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next showdown round at saatchi gallery

28 March 2007 2 comments

This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN
round between 02-04-2007 and 09-04-2007.
This is one of my favourite works - titled
'Tomato Groove' a portrait of my two children
2004 - mixed media on canvas.....
I would greatly appreciate your vote on this work.
Thank you very much.
For direct link click here
Voting starts 2nd April 2007

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Starting Ned Kelly

26 March 2007 0 comments

Portraits - Yellow 2 and Blue l
(Lisa and Andreas) will be mailed
out to Copenhagen at the end
of this week.
I can start on the Ned Kelly work...
same size as "The Last Train Home"....
this will be portrait format and mixed media....
photo of canvas on the right ready to go....

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Sensational Paintings from Copenhagen

21 March 2007 2 comments

I have spent most of the day
hanging these stunning art works
by Lisa Lorenz - a super talented
artist who lives in Copenhagen..
We are "over the moon" Lisa
heartfelt thanks from us ozzies down under!!!
ps click here on on title link to see full slideshow
at Rock You

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Saatchi Gallery Showdown

19 March 2007 2 comments

This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN round between 19-03-2007 and 26-03-2007.
Your vote would be very much appreciated...thank you
please click HERE to vote

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Simply Irresistable!!!!

11 March 2007 0 comments

I sat for an hour watching
little geckos
scuttling across my page.
I found them on the web
at: aniMagiX
They can be viewed
on my home page.

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The Last Train Home....almost finished

9 March 2007 3 comments

Just a few details to fix after

viewing on the computer...

will send to the framers on Monday..

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The Last Train Home

5 March 2007 4 comments

most areas blocked in....fine tuning
tomorrow....waiting on white gouache
for background.......






The Barkers

Four Brothers and their Father

went to war

They went to war to fight for their country.

Tom returned from Gallipoli (wounded).

Jack (John) was killed in action at the

Battle of Messines.(aged 17 years)

One month later his Father, Jim (James)

was killed in action,

at the Battle of Messines.(aged 46 years)

Job (my Grandfather) was brought home at the

request of his Mother on compassionate grounds.

Job didn't finish the journey to his hometown.

He alighted from the train at the station

before his hometown

as he didn't want to be thought

of as a coward by the townspeople

who had all turned out to welcome him home.

Lambert returned from the war after 5 years

at the end of the war

and died from

gas exposure in his early forties.

I get a lump in my throat when I

think about this story.

mixed media on canvas 1.7m x 1.5m

I hope to have this finished by the

end of the week.

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Archibald Prize 2007

2 March 2007 2 comments

............and the winner is John Beard with his painting of Janet Laurence.

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Sensational Sydney

1 March 2007 3 comments

I have just received an email

from my very talented artist friend,

Lisa Lorenz in Copenhagen

to show us her superb painting of Sydney.

It is truly sensational!!!!

We have swapped two paintings each

and I am so thrilled to have

two of her fabulous colourful canvases.

Thank you Lisa!!!!!

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