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What's in your handbag?

17 September 2008 54 comments

The very sweet Mariuca @ Mariuca's Perfume Gallery

has tagged me for 3 fun tags...thanks Mariuca...I have chosen all three

The first one is the Handbag Tag from ECL and here are the rules.
Find a safe quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general. (If you're a guy just reverse this process to male and tell us about your wallet, tool box, briefcase or metro sexual accessory.)
1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.
2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves.
5. Answer these questions:
Describe the contents of your handbag. See my list below.
What's the most important thing in your handbag? my hand cream
What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag? too many perfumes
What's the smallest thing in your handbag? nail clippers
Is there anything illegal in your handbag? no
Contents of my bag.
1. a black JAG wallet
2. a pen.
3. old rail tickets
4. my perfumes...Chanel # 5 ..Red Door and Beautiful (depending on my mood)
5. a Rolex watch ..that I never wear (I haven't worn a watch in 12 years)
6. sunnies
7. keys.
8. nail clippers
9. wet ones
10. DR LEWINN'S hand cream absolute must!!
11. a dress ring...that I rarely wear

Check out other memes by Mimi

is the Shopaholic Tag from the lovely Tina
~~~Start copying here (no need to right click the image)~~~~


Credits: Paper & Elements Created by Kim Jensen/Layout by JennyL
1. Don’t remove the credits when you post the image.
2. Please link back to the person who tagged you.
3. If you have more than one blog, please post this to all of your blogs so your other blogs can be listed to the master list too.
4. You need to pass this tag to many friends you think loves shopping.
5. Remember to come back at BARGAIN.SALES.DEALS. and leave the exact post url so I can add you to the master list to help increase our rankings and improve our Technorati Authority.
6. Enjoy Shopping !!!

SHOPAHOLICS : 1.) A Slice of Life 2.) Jenny Said So 3.) Simply Jen 4.) This and That 5.) Bargain.Sales.Deals. 6.) Me and Mine 7. Hobbies and Such 8. I am Mommy 9. Quicker8 10. Nita's Random Thoughts 11.) Nita's Corner 12.) Bohol Paradise 13.) Filipino Online Community 14.) Batuananons 15.) Great Finds and Deals 16.) My Wandering Thoughts 17.) Arts and Entertainment Center 18.) PRC Board Exam Results 19.) Nita's Ramblings 20.) Thomas Web Links 21. Thomas Travel Tales 22. Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts 23.) Make Money Online 24. The Shopaholic in Me 25. Little Peanut 26.) Creative in Me 27.) Pea in a Pod 28. Moments of My Life 29. My Crossroads 30. Race Corner 31. A Beautiful Life 32. Cheeky Pinay 33. When Mom Talks 34. Aussie Talks 35. Shzainzy- My Thoughts 36). Shzainzy - Purely Music 37.) My Colorful World 38. Kidd Designs 39. A Reality Bite 40. Raptured Dreams 41. Array of Hopes 42. Embracing Health for Life 43. Array of Hopes 44. Kikay Fashion and Beauty 45. Joy Speaking 46. Life in Manila 47. BLOGSILOG 41. Cherry’s Comfort Zone 42. DigiScrapz: Captured Memories 48. My Views On My So Called Life 49. Me, Myself and I 50. Cez't La Vie 51. Feeling 52. after the i do 53. Mommy Talks 54. My Photographic Sketch 55. Apple of Yanple 56. Tech Stuff Plus.. 57. The Working Mom 58. my untamed world 59. meme me 60. Startin' A New Life 61. Juls Random Thoughts 62. Blessings and Beyond 63. Mommy Earns Money Online 64. Pinay Mommy Online 65.Cutty 66. Fab Finds etc. 67. Ylan's Refuge 68.MommaWannabe 69. Mummy Diaries 70. Best Pinay Mom 71. Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 72. Just Let Go 73. Also Mommy 74. Confessions of a Breathing Tote Bag 75. my Kids are myworld 76. laketrees 77. It's a Woman's World 78. Being Woman 79. My Pooch Life 80. All About Kawaii 81. YOU'RE NEXT
{end copying here}


Next is the 16 Questions tag from Nessa
Mariuca also received a similar Fill-in Tag from Monica
Are you pregnant? no
When do you want to get married? - I've been married twice!!
Do you curse a lot? sometimes
What are your favorite books? The Bible, The Road Less Travelled
Do you wish you were with someone right now? no
Who were the last three people that sent you a text message? I don't have a mobile
Are you happier single or in a relationship? depends
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? yes but not a third..
Do you wish someone would call you? no
What is bugging you right now? inequality and people who lie
What's something you wish you could understand better? the weather
If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because...? they're jealous
Do you have a wild side? yes I did art school
Kissed someone in the last twenty four hours? my son and my daughter
Have you lost friends in the past year? yes
What were you doing at midnight last night? watching a DVD

Add your blog to the end of the list.
CHIKAI, Fun.Fierce.Fab, Me,Myself+2, Kidd Designs, Ozzy's Mom, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, On A Wonderful Day Like Today, House Everything, SAHMdom and Beyond, Choc Mint Girl, Mumblings, Mariuca's Perfume Gallery, laketrees, your blog here!

I am tagging:

Amy Diane Eric Miss Moneypenny Lynda Petra Sharon House, Home & Garden and Leet to choose any of the above memes (of course you are not obligated to do so...though I think the handbag one was lots of fun !! hint hint Speedy)

I have also received two awards recently..

thanks Anandi @ Improvising versatility who received this award from Nithya

and thanks to Kathy @
Let's Jump Together
who received this award from Hilary over at Designing Hilary.
Here are the rules for this meme:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog
2. Link the person you received your award from
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Put links of those blogs on yours, and
5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated


54 comments: to “ What's in your handbag? so far...

  • Anonymous 17.9.08

    Hi Agent Laketrees,

    I wonder if I have fulfilled part of your Meme... Does Revellon Pit Bull Lipstick count ;~)))

  • Kim 17.9.08

    I'd say your Revellon Pit Bull Lipstick fits the bill perfectly Miss MP :) :0 :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.9.08

    Miss Moneypenny made me wear some too!! Ohh gosh, I hope my mother does not see.

    Quite a super meme going on here today. Almost as big as my last one?? I will give them all a go soon. Thanks Kim !!!

    Nice watch (wink)

  • Kim 17.9.08

    hehe Speedy...
    I won't tell your Mum...
    your lipstick was chicken flavoured and quite becoming....ummmmm...
    nice but I think I prefer strawberry ;)

  • Wendster 17.9.08

    I love that you call sunglasses "sunnies" ... you Australians have lots of cute names for things. Love them! And I loved the little newspaper clipping of "the artist's early stages" ... LOLOL!

    Your parent sure look happy and beautiful.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. Nothing new to report yet. I hope there is nothing new (bad) to report at LEAST until November... and then I hope the news is good after we go to court.

  • Kim 17.9.08

    hi Wendster..
    hehe the newspaper clip was courtesy of my Mum :)
    it's cute isn't it... :)
    yep my Parents had the happiest of marriages..
    no news is always good news in my book...
    thanks for calling by and letting me know :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.9.08

    Congrats on your new awards, Kim.

    These are fun memes--thanks for tagging me. I never seem to have time for this and home building and making art, et al, but maybe one day i'll learn the secret to being faster at everything I do. I think I'm still in Mental-Pause. It's lasting almost as long as my Adolescence did...

    I have a question: Why a nail clippers (heavy and clunky) instead of just a lightweight nail file?

    I'd be plenty embarrassed to reveal the contents of MY purse. Seems I don't travel light, either!

  • The Muse 18.9.08

    I completely enjoyed reading all the tag responses...LOL
    My husband sat in awe as I read aloud the LISTS....LOL
    His comment...
    "Thank heaven for wallets.." LOL

  • Mariuca 18.9.08

    Yay! Kim u're da best for doing all 3 tags ha ha! Hope u had fun cause I did, checking out what's inside ur bag and reading ur 16 answers! Wow, u have 2 perfumes in ur bag, that's awesome! ;)

    I did not know u've been married twice. See...ur answers helped me get to know u a little better, thanks Kim! I'll add u to my list at MPG. :):):)

  • John M. Mora 18.9.08

    I object....I only carry a bag when I do bank heists....

  • Anonymous 18.9.08

    It's good to play tag game once in a while. I'm sure ECL is getting more popularity compared to all Singaporean bloggers.

  • Kim 18.9.08

    hello Lynda..
    haha mental pause :)
    I haven't had much time for painting lately either :)...and I'm not renovating hehe :)
    the nail clippers are very handy when you have very hard fast growing finger
    like I do...I don't think I've ever used a nail file :)

    yes Muse..
    men have it easy when it comes to extra
    us women seem to carry everything but the kitchen sink eh :)

    hi Mariuca
    yes it seems that marriage and I are not really compatible :)
    I have 3 bottles of perfume :)..there's one on top of the wet's glass and easy to miss :))

    oh really John!!!
    which banks lol :):)
    hopefully the bag would be bigger too ;)

    hi Atniz...
    the handbag tag was fun!! ECL picked a good one :) :)

  • Nessa 18.9.08

    Hi Kim! Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment, much appreciated :)

    I love the black JAG wallet, mine's so worn out, even the coin compartment is falling apart! But I can't bear to part with it! :)

    Have a lovely day!

  • Anonymous 18.9.08

    Kim, any image you prefer....thanks, John

  • Kim 18.9.08

    hi Neesa..
    it's hard to throw away "loved" wallets ..I know I hate parting with them too :)
    thanks for the linky love too :)
    enjpy your day :)

    hi John I'll be over to get one now :)

  • Anonymous 18.9.08

    OMG... I have one parfume, and two small bags inside my bag, a pocketbook and a coin purse (no coins) :) a make up bag, my credit card wallet, not the same as my wallet, cell phone, keys, pen, pencil, eraser, OMG I have too much in there. :) Your bag is a lot more organized

    I love reading your blog, you deserve the award!!!

  • Kim 18.9.08

    lol Laura..
    sounds like you carry a lot :) :)
    I had a lot more in my bag before I took the photo ;)
    thanks for visiting :)
    enjoy your day :)

  • Unknown 18.9.08

    Hi Kim - this is very kind of you. Please do not be upset but I have absolutely no time currently to participate in any further meme or other games. I hardly can cope with the workload at the moment...but I think you will fully understand this...
    Warmest greetings,

  • Metz 18.9.08

    wahhh i havent even started mine yet huhuhu and there is now a backlog of them hehehe. I think i'll do the same and just go at it in one sitting over the weekend like you did kim :)

  • Kim 18.9.08

    hi Petra...
    no worries at all... thanks for calling by...
    and best wishes with your workload :) :)

    hi Metz :)
    thanks for calling by and good luck with your meme(s) :) :)

  • Mariuca 19.9.08

    WOW 3 perfumes Kim in ur bag Kim? That's so cool! My collection is slightly more than 100 now, and yes..I'm still in search for more cool ones to add to my gallery yeeha! :D

  • Mariuca 19.9.08

    Oh no!!! I think my comment here disappeared, just left u a nice long one! :(

    Anyway I'll come back later to see if it did go through. Have a great weekend Kim! :)

  • Kim 19.9.08

    hello Mariuca :)
    100 perfumes ...goodness.. but then you are the Queen of perfumes hehe...
    I have 4 altogether...the 3 in my handbag and opium... :)
    my daughter has a lot though and of course Charlie is her favourite ;)
    she would have been called Charles instead of Charlotte if she had been a boy :)
    oh my this week has gone fast!!!
    enjoy your weekend too :) :)

  • Mariuca 19.9.08

    Oh yay, I see my comments did not disappear!

    Queen of Perfumes?? I LOVE the sound of that Kim LOL! When I visited my younger sis in London, back when she was studying there, I bought 25 diff perfumes, can u imagine? Ha ha ha! The 100+ that I have are my minis, which are for my gallery! The normal bottles that I use..I have about 20 or so he he! :):):)

  • Admin 19.9.08

    Hi there, thanks for joining the shopping tag but the image is missing. can you please put the image pls. Just copy paste it bec. i have hosted the image on imageshack already (no need to right click)

    .. I have added your blog at the master list if you want to check it.

  • Kim 20.9.08

    I can imagine Mariuca...
    I was the same when I lived in London :)
    maybe it's the cold weather haha..
    your minis must look very cute Dad used to have a miniature liquor and spirits bottle collection :) I loved it...especially the dimple scotch and white horse whiskey :)

  • Kim 20.9.08

    the image would not post for me Admin...I tried 3 times and it kept disappearing so I finally loaded the image through photobucket...

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    wow, i am not surprise or overwhelmed by this concept. yawn. well, yes and no. an established photographer ( you can google = francois robert ) has been doing this for 20 - plus years. just went to his opening several months ago and he was at it again. only he carefully crafted the contents, took a photo of your hand, then framed it. only $4,000 USA.

    that said, this could be fun. i am tempted to do it. i am a guy with a purse before it was fashionable, or man bag, man purse, man

    i am frighted at the "speedy" challenge.

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    looking a bit harder. a ROLEX that you hardly ever wear? a dress ring that you hardly every wear? do you have other ROLEXES on your arm?

    no lip gloss? no eye liner pencil? mints?

    no mobile phone? iPod? no lens wipes? eye glass case? how old are the rail tickets?

    IMPRESSIVELY efficient kim.

  • Kim 20.9.08

    I dare you to post your bag Prand ...
    this could be interesting :) :)
    the sublimal power of voyeurism...
    most people would like to see "inside" the other person..hence the handbag meme...
    this could likely lead to what's in your car ...what's in your (do you have jelly bean chairs?) possibilties are endless.....
    perhaps it would make an interesting "niche" blog eh ???
    rolex? only one....had it for years..and still on time.. ;)
    mobiles heat and scramble your brain...
    i pod... not yet...though we have 3 in the house
    2 years=no makeup ...sooo time saving...
    glasses=on my face :)
    rail tickets=August=birthday present to Sydney=phantom of the opera :)
    will google = francois robert

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    Your handbag is way too neat. lol

  • Kim 20.9.08

    ah Cooper :)
    it comes from years of practice :) :)

  • Metz 20.9.08

    Hi Kim,

    Just dropping by to wish yah a great weekend :) try and fine time to pamper yourself this weekend. :)

  • Kim 20.9.08

    thanks Metz :)
    you have a great weekend too :) :)

  • Leet 22.9.08

    Hi Kim,
    Nice layout, great posting, excellent portraits - basically, I am a big fan of your works -
    Cheers, Leet

  • Mariuca 22.9.08

    Kim! A mini liquor bottle collection? I can imagine how cute it was! B collects HRC shot glasses and actually, it was his wonderful collection that got me started on my perfume collection! Hope u had a good weekend, dropping my EC here! :D

  • Anonymous 22.9.08

    Great memes, Kim! I haven't worn a watch in years either.....quite liberating. Mind you, I can't imagine surviving without my's my lifeline to my kids. :)

  • Kim 22.9.08

    thanks Leet...
    have a great day :)

    shot glasses would make an interesting collection Mariuca... :)
    I hope B has his c and c worked out :)
    have a terrific day :)

    hi Serena..
    time seems to go slower without a watch... :)
    hah I think mobiles are like glasses ..once you have one you really don't know how you managed without it... :)

  • Anonymous 22.9.08

    Kim I can't help starring at your dolly, so cute. :) I bet you love it so much.

  • Kim 22.9.08

    I love it TH ...
    yours are gorgeous....especially the twins with their blue and pink suits... absolutely adorable :)

  • Mariuca 23.9.08

    I see ur new dolly Kim, LOVE it!! And hey, did u get a new header as well? I notice you're spotting a new layout for ur blog as well. :D

  • Kim 23.9.08

    I love the new dolly Mariuca :) and Emila came up with the the perfect alternative for the black background...
    I've spent the last 3 days...with this makeover....many hours because I'm an amateur when it comes to coding ..eek...
    I hope I haven't got too many errors in it...
    I'm off to get some shut eye now haha...

  • Unknown 23.9.08

    I love the handbag meme. You carry a Rolex around that you don't use? Or is it that you do not wear it?

  • Kim 23.9.08

    thanks :)
    I don't wear it Renee...
    but it's there if I ever need to know the time :)

  • Anonymous 27.9.08

    What a great meme - always good to know your good blog friends even better - even looking into their bags (would never had the nerve to ask so you know :lol: )

    Gocrats with the award too - you really deserves it Kim!

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week :-)

  • Kim 27.9.08

    thanks Renny :) :)
    you have a great weekend too :) :)

  • S. A. Hart 28.9.08

    Hi, Kim! I almost missed the tag, as I didn't catch my name ran into House, Home, and Garden. Yikes! However, .... I'll play now that I have caught it.

    I love the cartoon at the top of the 16 Questions tag from Nessa, and as it's easier answering questions than tracking down both my bag and the digital seems logical to answer those questions in the meme. Here goes!

    Are you pregnant? Heavens, no!

    When do you want to get married? - I've been married now for 32 years!!

    Do you curse a lot? No

    What are your favorite books? "The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri, "Possession" by A.S. Byatt

    Do you wish you were with someone right now? no

    Who were the last three people that sent you a text message? I don't have text messenging

    Are you happier single or in a relationship? Happiness is not related to outside relationships, but how you relate to yourself

    Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yes

    Do you wish someone would call you? No

    What is bugging you right now? Injustice

    What's something you wish you could understand better? Quantum Physics and why the Legal System is Unjust yet is called the Judicial System

    If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because...? They don't understand me or are identifying with something in me they don't like about themselves.

    Do you have a wild side? Yes.

    Kissed someone in the last twenty four hours? Yes.

    Have you lost friends in the past year? Yes

    What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping.

  • Kim 29.9.08

    thanks Sharon...
    my Mum sent me the cartoon's great isn't it :)
    wow 32 years...congratulations!!!!!
    you're so right about happiness...
    and injustice!!!
    haha...I think most artists have a wild side..that's what makes them artists ;)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 3.10.08

    a fun image at top with the row of perfumes. it was a nice escape to read these memes today but now it is back to work!

  • Kim 3.10.08

    hi Jacqueline..
    that is the header to Mariuca's blog...
    she is a professional collector of miniature perfumes.... her site is well worth visiting and lots of fun :) :)
    have fun with your work...
    I hope I can get back to mine soon :)

  • Jackie 5.10.08

    Oh Kim,
    I am suffering through a change of the season bug. I think I have the flu.

    As a matter of fact I don't even know why I am out of bed.

    I will sort through my images and send you my stuff as soon as I get well.


  • Kim 5.10.08

    hi Jackie..
    no rush ..just look after yourself and get better.. ((hugs))
    have a restful weekend :)

  • S. A. Hart 7.10.08

    It looks as if the UK's newspaper, The Telegraph, got in on the handbag meme. They're running an article on what's in the Duchess of York's handbag. Here's the link:

    In truth, the contents of your bag were much more interesting.

  • Kim 7.10.08

    haha Sharon..
    I'll take a look... :)
    maybe the Duchess can borrow my nail clippers eh....

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