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Top 101 Artists' Blogs - Update 30/06/08

30 June 2008 41 comments

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101 Top Artists' Blogs (About)

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Top 101 Artists' Blogs (About)
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Further information on Technorati Authority and Ranking
by Dorion Carroll at:

Technorati Authority and Rank

Top 10
1. laketrees
Authority: 843 Rank: 3,546
2. Emila's Illustrated Blog
Authority: 733 Rank: 4,336
3. Much of a muchness
Authority: 641 Rank: 5,275
Authority: 405 Rank: 9,893
5. The BenSpark
Authority: 388 Rank: 10,428
6. Lines and Colors
Authority: 353 Rank: 11,870
7. Superhero Journal
Authority: 325 Rank: 13,200
8. Claudine Hellmuth
Authority: 302 Rank: 14,566
9. Gurney Journey
Authority: 241 Rank: 19,497
10. Creative Every Day
Authority: 238 Rank: 19,812

Top 20
11. Christy DeKoning - Travels in Watercolor
Authority: 212 Rank: 22,954
12. iHanna’s Creative Space
Authority: 194 Rank: 25,760
13. Making a Mark
Authority: 164 Rank: 31,997
14. See It. Draw It. Share It.
Authority: 146 Rank: 37,298
15. rue Manuel bis
Authority: 144 Rank: 38,026
16. DouDy Sketche
Authority:130 Rank: 39,834
17. Photography by KML
Authority: 120 Rank: 48,166
18. - In-depth illustration tutorials, tips, and video demos
Authority: 119 Rank: 48,680
18. Aerten Art
Authority: 119 Rank: 48,680
19. Carol Marine's Painting a Day
Authority: 117 Rank: 49,813
20. Musings on Photography
Authority: 116 Rank: 50,356

Top 30
21. Artscapes - Musings on Art & Life
Authority: 111 Rank: 53,379
22. Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
Authority: 107 Rank: 55,893
23. art junk girl~
Authority: 104 Rank: 57,927
24. New York Nitty-Gritty
Authority: 102 Rank: 59,386
25. drawings & sketches - dibujandoarte
Authority: 100 Rank: 60,808
Authority: 98 Rank: 62,351
27. Jafabrit's Art
Authority: 96 Rank: 63,916
27. Leanne Wildermuth : Artist by Nature Blog
Authority: 96 Rank: 63,916
28. Non dairy Diary
Authority: 94 Rank: 65,575
29. Laurelines
Authority: 88 Rank: 70,973
30. restnrileks
Authority: 85 Rank: 74,016

Top 40
31. Thrifty Collage Artist
Authority: 84 Rank: 75,148
32. New Work and Inspiration
Authority: 83 Rank: 76,244
33. Imagination of Francis Vallejo
Authority: 80 Rank: 79,699
34. mangosteenskin
Authority: 76 Rank: 84,691
35. The Altered Page
Authority: 75 Rank: 86,054
36. The Portrait Party
Authority: 74 Rank: 134,292
Authority: 74 Rank: 87,422
37. California Painter William Wray
Authority: 72 Rank: 90,243
38. Cosmic Photo Art
Authority: 69 Rank: 94,706
39. Diane Clancy’s Art Blog
Authority: 68 Rank: 96,275
Authority: 66 Rank: 99,422
40. Ascender Rises Above
Authority: 66 Rank: 138,883

Top 50
41. My Paint Box
Authority: 64 Rank: 102,940
42. Mother Henna
Authority: 60 Rank: 110,494
43. the odd neighbor
Authority: 59 Rank: 112,469
44. woolgathering...
Authority: 58 Rank: 114,794
44. Jana’s Journal and Sketch Blog
Authority: 58 Rank: 114,794
45. Calamity Kim
Authority: 55 Rank: 121,389
45. williebaronet
Authority: 55 Rank: 121,389
46. Trish Bee’s Art-Venture
Authority: 52 Rank: 198,556
47. Artful Adventures
Authority: 51 Rank: 131,620
47. Postcard from Provence
Authority: 51 Rank: 202,882
48. The Illustrated Garden
Authority: 50 Rank: 134,407
49. Kathleen Rietz - Artist
Authority: 48 Rank: 140,327
Authority: 47 Rank: 143,420

Top 60
51. The Colorist
Authority: 46 Rank: 146,628
52. Travel Sketching, Illustrated Journals and Sketchbooks : Trumpetvine
Authority: 45 Rank: 150,025
52. Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog
Authority: 45 Rank: 150,025
Authority: 44 Rank: 153,530
53. Photoblog 2.0
Authority: 44 Rank: 218,928
53. The EDM SuperBlog
Authority:44 Rank:179,530
54. Africantapestry
Authority: 43 Rank: 157,206
55. Luann Udell
Authority: 42 Rank: 161,136
55. Octavine Illustration
Authority: 42 Rank: 161,136
56. Paintings in Oil
Authority: 41 Rank: 165,151
57. Designer’s Depot
Authority: 40 Rank: 169,442
58. Works by Tracy Helgeson
Authority: 39 Rank: 173,735
58. Painting a Day - Fine Art Watercolor Paintings
Authority: 39 Rank: 173,735
Authority: 38 Rank: 178,408
60. Potter's Blog
Authority: 37 Rank: 183,265
60. Jelaine Faunce Studio
Authority: 37 Rank: 183,265

Top 70
61. Colorado Art Studio
Authority: 36 Rank: 188,410
61. Pollocksthebollocks’s Weblog
Authority:36 Rank: 292,499
62. Up All Night Again
Authority: 35 Rank: 193,898
62. Teri's Painted Daisies
Authority: 35 Rank: 193,898
62. Daily Art West
Authority:35 Rank: 279,760
62. Drawing on Nature
Authority: 35 Rank: Rank: 193,898
63. Resonant Enigma
Authority: 34 Rank: 199,642
63. Amy Lilley Designs
Authority: 34 Rank: 199,642
63. Debbie Overton Designs
Authority: 34 Rank: 199,642
63. Non Linear Arts
Authority: 34 Rank: 199,642
64. Sacred Circle Mandalas
Authority: 33 Rank: 297,412
64. An Artist's Journal
Authority: 33 Rank: Rank: 205,609
64. Have Dogs, Will Travel
Authority: 33 Rank: 205,609
65. paintings prints and stuff
Authority: 32 Rank: Rank: 212,055
65. Illustrated Life
Authority: 32 Rank: 212,055
66. knack for art
Authority: 31 Rank: 218,863
66. Drawing a Fine Line
Authority: 31 Rank: 218,863
Authority:30 Rank: 226,135
67. Artist, Emerging
Authority: 30 Rank: 226,135
67. Judith HeartSong
Authority: 30 Rank: Rank: 226,135
67. The Diary Project
Authority:30 Rank: 328,547
68. Candleday
Authority: 29 Rank: Rank: 233,847
68. Linda Blondheim Art Notes
Authority:29 Rank: 233,847
69. Kris Cahill Presents…
Authority: 28 Rank: 376,449
69. Felicity's Philosophies and Other Curiosities
Authority: 28 Rank: 376,449
70. Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together
Authority: 27 Rank: 250,890
70. Jackal
Authority: 27 Rank: 365,907
70. A Painting A Day Daily Postcard Paintings by Manuela Valenti
Authority:27 Rank: 250,890

Top 80
71. Graf Nature Photography Notes from the woods
Authority: 26 Rank: 260,227
71. MiKa Art Blog
Authority: 26 Rank: Rank: 260,227
71. Thousand Sketches
Authority: 26 Rank: 260,227
71. Intangible Arts
Authority: 26 Rank: 260,227
72. Rigor Vitae
Authority: 25 Rank: 270,290
73. heArt-a-Day
Authority: 24 Rank: 281,182
73. Artmaker: Art, Writings and Comics by Ming
Authority: 24 Rank: 281,182
73. bill sharp’s sketches
Authority:24 Rank:281,182
73. A Mouse in the House
Authority: 24 Rank: 281,182
74. Floating Lemons: Bit by Bit Blog
Authority: 23 Rank: 293,031
74. Hudson Valley Painter
Authority: 23 Rank: 293,031
Authority: 23 Rank: 293,031
74. Artist Hideout
Authority: 23 Rank: 293,031
74. Ellis Nadler's Sketchbook
Authority: 23 Rank: 293,031
74. Everything is Contextual
Authority:23 Rank: 293,031
74. Terry's Ink and Watercolor
Authority: 23 Rank: 429,461
75. Daily Painting Practice
Authority: 22 Rank: 305,656
75. Adventures of Tina and Mr. Bee
Authority: 22 Rank: 305,656
75. Nat Dickinson Doing Art
Authority: 22 Rank: 448,699
75. Rose's Art Lines
Authority: 22 Rank: 305,656
76. Meditation Photography
Authority: 21 Rank: 497,353
76. La Casuni
Authority: 21 Rank: 319,255
76. Searen Art and Design
Authority: 21 Rank: 319,255
76. Jean Levert Hood Texas Hill Country Painter
Authority: 21 Rank: 319,255
76. Alla Prima Painting
Authority: 21 Rank: 319,255
Authority: 21 Rank: 319,255
77. Auntie Mim's
Authority: 20 Rank: 334,267
77. mARTa's Art
Authority: 20 Rank: Rank: 334,267
77. my spare time
Authority:20 Rank: 334,267
77. The Sunday Painter
Authority: 20 Rank: 492,178
78. Maya
Authority: 19 Rank: 350,268
78. Janeys Journey
Authority: 19 Rank: 350,268
78. Marja-Leena Rathje
Authority: 19 Rank: 516,960
78. Jennie’s Palette
Authority: 19 Rank: 516,960
79. Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
Authority: 18 Rank: 334,267
79. Landscape Into Art
Authority: 18 Rank: 367,949
79. A Planet Named Janet
Authority: 18 Rank: 367,949
79. Deano's Den
Authority: 18 Rank: 367,949
80. Tinker Art
Authority: 17 Rank: 387,84665
80. CrumpArt
Authority: 17 Rank: 387,846
80. ...failed painter
Authority:17 Rank:387,846
Authority: 17 Rank: 387,846
80. A sketch in time
Authority:17 Rank: 387,846

Top 90
81. artful life
Authority: 16 Rank: 409,497
81. The Painting Life: Postcards from New Orleans
Authority: 16 Rank: 409,497
81. Images and Imagination
Authority:16 Rank: 387,846
81. Ya callate André
Authority: 16 Rank: 409,497
82. chantal stone photography: the blog
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. draw the line
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. Blank Canvas
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. Jo Castillo Art Blog
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. Lori's Stormy Art and Daily Paintings
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. Deborah Paris - A Painting Life
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. angelato
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. ArtsSpot - Original and Unique Drawings and Paintings
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
82. pinkie style : the photos
Authority:15 Rank: 433,411
82. Darla Dixon - Fine Art Portraits Drawn from Photos
Authority: 15 Rank: 433,411
Authority: 14 Rank: 460,360
83. ~The Art of Life~
Authority: 14 Rank: 460,360
83. Painting Each Day
Authority:14 Rank: 460,360
83. Holycarpet
Authority:14 Rank: 460,360
83. The Painting a Day Project
Authority: 14 Rank: 460,360
83. Daily Paintings by Ria Hills
Authority: 14 Rank: 460,360
84. Travels with a Sketchbook in.......
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
84. Postcard from Puniho
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
84. Texas Painter Leslie Sealey
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
84. Watercolour Artist Diary
Authority:13 Rank: 490,525
84. Brush and Baren
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
84. art
Authority:13 Rank: 490,525
84. Oliver Dominguez
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
84. Daily Paintings, experiments and thoughts.
Authority: 13 Rank: 490,525
85. deCloned
Authority:12 Rank: 524,474
85. A Multi-Colored Life
Authority:12 Rank:676,883
85. The Philosophical Photographer
Authority: 12 Rank: 524,474
85. A Girl, A Designer, A Photographer, A Geek.
Authority: 12 Rank: 524,474
Authority:12 Rank: 524,474
85. Brendy Vaughn's Art Journal
Authority: 12 Rank: 524,474
85. 24-7 A PAINTING A DAY - Sherry De Ghelder
Authority: 12 Rank: 524,474
85. Stop and Draw the Roses
Authority:12 Rank: 524,474
86. Jeannette's Illustration Sketchblog
Authority:11 Rank: 563,498
86. Fiji Island Mermaid Press
Authority: 11 Rank: 563,498
86. Pastel and Paint: Lesly Finn's Art
Authority: 11 Rank: 854,202
86. Chris Bolmeier Art
Authority: 11 Rank: 854,202
86. Painting Small Impressions
Authority: 11 Rank: 563,49
86. Time Passages
Authority: 11 Rank: 563,498
86. The Morning Artist
Authority: 11 Rank: 563,498
87. RedHead Art
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
87. Works of Many Colors
Authority:10 Rank: 927,370
87. Original Art by L.Clay
Authority:10 Rank:927,370
87. Art by Shano
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
87. Visual Influence
Authority:10 Rank: 608,266
88. Diahn Ott
Authority: 9 Rank: 660,369
88. PaperMoon
Authority: 9 Rank: 1,014,521
88. A Day in the Life of a NOBODY - NYC Street artist TMNK
Authority:9 Rank: 1,014,521
88. Spirit River Studio
Authority: 9 Rank: 660,369
88. Dust Off the Butterfly
Authority: 9 Rank: 660,369
88. Dordogne Painting Days
Authority: 9 Rank: 660,369
88. cmv: an artist's log
Authority:9 Rank: 660,369
89. Delineate Design
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. Paint Dance
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. Art & Life
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. Bearded Bunny Blog
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. Daily Miniature Paintings
Authority: 8 Rank: 1,118,434
Authority: 8 Rank: 1,118,434
89. Arkady Roytman's Nude of the Day
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. Art & Observations
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. aRt De Me
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. The Itinerant Artist
Authority: 8 Rank: 722,143
89. The Zen-Images Ikebana Blog
Authority:8 Rank: 722,143
90. Indigo Blah
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. kitty art
Authority: 7 Rank: 1,446,376
90. Cordelia's Art Place
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. fiberstudio
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. Angela's Art
Authority: 7 Rank: 1,245,176
90. Wax Art
Authority:7 Rank: 1,245,176
90. The Creative Butterfly
Authority: 7 Rank: 1,245,176
90. Sue Beyer :: Artist
Authority: 7 Rank: 1,245,176
90. Paintings From Maine
Authority: 7 Rank: 1,245,176
90. arkady roytman - the blog
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. arthiker
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. Visual Blog - Art and Life
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
90. Brian McKenzie
Authority:7 Rank: 797,172

Top 100
91. Studio McCann
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. Liz Patterson Art Journal
Authority: 6 Rank: 1,405,604
91. Wendy Prior Fine Art
Authority:6 Rank: 1,405,604
91. The Artist's Studio
Authority:6 Rank: 1,405,604
91. Morrgan's Creatures
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. Moskovitz Art Studio
Authority:6 Rank: 890,286
91. Les dessins de Daniel
Authority:6 Rank: 1,405,604
91. Studies and Sketches
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. NZ Art - Elizabeth Love
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. am-art
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. Elusive Hues
Authority:6 Rank: 890,286
91. foothills & highlands
Authority: 6 Rank: 890,286
91. Matthew Carter - Portraits
Authority:6 Rank: 890,286
91. Z. Thurmond Studio
Authority:6 Rank: 890,286
92. Southern Plein Air Painters
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
92. Simon Collins - Life Drawing/Painting
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
92. Oil Painting Studies by Dennis Albertson
Authority:5 Rank: 1,614,138
92. Rowan Dodds Illustration
Authority:5 Rank: 1,614,138
92. My Beach Days
Authority:5 Rank: 1,614,138
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,655,777
92. She Sure is Sketchy
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
92. canvas2screen
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,009,173
92. Third Moon
Authority:5 Rank: 1,009,173
93. My Depictions
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. Asil-Art W.I.P.s
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,166,069
93. Bittersweat~
Authority:4 Rank: 1,166,069
93. Angie Reed Garner
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. Rembrandt etc. - "Daily Paintings" by Bobbi Dunlop
Authority:4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. get painted !!!!
Authority:4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. select.ive.pan.cakes
Authority:4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. The Art of David Cochran
Authority:4 Rank: 1,910,875
93. In and Out of The Studio
Authority:4 Rank:1,644,723
Authority:4 Rank: 1,166,069
93. Sketch For The Day
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,166,069
93. Works by Stephen J Carl
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,951,828
94. Peintures et Dessins: Vue dailleurs
Authority: 3 Rank: 1,387,646
Authority: 3 Rank: 2,461,872
94. Plein Air Paintings Niagara Falls, Maine, Caribbean
Authority:3 Rank: 1,387,646
94. A Passion for Small Paintings
Authority:3 Rank: 1,387,646
94. The Phoenix & The Harley
Authority:3 Rank: 2,461,872
94. Judy Rey Wasserman's UnGraven Image
Authority:3 Rank: 2,461,872
94. Ian Jones Photo Blog
Authority:3 Rank: 2,461,872
94. An Abstract A Day / Un Abstrait Par Jour
Authority: 3 Rank: 1,387,646
94. OUT OF THE GRAY - Portraits of heArt
Authority: 3 Rank: 1,387,646
94. Compass WebWorks
Authority: 3 Rank: 1,387,646
95. Arts & Stuff
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,723,440
95. Emele’s Blog.
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,723,440
95. My Quest to Make a Living as a Comic Book Superhero Artist
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,366,655
95. Niagara Falls Info - What's New ?
Authority:2 Rank: 3,324,847
95. Plein d'images par François Boussuge
Authority:2 Rank: 3,366,655
Authority:2 Rank: 3,366,655
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,366,655
95. Patrice Erickson's Fine Art Portraits & Landscapes Blog
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,366,655
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,723,440
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,723,440
95. A Painting a Day by Joy Argento
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,324,847
95. Anna Sellers Art and Thoughts
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,324,847
95. Betty Hitlan Fine Art
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,324,847
95. artorbust dot com
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,324,847
95. Tomas Karkalas
Authority: 2 Rank: 3,324,847
96. A State of Art Portraits
Authority:1 Rank: 2,315,271
96. Cracked Ego
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,315,271
96. Finders! Keepers? Art Project
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,315,271
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,315,271
96. Charlotte B. DeMolay, Art Studio
Authority: 1 Rank: 5,137,428
96. I am Art
Authority: 1 Rank: 5,137,428
96. Sharon Wright Artist
Authority: 1 Rank: 5,137,428
96. Carol Barber
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,315,271
96. Arco Scheepen's art blog
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,315,271

The BOSHart Blog
No authority yet Rank: 10,280,644
As It Stands
No authority yet Rank: 10,280,644
Darla Yancho - Blog
No authority yet Rank: 3,900,162
Rog Lyngaas’ Paintings
No authority yet Rank: 3,900,162
Lizzie Bean
No authority yet Rank: 3,900,162
Little Paintings
Authority:No authority yet Rank: 4,978,471
Authority:No authority yet Rank: 4,978,471

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New Listings:

Magic Worlds through the Lens
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
Robin's Woods
Authority: 72 Rank: 90,243
Margot Potter
Authority: 96 Rank: 63,916
State of the Art
Authority: 32 Rank: 212,055
Rosa Murillo - Journal
Authority: 10 Rank: 608,266
Art Spectrum
Authority: 7 Rank: 797,172
s t i l l i f e s
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,086,992
Terra Peer
Authority: 7 Rank: 855,088
Authority: 11 Rank: 603,294
Sharron "Shez" Marshall
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,895,539
Susan McCullough Plein Air
No authority yet Rank: 4,380,005
Images with Personality
No authority yet Rank: 4,435,738
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,921,802
Authority: 1 Rank: 2,597,488
Mary's "World Famous" Sweet Tea & Art
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,940,796
Art Journey Paintings
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,123,277
Penguin & Fish
Authority: 34 Rank: 217,392
untouchable EARTH
Authority: 10 Rank: 667,890
Orly Avineri
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,303,585
Jo-Ann Sanborn Daily
Authority: 4 Rank: 1,296,934
Awaiting a Drawing
Authority: 5 Rank: 1,116,075
Daily Encounters with My Paint Brush
by Jennifer Phillips

Authority: 4 Rank: 1,292,288
Authority: 2 Rank: 1,939,415
studio de Shan Blog
Authority:No authority yet Rank: 4,978,471
Celeste Vaught Art
Boone's Hooks and Techniques


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26 June 2008 36 comments

Arte y pico
Many thanks to my dear friend Durano @
The Spitting Vessel for presenting me with this beautiful award.
I have received the award from the very talented Michelle @ Artscapes - Musings on Art & Life too!!
thanks so much Michelle...

My Blog Makeovers !!!
check out my other site too @ PoeARTica
A big thank you goes out to Amanda @ Blogger Buster and Agi @ Grumpy Cow for my great new template design and header banners/entrecards designs...

Both Agi and Amanda are also holding two beaut competitions on their blogs.....

Win the Ultimate Blogging Package by Suggesting a New Feature for Blogger

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The Blogger Team are constantly developing new features for us to use. While we could make use of the Blogger wishlist to vote for the features we'd most like to use, there is much to be said for the value of raising awareness through our blogs!
What better incentive to post about the features we most desire from Blogger than the chance to win the ultimate blogging package..?
To enter Amanda's competition and participate in a community project, please read the original competition post and ensure you validate your entry!
My feature for the wish list would be to have CommentLuv for Blogger...that way I can see what my visitors are posting about and also be able to return some link love...

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Debbie Dolphin @ New England Lighthouse Treasures is promoting this competition:
JELD-WEN windows and doors has selected twelve lighthouses from a field of 49 nominees as the final candidates to be voted for in electing one(?) lighthouse to win new JELD-WEN windows and doors.
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Awards Gala

Mariuca @ Mariuca is having an Awards Gala! and I have been a lucky recipient !!! thank you so much Mariuca...
I have chosen the following awards to pass on :

Friendship Award

I'm passing Bokjae's Friendship Award on to the very sophisticated, globetrotting Miss Moneypenny

Cool Cat Award

I'm passing Catsy's Cool Cat Award on to a very cool cat... Speedy

Friendly Blogger Award

and I'm passing Nessa's Friendly Blogger Award to the very chic and sporty Diane

Bloggers Excellence Award

I've also been awarded this Excellence Award from SueEllen
@ Fine Artworks and Original Paintings From A Creaky Easel who received this from Mandy
..thanks so much Sue Ellen!!!

Entrecard news....
look who was # 1 !!!
in the Art Category

Planning for a Contest? Think Entrecard!
Here’s an article containing a step-by-step procedure with detailed discussions, tips, rants and of course, personal notes for setting up one unconventional contest that would surely rock your blog- Entrecard contests here we go!

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What Famous Work of Art Are You?

23 June 2008 28 comments

I am best described by...

Composition with Red, Blue, Yellow

By Piet Mondrian

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"Insane Art" - Artistic Genius or Insanity?

20 June 2008 31 comments

"The art of the mentally ill is currently the focus of great interest. There have been numerous books on the subject, the emergence of specialized journals, international exhibitions, and the sale of work at ever-increasing prices. The creations of mentally ill patients have been given various names, such as ‘outsider art’, ‘psychotic art’, ‘art brut’ and ‘art extraordinary’. The area has attracted psychiatrists, artists and historians."
A disquieting feeling of strangeness?: the art of the mentally ill
Allan Beveridge, MPhil FRCPsych

Hans Prinzhorn (1886-1933), who as an art historian and doctor was versed in both fields, is regarded nowadays as having pioneered an interdisciplinary approach. He was interested in questions of cultural anthropology, such as the origins of the artistic impulse, or the "schizophrenic sense of existence" he witnessed in contemporary Expressionist art. And he hoped to gain direct, primal insight into these questions through the patients' works. During the years after the First World War, he built up with the support of Karl Wilmanns, the head of the Psychiatric Department in Heidelberg, a unique collection of works from psychiatric hospitals. His richly illustrated book The Artistry of the Mentally Ill (Berlin 1922) not only documented the collection, but partly interpreted it and contextualised it through a critical examination of the prevailing culture. Here he departed once and for all from any questions about the relevance of the works for diagnostics. Instead, he emphasised that all of these creative phenomena are equally valid in psychological terms, and that some have recognisably artistic quality - thus allowing this disparaged "insane art" and its creators to be given a positive re-evaluation. Prinzhorn's great achievement was, in effect, to open up the blinkered viewpoint of psychiatry to include the realms of both art and art history. This was a courageous step which, in the long term, helped the patients' creative production receive its just acclaim and to promote a reintegration of the patients into society.[More]

Adolf Wölfli
Adolf Wölfli (1864 - 1930) (occasionally spelled Adolf Woelfli or Adolf Wolfli) was a prolific Swiss artist who is regarded as one of the foremost artists in the Art Brut or outsider art traditions.
Wölfli was abused both physically and sexually as a child, and was orphaned at the age of 10; He thereafter grew up in a series of state-run foster homes. He worked as a farm labourer and briefly joined the army, but was later convicted of attempted child molestation, for which he served prison time. Sometime after being freed, he was arrested for a similar offence and was admitted in 1895 to the Waldau Clinic in Berne, Switzerland, a psychiatric hospital where he spent the rest of his adult life. He was very disturbed and sometimes violent on admission, leading to him being kept in isolation for his early time at hospital. He suffered from psychosis, which led to intense hallucinations.

August Natterer
August Natterer (1868 - 1933), also known as Neter, was a schizophrenic German outsider artist.
August Natterer, given the pseudonym Neter by his psychiatrist to protect him and his family from the immense social stigma associated with mental illness at the time, was born in 1868 in Schornreute, near Ravensburg, Germany, the son of a clerk and the youngest of nine children. Natterer studied engineering, got married, traveled widely, and had a successful career as an electrician but was suddenly stricken with delusions and anxiety attacks. On April Fool's Day, 1907 he had a pivotal hallucination of the Last Judgment during which "10,000 images flashed by in half an hour." He described it as follows: "I saw a white spot in the clouds absolutely close – all the clouds paused – then the white spot departed and stood all the time like a board in the sky. On the same board or the screen or stage now images as quick as a flash followed each other, about 10,000 in half an hour… God himself occurred, the witch, who created the world – in between worldly visions: images of war, continents, memorials, castles, beautiful castles, just the glory of the world – but all of this to see in supernal images. They were at least twenty meters big, clear to observe, almost without color like photographs… The images were epiphanies of the Last Judgment. Christ couldn't fulfill the salvation because he was crucified early... God revealed them to me to accomplish the salvation."
This ordeal led to a suicide attempt and committal to the first of what would be several mental asylums occupied during the remaining twenty-six years of his life. Natterer thereafter maintained that he was the illegitimate child of Emperor Napoleon I and "Redeemer of the World." The vision had inspired an intense production of drawings, all documenting images and ideas seen in the vision. Because of the intense and psychotic imagery, Netterer's work is more often studied scientifically than artistically. He died in 1933 in an asylum near Rottweil.

Karl Brendel
Karl Brendel (1871-1925) was a schizophrenic outsider artist and one of the "schizophrenic masters" profiled by Hans Prinzhorn in his field-defining work Artistry of the Mentally Ill (1923, in German; English edition 1972). He was the only sculptor profiled in Prinzhorn's work, and the work also includes more illustrations of his work (twenty-four sculptures and eight drawings) than that of any other profiled artist.
Brendel was born in central Germany, the son of a freight transporter and one of eight children, attending school through the age of 14 and becoming employed variously as a bricklayer, plasterer, and moulder in an iron foundry. He married a widow with three children in 1895 and had two children of his own with her. However, from 1892 on Brendel was sentenced 12 times for assault and battery and property damage, and had to serve a prison term in 1902, at which point his marriage ended. His left leg was injured in an accident in 1900, and later amputated.
The first records of his mental illness come from 1906, when the prison doctor noticed megalomaniacal delusions and abnormal physical sensations; Brendel claimed that he has already experienced a sacrificial death, and that he was Jesus Christ. He was admitted to the Eickelborn asylum, near Lippstadt, in 1907.

Louis Wain
Any history or anthology of the National Cat Club would be incomplete without the "Winking Cat" or the National Logo - both designed by one of the National's Founder members, the renowned artist and illustrator Louis Wain. His contributions to the foundations of this great club were immense and his talented paintings, sketches, drawings and cartoons of cats must have played a major part in popularising the cat.
It was so tragic, therefore, when in 1925 he was discovered to be living in a pauper lunatic asylum.
An appeal was launched by Mrs. Cecil Chesterton in the September, 1925, issue of the magazine ANIMALS. This produced an immediate response from the public. In her appeal, Mrs. Chesterton wrote, "For years Louis Wain's cats decorated our hoardings, adorned the covers of magazines and were familiarly loved by every child and the majority of grown-ups. No Christmas Calendar was complete without this artist, no annual was issued that did not contain one of his vivid sketches. And yet, at the age of 65, he is so bereft of means that in his affliction he is compelled to accept the hospitality of a State institution ..............."
"Louis Wain was not one of those men who take no thought for the morrow. His history is one of the tragedies which rouse our deepest feelings of commiseration. For years he made a fair income but, with a lack of business acumen, so often allied to genius, when he sold his drawings he parted with them outright, thus receiving no payment when they were reproduced over and over, again .............."
"Though he was a prolific worker, the war (1914-1918) put an end to his means of livelihood as public demand changed in favour of khaki as against cats. Such publications as were still devoted to Louis Wain reproduced those of his drawings which had already been paid for."
"By this means Louis Wain's resources dwindled and though for a time he made a little money by cinema cartoons, he gradually found himself penniless and without employment. A period of intense privation, added to the mental strain and bewilderment at finding himself in such a position, precipitated a breakdown. In 1923 he was admitted as a pauper to the asylum where he has been ever since."
"Louis Wain is not a violent lunatic. He is now what he has always been - gentle, unassuming, humorous and able at times to use his pencil and reproduce his beloved cats. But there are periods of darkness when he knows no one. At such periods one feels acutely that he should have everything that money can provide."
Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd's work lives on. Even during his lifetime, the Victorian public were interested in him, and there were several popular exhibitions of his work. In our century, Dadd has come back into the public eye. The rock band Queen had a song on their second album titled "Fairy Feller's Master Stroke", and there are dozens of other contemporary examples, including author Neal Gaiman, who cites him as an inspiration.
Would we have remembered Richard Dadd, had he not gone insane and murdered his father? Most likely not. Like the Marquis de Sade, who spent the final years of his life in an asylum, the institution allowed him to explore his internalized passions to their fullest. In the institution, Dadd, had no models to work from, only his memories. The painted world became the real one, much like the Marquis with his writings. It was truly his insanity, not for the notoriety it gave him, but the intensity of focus it allowed, that made him great.

Lemuel Francis Abbot
Portrait of Admiral Robert Calder by Lemuel Francis Abbott, painted 1797
Lemuel Francis Abbot (c. 1760–5 December 1802) was an English portrait painter, famous for his portrait of Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson (currently hanging in the Terracotta Room of number 10 Downing Street) and for those of other naval officers and literary figures of the 18th century.
Born in Leicestershire in 1760 or 1761, to the clergyman Lemuel Abbott and his wife Mary, he became in 1775 a pupil of Francis Hayman and lived in London.
Although he exhibited at the Royal Academy, Abbott never became an Academician. He became insane when he was about 40 and was attended by Dr Thomas Munro (1759–1833), the chief physician to Bethlem Hospital and a specialist in mental disorders. Munro also treated the insanity of King George III (1738–1820). Abbott died in London on 5 December 1802.

Charles Altamont Doyle
Charles Altamont Doyle, (1888)Charles Altamont Doyle (1832 – 1893) was a Victorian artist. He was the brother of the artist Richard Doyle, and the son of the artist John Doyle. Although the family was Irish, Doyle was born and raised in England.
In 1849 he moved to Edinburgh where he met Mary Foley. They were married, and their children included Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Doyle was not as successful an artist as he wished, and suffered depression and alcoholism. His paintings, which were generally of fairies or similar fantasy scenes, reflected this, becoming more macabre over time.
In 1881 Doyle was committed to a nursing home specialising in alcoholism. While there, his depression grew worse, and he began suffering epileptic seizures. Following a violent escape attempt he was sent to Sunnyside, Montrose Royal Lunatic Asylum, where he continued to paint. He died in Crighton Royal Institution in 1893.
An edition of A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle was published in 1888, with illustrations by Charles Doyle.

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Adolf Wölfli
August Natterer
Karl Brendel
Lemuel Francis Abbott
Charles Altamont Doyle

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Picasso painting to sell at auction today !!!

18 June 2008 22 comments

A Picasso painting is expected to break Australian sales records when it goes under the hammer in Sydney today.

The masterpiece, Sylvette 1954, will be auctioned by Deutscher-Menzies at its fine art sale.
Deutscher-Menzies national head of art Tim Abdullah said the work was expected to sell for between $A5 million and $A7 million, with the whole auction catalogue potentially taking as much as $A13.8 million.
[

Update: Picasso painting breaks Australia art sale record
SYDNEY (Reuters) - An abstract portrait by Pablo Picasso on Wednesday smashed the record for an artwork sold in Australia, netting A$6.9 million (3.1 million pounds) at an auction in Sydney.
[
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Sydney Women Bloggers' Meet for chocolate, chat and coffee.
Leigh @ All For Women has organised the get together for the 29th June 2008.
Max Brenner’s Cafe
(suggested by Christie @
fig & cherry

Dancer Cyd Charisse dies at 86
ACTRESS and dancer Cyd Charisse, the impossibly long-legged movie musical star who gained fame for her on-screen pairings with Hollywood dance greats Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, has died at 86.
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Winner of the Random Draw is Eric S. @ CHIHUATUDE

Congratulations Eric !!! I will be sending you 1,000 ECS today.

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Swimming with Sharks

11 June 2008 70 comments

Win 1,0000 ECs !!!!

Leave a comment to go in the random draw!!!

My son Alexander and his girlfriend Kelly stayed in Sydney last week...
they were celebrating their 12 month anniversary...
while they were there they visited the Sydney Opera House and Taronga Park Zoo as well as finding the time to jump into a tank with sharks at Oceanworld Manly !!!
Here are some of the terrific photos that they took....

Unfortunately they had rainy weather but they still managed to take some great shots...
they are both considering photography as a career....

all images © Copyright Alexander Barker & Kelly Steele

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Winner of Random Draw will be announced here next Wednesday


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Persistence and determination....

10 June 2008 17 comments

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race”

Calvin Coolidge quotes (American 30th President of the United States, 1872-1933)
Similar Quotes. About: Perseverance quotes, Talent quotes, Determination quotes, Persistence quotes.

Photograph © Copyright Kim Barker

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Big Bang


Sticky Post

big thanks to the gorgeous Catsy @ Catsy Carpe Diem for tagging me with this meme to increase your stats and readers...
if you haven't joined up over at Mel's @ Attitude, the Ultimate Power then join up now !!!!

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