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Technorati Favourites Exchange

30 April 2007 5 comments

Thanks to Beta Blogger for Dummies, Dosh Dosh and Garry Conn
I now have 317 Technorati Favourites.
82 Bloggers have faved my site.
I have spent many hours visiting sites and now thanks to //engtech I have downloaded a program that, if someone faves me, the program automatically faves them back.
So now I can sleep at night knowing that I haven't missed anyone.

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Next Showdown at Saatchi Gallery

26 April 2007 12 comments

"Girl with a Pearl Earring after Vermeer" (Oil on Canvas)
This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN round between
30-04-2007 and 07-05-2007.
I painted this in 2003 for my Mother
after we saw the movie...Girl with a Pearl Earring.
I would very much appreciate your vote HERE (voting starts next week-after the 30/04/2007-rating is 1 to 10 stars-10 being the higher rank)
Many thanks for your support......

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100 Great Things To Do In Australia

22 April 2007 4 comments

One of my murals (companion workers) has been listed in the
latest issue of Australian Traveller.
100 Great Things To Do In Australia
You've Never Heard Of

089 See the walls come alive
Kurri Kurri, in the NSW Hunter Valley, is an art gallery all its own, abuzz with works by Australian and local artists. As you wander through town you’ll notice the lively collection of 38 murals of varying sizes, a colourful project that began as a means of combating unemployment and to support local businesses. On brick walls, buildings and even a toilet block, each one is a unique piece of art showing the town’s history and culture. Here you see companion workers, there a piece with Aboriginal dot painting influences, over there a blacksmith and a Christian church scene. Each picture is fondly drawn and shows a great love of detail, bringing the walls to life. No entry fees, no sticky museum air, no darkened display rooms or restrictions for photographers – this art is displayed in a truly open, modern manner.

nb The mural count is up to 44 murals.
(featured in the Hunter Extra of The Sun-Herald 22/04/07)

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In Memory

21 April 2007 4 comments

"Mr Wonderful"
Kenneth Leslie Barker
It is five years today since my Dearest Dad
passed away. Although he was a boilermaker
he loved to paint in his spare time.I have
painted most of the art work on this blog in
the last five years and I am sure it is his
spiritual presence that has guided me.
We will always miss you Dad.

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View from my Window

19 April 2007 4 comments

I have entered this photo in a competition
at Fuel My Blog
This is a view (looking west) from our balcony.
A panel of judges will determine the winner.

I have also entered this drawing in the Design a Widget

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Showdown at Saatchi Gallery

17 April 2007 7 comments

This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN
round between 16-04-2007 and 23-04-2007.
I have entered drawing of Irina Baronova
Your vote HERE would be greatly appreciated...
Title: Irina Baronova
Year: 2006
Medium: Graphite on Cartridge Paper
Dimensions: 1400cm x 1800cm
Artwork Description:
Drawing of legendary Baby Ballerina,
Irina Baronova, star of the film,
Ballets Russes and author of the book "Irina".
Current rating: 4.25
Number of ratings: 52 time(s)

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On The Road

14 April 2007 6 comments

Finished Ned and Co today.
Just have to sign and varnish...
1.5m x 1.7m
acrylic/gouache on
gallery wrapped canvas
so just inside the deadline
for the 16th April....
I think I'll do this
as a print at Zazzle...
I know my son wants
one for his bedroom
and I've become quite
partial to this one too...
normally this wouldn't
have appealed to me but
I have learnt a lot
about Harleys and of course
I have always loved
Ned Kelly's
quote "Such is Life"...

next..... 2 huge full/length
portraits to get back to and finish..

See my gallery at Zazzle

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Maxi Web

12 April 2007 6 comments

We are all addicted!!!
Last week we bought a large TV.
60 inches (157 cms)...nearly as
big as my paintings!!!
We have all been learning about the benefits...
and now the lounge room
is the most popular room at our place.
I have gone from blidget to maxi web
overnight. Oh...and it's great
to watch movies on too!!!
So my painting is still not quite finished!!

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Ned Kelly nearly finished!

11 April 2007 4 comments

Ned is on the right.
I think I have another 2 days
before I finish and then the
painting is off to Sydney.
1.5m x 1.7m
Acrylic and Gouache on
Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

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Portraits sent by Australia Post

2 April 2007 4 comments

The portraits have been sent by air (Australia Post)
and they said "it should take about 3 days".
and now on with the Ned Kelly...
I think I have a week or so to finish....
and the family
is coming for that deadline may
be extended a little....
I had better get to work!!!!!!!

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