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Awesome Guy Blogger Awards

27 July 2007 22 comments

My fantastic friend Deborah @ Life in the Fast Lane gave me a Rockin' Girl Award....thanks heaps Deborah......that makes 2 Rockin' Girl awards....I feel very privileged.........

Then Mark over @ What's wrong with me ??? was awarded the Awesome Guy Blogger Award by Dunn @ Must Read Files

I am going to double up here and give out some Awesome Guy Blogger I have given out the Rockin' Girl Blogger award already....
The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award was created by Roberta Ferguson.
Oh, The Joys here.... has designed quite a zany collection of badges to choose from....

Here is my list of awesome guys who always have something interesting to contribute to the blogosphere.......

Manuel @ Bajaenergy

Morriconei @
Cracked Ego

Bluepanjeet @
On The Wings Of My Dream

Laurie @
Visions of Oz

Michael @

Dave @
Ride it like you stole it !

Colin @

Boyd @
Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Franco @
Mind Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts

Edward @
Health And Wealth (topic)

I have also given out more awesome guy blogger awards at my other blog Poeartica.

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23 July 2007 17 comments

The movie has beaten Titanic in ticket sales at a cinema on Sydney's North Shore, the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. Titanic raked in $380 000 whilst As It Is in Heaven has pulled in over $400 000, and has been screening for 32 weeks as of 7 July 2007.


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Which artwork is your favourite ?

19 July 2007 47 comments

I am entering an artwork in an upcoming art competition.

Which one is YOUR favourite?.....# 1 (top) # 2 (middle) or # 3 (bottom)

click on the image for a larger view

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