Mariuca...
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for us both hehe :)
    and hey did you notice..YOU are my TOP commenter :) :-X) :-X)

    yes there's no working it far as I can see...still my Alexa ranking has shown a great improvement so that's a good thing :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 29.9.08

    Kim; I havent used a tool bar before - so i have no opinion on that.
    the cart is similar to paypal i think but i dont know how it works or if there is a cost to it
    i am moving my blog roll too and wanted to mention to you that I am changing the format soon to create a quicker download and I plan am taking my recprical links to it's own page. But I wanted to make the recprical page special - rather then just listing people I thought I would put a little thumb photo or the logo of the site and a brief description. I appreciate your listing of my link on your site so I wanted to see if you were interested in this. If you are interested please send the image you would like to use and a short description to this address. I plan to create that page before I update my main page template. Right now the bare bones link page is at:
    It will be a slow process as I will only be able to work on it a little bit a day.
    Let me know if you are interested.
    PS of course there is still the button on the main page which will remain in the left hand column. It is the right hand column that I am moving

  • Kim 29.9.08

    sure thing Jacqueline :)
    that sounds like a good idea ...
    I'll send you an email with the pic :) and check out your link...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 29.9.08

    Hello Kim,

    The arbitrary methods employed in page ranking, whether they change their algorithms frequently if at all, is a mystery only the God on the internet has any answers to.

    Remember I had a page rank 2 which suddenly went to 0, then resurrected after 2 months, and then upgraded to 3 after 4 months. It's a total enigma to me how this is arrived at.

    Anyway, I have it plastered on my right panel together with Alexa, but I am no longer concerned with it. After the site has established a following and created true friends, these rankings hardly matter. Don't wrack your brains because of it. It's not worth the trouble. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Metz 29.9.08

    aww am so glad that you liked them both Kim and you truly deserved them both :) hehe ooh and yes happy bday to google :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 29.9.08

    Congrats on your awards, Kim! You are very deserving of them.

    My page rank dropped from 5 to 4 after I added the "Big Bang" list to my page. Or so it seems, that that was what precipitated the drop.

    As unpredictable as the wind....

    But that's not why we blog, so it doesn't really matter.

    Personally, I'd like to blog a whole lot more, but I want to keep making art as my priority. And life is so busy otherwise, as you know.

    How is your shoulder, these days?

  • Mariuca 30.9.08

    Kimmy! I am I am ur TC here yay! get on ur Top EC list lol! :D

  • Anonymous 30.9.08

    Hi Agent Laketrees,

    Did you fall into another Google Black Hole of Pork Rations again? ;~))

    I heard a rumor that anyone who pays Goggle millions of dollars will have a top page rank and sit on top of the search engines. Unfortunately, we can't test this rumor because the American Money-trees have been picked dry by Obama to fuel his Bong of Hope :~)))

  • Kim 30.9.08

    ah the God of the internet Durano...
    I wonder who that may be...I'm not worried about the drop in PR here at laketrees...but itis a mystery still...somewhat like technorati and their 6 month window...
    I'm glad your PR has stabilised at 3...;)

    hi Metz :)
    thanks again for the awards and for calling by :)
    enjoy your day :)

    hi Lynda..
    so the same has happened to you...I know I have had a huge drop in my technorati authority because of the Big Bang and the 6 month window so that could possibly affect the PR would be nice if someone could explain it in layman's terms eh :)
    the right shoulder is still frozen and the left one is much better...
    good to hear that art is your priority and of course your house renovations :)

    lol Mariuca..
    I'm going to nick name you 'Miss haveachat' in honour of being laketrees TC !!
    I'm sure you'll get to the top of the EC list in no time..hehe

    so it's a million dollars eh ...Miss MP!!
    that's not much really... :0
    sounds like Obama needs the million plus another trillion to get himself out of the black hole that he is in :)

  • PurrPrints 30.9.08

    Off to check my PR--thanks for the handy link--and thanks for the compliments on my new blog design :)

  • Kim 30.9.08

    hi Purr prints..
    you have some very impressive and unique designs :)
    good luck with the PR check :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.08


    i am getting gun-shy with these checkers ;-) despite significant traffic/link increases my technorati authority has dropped 150+ in the past six weeks. pr steady at 4 though was also a 5 a year ago. oh well, lucky to be alive.

    you're a 10 in my book.

  • Anonymous 1.10.08

    Hi Kim
    My PR has stayed at 4 (despite the Technorati Big Bang debacle whereby my authority is still dropping every time I check it!) so I cannot believe that yours has dropped. There does seem to be no rhyme or reason to it all.

    I have decided that I am going to blog for me and my readers and not for Google, Technorati, Alexa etc. I don't make money from my blog, indeed, by having a blog, I can't have ads, Entrecard and the like, so instead of driving myself mad trying to drive my stats up, I'm just going to pootle on, writing as and when, hoping my regular readers keep reading and commenting.

  • Kim 1.10.08

    that would be the 6 month window at technorati ..PM...
    it drops all the links older than 6 months...
    so then you have to make a concerted effort to get them back..hehe..
    thanks for the 10 vote :) your blog is terrific in my book too!!

    no it's a mystery..but that's the way it is Diane..
    you have a point about the stats..
    PoeARTica rarely gets a second look from me..
    I post once a week and it just seems to meander along its own way :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.08

    I used searchstatus, a firefox adds-on to see the PR of every page I visit, PR4 still a High PR tho..

  • anandi 1.10.08

    Hi Kim how are you?
    Hey, I have posted a dubbing on my blog. Just have a look and let me know whether I have done it right. ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

  • Metz 1.10.08

    It's a raining wed for us here hope your all cozy and dry where you are :) BTW i have new updates on my article about the questions and concerns that most of us had asked especially about the ec credit contests. check it out over at myside hope it helps. and hopefully EC gets itself more stabilized especially in terms of policies :)

  • Matthew S. Urdan 2.10.08

    I'm sorry that happened to you Kim. I dropped from my PR4 to a 3. Since the last update though, my technorati ranking has increased over 50 points, so I don't know WTF is happening or why it happens. I have a higher Alexa ranking now then I've ever had as well.

    Oh well. Seems there should be something ranking quality of a blog, or some component of that quality in these rankings. It's not about traffic, it's about content right?

  • Speedcat Hollydale 2.10.08

    I was here on my phone the other day and checked my rank from there ... 4. ALWAYS 4

    As I have said before, all of my blogs are a 4. My wordpress blog is a 4 and it has no links. Links mean nothing, really, unless they come from 8,9, and 10's. I do not know any of them!!

    Google strenth is a strange creature. A beast of the seas that stays down in the shadows, swallowing blogs whole.

    Moneypenny is smokin funny again today (my today) in the comments.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 2.10.08

    @ Matthew S. Urdan , Technorati and Google Rank have NOTHING in common. A blog with 2 links to a high page rank blog is far better off than one with 4000 links from blogs with little or no page rank.

  • Kim 2.10.08

    well J OF J ...
    you're going pretty great with PR 3s and not even 3 months old !!

    hi Anandi...
    will pop over soon :)

    hi Metz...I haven't had much of a chance to read it all as I have been busy at TAD...
    pretty warm over here...but expecting rain at the weekend :0

    hi Matthew...
    well you seem to have the quality content covered .. :)
    I think Speedy's explanation below explains it better than I can..I had heard that blogs with lower rankings linking to you can be a disadvantage :(...I think that's rather unfair and elitist :0

    haha Speedy..
    I love your description of I've never seen a blog swallowed whole ...that certainly would be an experience....
    Miss MP is always funny....she certainly has it covered when it comes to tracking black holes..
    I wonder if she has come across the black hole of web design because my template at the moment is a horror story!!!!

  • Metz 3.10.08

    The weather here has been quite chaotic too hehehe but I love rain and sunshine cause I got to see a rainbow yayy heheh. Hope you had a great week dear :) xoxo

  • John M. Mora 3.10.08

    I am a 3/10 which is a failing grade in the old usa. Amazing little Van Gogh show in NY's MOMA. Going back today. Cheers.

  • Kim 3.10.08

    thanks Metz..
    we get lots of double rainbows where we fact I wrote a poem about the phenomenon a few years ago..

    ohh lucky you John...
    enjoy the show!!!
    PR 3 is a good pass in google terms ;)

  • Anonymous 4.10.08

    Kim, it seems as though page rank becomes more and more of a mystery as the internet progresses. Yours is great though. Keep up the great work. What works today is sure not to work tommorrow!

    Congratulations on the awards.

  • Anonymous 4.10.08

    Don't you worry: mine is 4 too but people seams to like both yours and mine anyway :-)

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  • Kim 4.10.08

    ah yes Boyd...very true..
    thanks for calling by and have a great weekend :)

    I'm not surprised that you have a PR4 Renny...:)
    enjoy your weekend too :)

  • The Dork One 4.10.08

    hi there kim

    can you change my url (retarded's notebook) to on your linklist??

    thanks thanks thanks!

    and because i moved from blogspot to my own .com pr3 goodbye! i now have pr0

  • Mariuca 5.10.08

    Yeeha! MPG is here today, and she's looking right at home at your place Kim! Happy weekend! :D

  • Kim 5.10.08

    sure thing Alex..
    shame about the PR but having your own .com is supposed to be better..
    I have my own domain but haven't moved my blogspot blogs over yet..
    maybe after I get my recent portrait finished :)

    she looks very pretty indeed Mariuca... :)
    though I think she might have been wondering what I was doing with the template here last was all over the place..
    happy Sunday to you :)
    ...we've lost an hour already as daylight saving is now in force ..which reminds me ...I have to change my clocks !!

  • Unknown 8.10.08

    Hi, Kim,
    Love your site and the way you encourage other writers and artists. I tried to email you the other day about submitting some of my writing but it wouldn't go through and I lost it - for some reason Microsoft email doesn't work on my computer.
    Hope to email you again soon about submissions.
    Just a note on this page rank checker. I tried it and it came up 0 out of 10, when every other rank checker has come up consistently (for my site) and for some time a 3 out of 10.
    Just thought you might want to know

  • Kim 8.10.08

    hi Judi...
    you could try submitting your writing in the submit post ..
    if the email won't go through...
    I'm guessing this was at PoeARTica??
    I might have to think about putting a form on...
    I just checked the rank checker..and it isn't working for me either..drat..
    I've put another one at the bottom of my right's working... or seems to be
    my site came up a 5 ....very strange..because that was my ranking before the update..

  • Jackie 10.10.08

    Hi Kim,
    Sorry to post this here but I couldn't get my browser to open up anywhere else. i am running really really slow tonight. But here it is:
    I have something for you. I'm sorry I can't give you the direct link. it's a bug I will have to discuss with Ana in the morning.

    But you may come and get it at

  • Kim 10.10.08

    that's ok Jackie ..
    I'll pop over :) :)

  • Anonymous 13.10.08

    Also A good tool if your using firefox is the live pagerank plugin which shows pr and alexarank conveniently and not obtrusive in your browser

  • Anonymous 14.10.08

    i read that google is a misspelling due to poor english, it was meant to be goggle.

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