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"Wordless Chicken Tuesday"

16 January 2008 28 comments

I know it's Wednesday here in Australia...
but I couldn't resist choosing this arty Chicken
and joining in the fun at :

Speedy Cat's "Wordless Chicken Tuesday"

To participate in Speedcat's "Wordless Chicken Tuesday", post a chicken on your blog. Leave a comment at Speedy's blog that you have done so, and he will add your site / link to his post.

Chickens! ... by Julie's Blog Wordless Chicken Tuesday by Robin from Cuppa Joes! Chicken a la King! by Drowsey Monkey Bra-wk! by Olga the Traveling Bra (ohh man!)

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28 comments: to “ "Wordless Chicken Tuesday" so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 16.1.08

    Kim, you are SO cool :-)

    I am adding you to my list of participants; this art chicken really fit's here @ LakeTrees.

    Thanks for being part in the "maiden voyage" of WCT


  • Robin Lee Sardini 16.1.08

    That's a mighty fine.. ..errr..chickenart! (Is that like Speedcat?) Happy Chicken Tuesday/ Wednesday to you!

  • Kim 16.1.08

    hey Eric aka Speedy
    I know it was a tough choice but I had to go with the statue of the chicken...
    to be really honest I don't think you were quite chicken enough ..
    ok I'll stop here before I put my foot in it...

    I will be posting the chickicipants here too so will check out your post...
    there is a real need for this type of wordless Tuesday/Wednesday thingie
    and I think you have hit the chicken on the head with this one...

    thanks Robin
    it really appealed to my artistic sensitivity...
    now I just have to check out your taste in chicken...
    don't tell me ...
    you picked Speedy !!

  • John M. Mora 16.1.08

    Kim, thank you for visiting my blog - I have spent time here at laketrees (wahta lovely name), including the Works tab and you have an impressive body of work, a unique vision and compassionate sense of community.

    I am honored by your kind words and appreciate your feedback. Regards. John

  • Kim 16.1.08

    thank you for your interest and appraisal of my work...John...
    it is a pleasure to visit and view your remarkable artwork....
    I think that is the wonderful thing about the internet ...meeting fellow artists and making friends....admiring and appreciating our unique and individual differences and talents as well as communicating on a universal level...

    regards Kim

  • Anonymous 17.1.08

    Hey Kim, I can't believe you said you'd have to "check out [my] taste in chicken". That's just so appropriate for the picture! ;-)
    (Although I'd NEVER eat such a cute little fella!)

  • MYM 17.1.08

    LOL too funny!

  • Kim 17.1.08

    ah yes... it's the ESP Robin :)
    and he was the cutest little fella I've ever seen in a chicken burger lol

  • Kim 17.1.08

    hi Drowsy Monkey....
    thanks for calling in :)
    loved your Elvis Chicken !! :D

  • BoydGreeneArt 17.1.08

    Pretty cool chicken there Kim! Looks like it is in a hurry!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.1.08

    Not only do you have ESP ... you are also MUCH faster at traveling the blogoshere!

    Touche` !!!!!! / See you later my smiling friend :-)

  • Kim 17.1.08

    it does too Boyd !!!
    I can't take the credit for it ..that belongs to Speedy...
    I've just borrowed it :)

  • Julie 17.1.08

    Better late then never!

  • Kim 17.1.08

    yes and with one arm too Speedy !!
    touche' !!!

    hi Julie (of the explosive chicken)... I think I'm getting the hang of this now ....;)

  • Lisa Lorenz 17.1.08

    Oh Kim, what a great chicken statue! Would love to have it in my garden xxoxoxo

  • Kim 17.1.08

    hey Lisa it would certainly look fantastic in that new stunning garden of yours...
    hah "garden"....I bet that word is like music to your ears....
    I keep smiling when I think about you moving home ....I bet you are pinching yourselves all the time :)
    ps will have to ask Speedy where he got the pic from though I'm sure that you are clever enough to create one yourself ;)

  • Diane 17.1.08

    Kim! I had a very nice surprise when the postman called...thank you so much for the calendar.

    Your views are certainly stunning - quite inspiring I should do live in a most beautiful part of the world. My sister has just bought a house in a place called Hervey Bay in Queensland which looks rather nice too...

    I NEED SUN!!!!

  • Kim 17.1.08

    you're welcome Diane :)
    Hervey Bay the home of the whales....
    so your sister is a Queenslander !!!
    waht a small really should jump on a plane and come over to Oz...though the weather atm is quite grey...rainy and cool down our way....
    Queensland is always sunny
    :P to those lucky Northerners ;)

  • Diane 18.1.08

    My sister is a big girl but calling her a whale is a bit harsh.... oh I see.... :-D

    I have been going to come to Australia for SO long...I have a friend in Canberra and some in Perth and friends of friends in Sydney and now my sister is moving there from Saudi, so I have no excuse not to really...


  • Kim 18.1.08

    LOL Diane
    Hervey Bay is where Mimi Macpherson (Elle's sister) has her whaling business...

    no excuse not to visit Oz :P
    and we have a spare room and ensuite if you want to visit us :)
    down here on the CC ...we have lots of dolphins !!...and great shopping and restaurants too !!

  • Lynda Lehmann 18.1.08

    What fun! I'll have to find me a rooster, if that'll qualify.

    We're going to have a new movement: Post-Chickenism. How refreshing!

  • Kim 18.1.08

    Post Chickenism !!!
    ROFL Lynda !!!!
    I'm sure a rooster will more than qualify....and with your photographic talents I'm sure it will be a master Rooster and and will probably launch this new movement into the 21st century...
    with a big bang...
    in fact I think Julie's chicken is a rooster too :)

  • Kris Cahill 19.1.08

    How fun to learn about Wordless Chicken Tuesday, thanks! I had fun over at Speedy's blog too. Thanks as ever for the interesting look at another part of the blogosphere, Kim.

  • Kim 19.1.08

    hi Kris
    I'm glad to hear that you joined in the fun ...
    I will have to check out if there are any more chicken posts over there :)

  • Fruity 20.1.08

    That huge rooster looks so real. Great if it can be programed to crow in the morning, just like an alarm clock :)

  • Kim 20.1.08

    haha Fruity !!
    that would be good !
    though our laughing kookaburras do a pretty good job when they start of a morning :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 20.1.08

    Wow! Chickens are big business over here :)

    Thanks again Kim,
    Speedy Chickendale

  • Kim 20.1.08

    ah yes Eric...
    I was once a part time manager of a KFC store when I was going to Art I suppose my future with chickens was set then....
    I don't like KFC (alas) but I will eat just about anything else that tastes like chicken...:)

    "Speedy Chickendale" ROFL !!

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