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13 September 2008 54 comments

Today is my Mum and Dad's Wedding Anniversary....

"Oh, how we danced on the night we were wed
We vowed our true love though a word wasn't said
The world was in bloom, there were stars in the skies
Except for the few that were there in your eyes.
Dear, as I held you close in my arms
Angels were singing a hymn to your charms
Two hearts gently beating, murmuring low
"Darling, I love you so"
The night seemed to fade into blossoming dawn
The sun shone anew but the dance lingered on
Could we but relive that sweet moment sublime
We'd find that our love is unaltered by time."
lyrics to "The Anniversary Waltz," composed by Dubin/Frankl

They would have been married for 56 years...
My Dad passed away in 2002...just before their 50th anniversary..

I’m going on a journey
I’m leaving here, you see
I’ll be going very slowly
Till you catch up with me.

I won't be going very far
Away from you my dear
I’ll just be out there waiting
Till you catch up with me.

I’ll wander round and wait for you
For I won't know where I’ll be
I won't be going anywhere
Till you catch up with me.

Only you know how I flounder
When I’m all out at sea
I won't know which way to go
Till you catch up with me.

For we have loved each other
In all our life, in Eternity
I’ll wait forever for you darling
Till you catch up with me.


Ken’s last cherished poem to Beryl before their parting on the 21st April 2002
Married 13th September 1952. Honeymoon photo


54 comments: to “ A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN so far...

  • Anonymous 13.9.08

    my mom was 93 september 8. we went through her photo album and i believe our parents were photographed by the same photographer. and the mums, they were wearing the same wedding dress! and our dads wearing the same dark suit! so much better than a tux in my opinion.

    kim, you come from good stock!

  • Kim 13.9.08

    thanks PM :)
    you can't beat the photography in those very elegant!!!
    wow you're Mum is 93.... that's wonderful...
    enjoy your weekend :)

  • John M. Mora 13.9.08

    Elegant photographs, a different era. My best.

  • Mariuca 13.9.08

    WOW! Was that ur mon and dad Kim? Congratulations to them and I'm sure ur Dad would have loved this post! *Hugs*

  • Anonymous 13.9.08

    What a great contribution - no wonder you proudly show them to the world.

    Then they got married the same years as my parents and even if they are from Norway, the looks very much the same when it comes to clothes :-)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 13.9.08

    SOOOO BEAUTIFUL, the dress, the perfect staging for the photo...I see YOU in your Mom...the smile...these pictures are priceless treasures...awwwww...thank you for sharing these Kim!

  • Kim 13.9.08

    yes a different era John :)
    elegant and romantic :)

    I'm sure Dad would be smiling Mariuca :)
    they were so young too:) just 19 and 21 !!!
    and very much in love ..*hugs*

    hi Renny...
    the same year!!!
    you will have to post the photos :)
    the photographer who took these photos was from Europe too... :)

    Mum made her own wedding dress Amy :)
    and the photographer chose her as the Bride of the Year :)
    the skirt of her wedding gown was actually pinned to the floor in these photos...priceless eh... :) :)

  • CharmaineZoe 13.9.08

    What great photographs!Your mum looks just beautiful in that stunning dress and your dad id very handsome. What a shame he didn't make it their 50th, my own Dad also died in 2002, just six months after their 50th and three days after his birthday. I think it is great the way you have commemorated their anniversary. I am always surprised when I realise how long ago I lost my Dad & Mum (Mum lived only another 12 months before she joined him)as it seems like only a couple of years since I lost them, and I'm sure you feel the same and it's so nice of you to post these lovely photos in your Dads memory.

  • Kim 13.9.08

    oh CharmaineZoe...
    you must miss them ...*hugs*....
    what would we do without those precious photos..
    in some ways it seems like yesterday doesn't it...
    time goes so fast most of the time...

  • Michelle B. Hendry 13.9.08

    She is so beautiful - and what a handsome couple! I love to see these pictures - they remind us of where we come from. Big hugs for you and your Mom...

  • Kim 13.9.08

    thanks Michelle
    photos are wonderful aren't they :)
    especially of those dear to us :) *hugs*

  • Anonymous 13.9.08

    neetzy 13.9.08

    My parents 50th anniversary would be tommorrow. Unfortunately Mom passed away two years ago. Thanks for the pics.

  • Kim 13.9.08

    hello Neetzy...
    I'm sorry that you lost your Mum *HUGS*..
    and sadder to think...just before their 50th...
    ps I added your comment here too as you had commented in the previous post ... :)

  • Metz 13.9.08

    all i can say is WOW! and how it was preserved was excellent. :)

    I found your site through Emila and seeing you have a dolly too am subscribing to your site and adding you to my list of sites to see :) i just so love this article. Romance is a topic that really gets my heart beating fast hehe. LOL

  • Kim 13.9.08

    yes the photos are in excellent condition Metz...
    so good to hear that you are a fan of romance :)
    ps your dolly is great !!!

  • Anonymous 13.9.08

    It's really nice.. Congrats for them :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 13.9.08

    Hello Kim,

    I enlarged the photo to see their eyes, and the expression of love in the way they looked at each other is overpowering in the photo. Not only do they make a very handsome couple, but the aura of immense affection shrouded in mutual respect is evident in the way they behold one another.

    You take after your Mum in looks from the pictures you've posted. All that tenderness coming out of the photo has rubbed well on you too. Happy weekend and regards to your Mum. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 13.9.08

    thanks r1ooooo :)
    and my Dad played football too :)

    they were very much in love Durano...
    childhood sweethearts in fact ...
    I actually made a mistake with their ages (sorry Mum :)...
    Mum was 18 and Dad was 20...and they were engaged for a year....
    unfortunately I didn't have the same success with my marriages... but that's life :)
    however my son and his girlfriend seem to have that same maybe this generation will carry on the romantic tradition eh :)
    thanks for your good wishes ...
    and happy weekend to you and your family :)

  • Mel Avila Alarilla 13.9.08

    Congratulations to your mom and dad for the anniversary of their marriage made in heaven. God bless you all.

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.9.08

    What a sweet tribute to your parents, Kim. I love the photos and seeing something of your family history.

    Unlike Amy, who thinks you look like your Mum, I think you resemble your Dad a bit more!

    Anyway, they were indeed a handsome couple!

  • Metz 14.9.08

    Hey kim thanks for dropping over at ES :) do come by as often as I do come over to check out on what's going on over here. :) I just love your dolly too heheh :) so cute :)

  • Anonymous 14.9.08

    A really nice photography.
    i love classical touches..

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.9.08

    Kim ... I can actually "see love" in the picture (top)

    A dashing couple, and my what a gorgeous wedding dress !

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.9.08

    ... men can admire a beautiful dress, can't they ??? :-)

  • Kim 14.9.08

    thanks very much Mel :) :)

    you're right Lynda..
    I probably have more of my Dad's features than my Mum's... thanks for calling by ...
    I hope your renovations are going smoothly :)

    you're welcome Metz...
    I will :) :)

    thank you Moin :)

    of course you can admire a beautiful dress Speedy...
    and to think Mum made it herself... :) :)

  • xoxo 15.9.08

    wow very nice pics and so elegant indeed, i really love the pics before compare to the digital thingy now ;-)

  • Metz 15.9.08

    I just cant stop looking at the wedding pics it's so nostalgic. A story of a love that should be made into a movie or a book :) hehehe what do you think kim?

  • Anonymous 15.9.08

    That is nice event and nice photo kim
    How can they keep the photo for many years...
    Not many people can do it

  • Mariuca 16.9.08

    Hola Kim! You’ve been tagged, have fun! :)

  • Mariuca 16.9.08

    Wow! 19 and 21, that is amazing indeed! :D

  • Kim 16.9.08

    yes sexy momma ..they were certainly professional in those days :)

    Mum and Dad's story would make a great love story Metz :) :)

    hi Success..
    Mum has all the photos of the wedding group too and they are in excellent condition :)

    hi Mariuca..
    I'll be over to check out your tag :)
    actually I made a mistake on their ages :)
    Mum and Dad were only 18 and 20 ... :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 16.9.08

    I cannot imagine the work involved in making such an elegant dress.

    (I'm all "OK" with commenting on dresses now)

    Stopping by to say hello!!

  • Unknown 16.9.08

    Your parents look so beautiful - especially your mother. Gorgeous. What a lovely post, thank you for sharing!

  • Anonymous 17.9.08

    What a gorgeous couple. The photograph of your mother on her own is quite stunning. A wonderful tribute to them both, I love the poem.

  • Kim 17.9.08

    it was a lot of work Speedy :)
    all of the buttons on the sleeves and down the back of the dress were covered in the same fabric as the dress too :)

    thanks Renee :) :)

    thanks Diane :)
    the poem is beautiful isn't it... I get teary when I read it....

  • Kara Chipoletti Jones of GriefAndCreativity dot com 18.9.08

    Beautiful, beautiful... caught me right at the end, too, coz my mom's name is Beryle, too (well, her's has the "e" at the end, but you know...) :) Thank you for sharing the photos and words! miracles to you!! k-

  • Kim 18.9.08

    well it's a small world Kara...
    Beryl(e) is certainly not a common name :)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the post...
    enjoy your day :)

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    Very nice Kim, I love old photos with their nostalgic flare. The days when family was king!

  • Kim 21.9.08

    so true Boyd :)
    I've had a pretty busy weekend and still catching up with your comments :)

  • Vinca Kumala 22.9.08

    Their both Are lovely and beautiful.....

    Hi Kim
    stopping by for EC drop and see this adoreble picture..I like it

    By the way can I add 1 image which is containt 4 layout pictures of my artwork in artist blog directory?

    have a wonderful day

  • Kim 22.9.08

    thanks Vink..
    can you email me your layout please and I'll see what I can do :)
    enjoy your day too :)

  • Anonymous 22.9.08

    love the wedding pic. My parents one have got bitten by ants. :(

  • Anonymous 22.9.08

    I also love the second pic, so beautiful :) love the wedding gown as well.

  • Kim 22.9.08

    thank you TH...
    that's very sad that your parents photo was eaten....
    that would have been terribly upsetting for them ....

  • Anonymous 23.9.08

    yeah mom is not happy about it.

  • Kim 23.9.08

    I can imagine TH...
    photos are so important as a reminder of very special events in our lives....

  • Anonymous 26.9.08

    I just happened to click your name in the comments from other blog. This is a nice post about your parent. Well in the Philippines there are still like this very successful marriage even though majority are poor but we still give importance to family value. Divorce is not allowed in the Philippines so you either suffer or be happy.
    Congrats to your PR it is 5 now. Google zeroed my pr from 4 lol. You know what I meant.

  • Kim 26.9.08

    hi Edward..
    good to hear from you :)
    that's a big jump from 4 to 0...
    do you have any idea why....

  • Anonymous 2.10.08

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a member of entrecard too. Just passed by lol.

  • Jackie 3.10.08

    Oh Kim,
    I missed this when I stopped in last time. I am trying to get used to the new theme.

    This is so lovely. What a great share for all of us.

    Oh my everything just seems like it was so much more romantic and elegant in those days.

    This is super Kim!!

  • Kim 3.10.08

    I noticed the other day Edward..
    I will put you on my EC list :)

    haha Jackie..
    the new "theme" is driving me to distraction as well as this new short hair cut I had the other day...eek..
    oh well as they say the difference between a good and a bad haircut is a couple of weeks...
    I hope it goes fast ;)
    getting back to the wedding photo (how did I digress so !!)
    you're absolutely right...romantic and elegant...weddings just don't seem to be the same now eh :)

  • Anonymous 8.1.09

    What great classic photos! I love black/white and sephia photos. Seem so elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous 13.1.09

    I love the photos, and it illuminates the love your parents have for each other, geeeeez!

  • Anonymous 24.1.09

    This is a great-must-treasured post.
    Im sure your parents will be very much happy about this one. Also, while looking at this photos (and reading our comments), I know what kind of joy they will feel in their hearts.


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