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Portrait of Daphne finished.....

9 December 2008 50 comments

photo reference


50 comments: to “ Portrait of Daphne finished..... so far...

  • Mariuca 9.12.08

    Hi Kim! Laketrees is at MPG today and you are my first EC drop for Mariuca woo hoo! :):):)

  • Mariuca 9.12.08

    YAY! Daphne is finally done and as usual, you did a super terrific job, I am impressed! :)

  • Mariuca 9.12.08

    I am actually feeling a bit under the weather, since yesterday so woke up really late today, I mean even later than usual lol! ;)

  • Mariuca 9.12.08

    I'll come by with MPG later okay? Have a good Tuesday! :)

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    love this

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    I am still sicked :)

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    it looked so real :)

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    I am feeling lazy :)

  • Anonymous 9.12.08

    hows your day?

  • SharonWrightArtist 10.12.08

    Beautiful, it has such gentle tenderness. You are so good!

  • Deborah Lambson 10.12.08

    Really lovely..the monochromatic blues are just right for the soft thoughtful expression on her face.

  • Anita 10.12.08

    Kim, this is lovely!!! Something about monochrome is timeless.

  • Jackie 10.12.08

    Yup it says no comments yet but I bet Marzie has CHOP hidden in there already..LOL!!

  • Jackie 10.12.08

    It's truly beautiful Kim. you did an excellent job. She's stunning and I bet she balls her eyes out when she receives it.

    Hope you have a good day!:-)

  • John M. Mora 10.12.08

    A lovely portrait - a profile that is reflective and serene and quite charming....lucky, lucky and lucky.

    Ho, ho, ho - a most Merry Christmas.

  • Amy Lilley Designs 10.12.08

    Kim, OMG, it looks like a beautiful...I'm so glad that Brad absolute are an ARTISTE EXTRA-ORDINAIRE!!!!...:)))

  • Lynda Lehmann 10.12.08

    Kim, she looks wonderful. I love how you handled the values, from white to black. A very beautiful and professional portrait!

  • Kim 10.12.08

    you're my first commentator Mariuca :))
    thanks for your comments on Daphne :)
    ohh I do hope you are ok...Wednesday here
    I'll be over soon with my ER Teddy to see how you are ;)

    thanks Blue Eyes

    hi TH ...
    thanks :))
    I hope you are taking care...
    get plenty of rest ...
    my day got off to a late start with the internet down for 2 hours :0

    thanks Sharon...
    I had a beautiful subject and the reference photo was stunning :))

    hello sweetwater designs
    the paynes gray is quite blue IRL too..
    thanks for your comment :)

    thanks Anita :)
    you're right...I think black and white is always "in" :))

    hi Jackie..
    lol Mariuca was here first ;)
    I wonder if she has an alarm system set up on her computer ;)
    thanks for your comments on the portrait ..
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets there for Christmas :))

    hello John..
    getting into the Christmas spirit eh :))
    thanks for the kind comments...
    now I wonder if that means that you may be donning the santa suit soon ??

    thanks for your kind comments Amy :))
    the full length photo of Daphne is breathtaking...
    I'll add them to this post as soon as I catch up with things :))

    thanks Lynda...
    it was a pleasure painting Daphne :)
    and I'm so pleased that I've finished before Christmas...
    thanks for your email too ...will e you today ..things have been rather hectic of late :))

  • Anonymous 10.12.08

    It is a beautiful portrait Kim, I am sure Daphne will be delighted by this as well as her father's sentiment behind it.

  • Anonymous 10.12.08

    Great work, Kim! :)

  • Anonymous 10.12.08

    this is just so wonderful! hats off!

  • Anonymous 10.12.08

    The soft blue tinting effect is very well done. She's very pretty and that's a great portrait!

  • Mariuca 10.12.08

    YAY! I am FC here, thanks Kim! :)

  • Mariuca 10.12.08

    I showed B Daphne's portrait last night when I was bloghopping and he thinks it looks so real too YAY! :):):)

  • Mariuca 10.12.08

    I am having my first coffee for the day now. Brought u a cup too Kim, enjoy! :)

  • Metz 11.12.08

    Hi Kim,

    whew finally got time to breathe and boy you have been rather busy yourself :) Hope things are well :) Lots of hugs as always :)

  • Unknown 11.12.08

    Absolutely beautiful, Kim!
    A big congratulations, friend!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 11.12.08

    What I love about this is your perception and artistic creation of this one special juncture in time.
    There are moments that are paramount in everyone's lives, ones that are cherished and held closely inside a heart.
    Many wish they could take an occasion and bottle it, allowing the emotion to be relived. Seems you are able to preform this miracle with a canvas and some paint.

    Very impressive in so many ways Kim. Well done!

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    Wow Kim, Your art is superb! I haven't been by to visit in a long while, I was writing and working, hanging out in the BC discussions, involved in the election and news and now am taking the time to check my friends out again. I do hope I am finding you well and totally happy. I looked for your site on BlogCatalog but was unable. Now I joined Slog Bite and there you were also. I shall link your blog to mine so I am assured of visiting much more. I didn't know how much I missed you until I saw your fantastic work again. Happy Holidays!

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    You do such beautiful work Kim. What a lovely portrait!

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    hi, I am still cough and flu

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    is not that worst.

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    just have to watch what I eat also

  • Anonymous 11.12.08

    Looks stunning ! Its a beautiful portriat at different views.

  • Mariuca 11.12.08

    Hi Kim! I'm here now! :)

  • Mariuca 11.12.08

    How is ur packing coming along? I bet you have a lot of art stuff to pack, good luck and don't wear yourself out okay? :):):)

  • Mariuca 11.12.08

    Here with MPG first, back later with Mariuca! :)

  • Mariuca 11.12.08

    Happy Thursday Kim, it's raining heavily here! ;)

  • The Dork One 11.12.08

    nice one kim it's lovely. ^^

  • Kim 11.12.08

    thanks Sue
    Daphne was a delight to paint and Durano's sentiments were very moving:)

    thanks Noel :)
    have a great day..

    thanks for your charming comment Maicel :))

    hi Wayne
    thank you...
    I agree Daphne was the perfect subject :))
    enjoy your day :))

    hi Mariuca...hehe..
    glad B liked the portrait...thanksy for the coffee ..I need it....half a day with no internet!!
    and I haven't even thought about packing eeek!!
    house hunting tomorrow aghhh!!

    hi Metz...glad you're having a breather...I know the feeling ;)
    can you take one for me too please ;)

    hi Judi..
    thanks so much :)
    enjoy your weekend :))

    thanks for your wonderful comment Speedy..
    I would love to think that everyone thinks that way about a special photo and indeed a painted portrait...
    I know my Mum cherishes the portrait that I painted of my dear Dad...
    she often says that she feels that Dad is in the room with her :)..

    hi Theresa
    thanks so much :))
    I left BC a while ago ..long story :(
    great to hear from you...will pop over and check out what you are up to...
    have a great day :)

    thanks Mellanie
    I was just over at your blog the other day admiring your Durer portrait and my net dropped out..grrr..
    I'll be so glad to get onto broadband :)

    sounds like you have had a pretty awful flu TH...
    lots of lemons.. honey and garlic...and I just read at Metz's blog ...ginger too :)
    and more honey after that :)

    thanks Nichole :)
    Daphne has a beautiful profile :)

    haha Mariuca
    what's that???
    I haven't even thought about the artwork's all in a separate storeroom...
    so that's not too bad..
    but I may need a hand cleaning the oven....eeeek :)

    thanks Alex :)
    enjoy your day :))

  • Sandee 12.12.08

    It's beautiful Kim. I don't often comment, but I always look at your work when I come by to drop EC.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  • Kim 12.12.08

    thanks Sandee :))
    you have a terrific day too :))

  • Tiffany Gholar 12.12.08

    wow! This is gorgeous.

  • bluecrystaldude 13.12.08

    I almost believe it was a photograph. Such an art! I am amazed!Job well done :)

  • Anonymous 13.12.08

    Truly beautiful, Kim (and Daphne of course) You seem to have captured the serenity of this special moment perfectly. Durano and daphne will be thrilled, I'm sure!

  • Kim 13.12.08

    thanks Tiffany :)

    thanks Blue Crystal Dude :)

    thanks Diane :)

  • Lilly 13.12.08

    My gosh that is simply superb Kim. You are truly gifted and hopefully one day I will come to you to get my daughter's portrait done too! Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  • Anonymous 18.12.08

    Portraits are great. Amazing can't believe my eyes. Its natural and wanted to wish you saying you are great !!

  • Kim 18.12.08

    thanks so much Lilly ...
    you have a great Aussie Christmas and New Year too :))

    thanks Paddy
    enjoy your day :)

  • Anonymous 21.1.09

    Some nice shots that capture a moment and invoke an emotion. Well done

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