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A New View

30 January 2009 45 comments

Some pics of the new place....

I'm still catching up with everyone :)
thanks for your visits and messages...I have really appreciated your thoughtfulness and friendliness during my time spent moving house...


45 comments: to “ A New View so far...

  • Mariuca 30.1.09

    YAY!! Am I FC here?? :):):)

  • Mariuca 30.1.09

    Kim! Welcome back, we have missed u a lot! Big HUGS! :):):)

  • Mariuca 30.1.09

    Kim, ur new place looks amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing the view with us! Are u all unpacked? :)

  • Kim 30.1.09

    oh thanks so much Mariuca...
    I've missed you all too....and yes you are FC here haha!!!!!
    still not quite unpacked yet :0
    had a tooth removed at the dentist's yesterday so getting over that today...
    just trying to get back into the swing of things :)

  • Judith HeartSong 30.1.09

    Oh I love the view! I hate moving but after I am all settled into a new space it is wonderful.

    Glad you are back, you have been missed!

  • Anonymous 30.1.09

    wow very nice place and nice view too!

  • Anonymous 30.1.09

    good choice of home kim!

  • Anonymous 30.1.09

    look at the view I love it!

  • Anonymous 30.1.09

    I love to have such view at home. But you know the development will over take such beautiful place. I do not like that. :(

  • Anonymous 30.1.09

    last time near my home there is a big green field but not any more as development of apartments take over! It is so sad!

  • Kim 30.1.09

    thanks Judith :)
    I'm glad the worst is over and I have missed you all :)
    thanks for your cheery comment :)

    thanks and ..ahh.. yes TH
    very true there is no stopping the building developments...
    thanks for calling by with your great comments and messages while I was moving too's terrific to be back online :))

  • Anita 30.1.09

    Kim - what a wonderful view! Hope you will be very happy there.

  • Netster23 30.1.09

    welcome backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    What an amazing view and quite exotic to a Norwegian you know :-)

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    yeah development is not stopping. We need the nature and tress! We need fresh air too.

    Good to see you back! :)

  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    be honest with you the development will only caused more bad traffic! It is so jam up here and later maybe worst...

  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    I am not saying that development is no good but I think is better to make it just average and not OVER.

  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    I hope to visit my grandpa in Australia some day. He is so far away from us.

  • Genevieve 31.1.09


    Thanks for offering to feature me in your top artists blog! I'll send you what you need this weekend. :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 31.1.09

    OHhhhhhhhhh Kim, its goregeous. Love the view so much. It is so soothing and made me feel so good this morning. forgot it how beautiful Oz is! I just love it. Its an all roudn view. You must be so chilled and happy there. I just love your decor and the living room. We have the same taste. Its stunning! Anxiuos to see more. You know just seeing the inside and the makes me feel closer to you! Wishing you a great weekend! TGIF! xoxo from frosty, snowy Ottawa!

  • Netster23 31.1.09

    your new place is so so so so so nice

  • Shez 31.1.09

    Kim.......welcome back. Your new place has a fantastic view, look at that, it's so close you lucky girl, how I envy that. Don't you just love new places, the freshness of it......LOL. Do you paint from home?? will you have a studio there??

  • Michelle B. Hendry 31.1.09

    The new place is fantastic! I was missing you - glad you are back! :)
    If you are in need of cooling down, visit over my way - we are one giant freezer and buried too!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 31.1.09

    I think the new place looks great!! ... so, how many boxes did it take to move??

    I guess 100

    The sky has not been blue here for days - winter blah blah blah. Thanks for the visual warm up :-)

  • Lynda Lehmann 31.1.09

    Looks as if everything has fallen into place for you, Kim. Not that it was by accident--moving is tons of work.

    I wish you much happiness there. A view of the sea should help keep your creative juices flowing! :)

  • Jackie 31.1.09

    Oh my Kim it is just incredible! Wow what a view! Well if that doesn't inspire you and all of us nothing will.

    your living room is grand as well. Oh you lucky girl. I am so very very happy for you.

    I bet you are glad to be settled. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful new home with us!

    Hugs and buckets of love,

  • Amy Lilley Designs 31.1.09

    Kim the view is GORGEOUS...I'm hooked on living near the's a looks absolutely lovely and I wish you and the family all the best in your new home...again, your presence has been missed....big hugs....:))))

  • bokjae 31.1.09

    Wow! new house in the new year! thats very exciting! I love sea-views! Hope you settle down soon. Moving house and setting-up all over again is really stressful!! I know for I moved 20 over times in my life!!! Take care!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 31.1.09

    Hello Kim,

    You have a wonderful place and it has been arranged splendidly. I'm happy to see that your new home is in-step with your artistic inclinations and refreshing lifestyle. Congratulations.

    I am still living amidst boxes and crates since I haven't found a place yet.

    By the way, I received a notice from the Post Office of a package which I'm sure id the portrait of Daphne. I haven't gone there yet as I need to prepare acceptable IDs with just my nickname on it. Or I will bring some magazines where my full name and nickname appear on the same caption. It's nothing difficult, I just have to look at the boxes packed along the hallway of my home. :-)

    I'm excited about getting it and taking it to Daphne this week. Thanks again and for all the trouble of shipping it. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 31.1.09

    I'm glad you have gotten your head above water. That is lovely, I am so envious it looks too lovely to bear.

  • Kim 31.1.09

    thanks Anita :)
    as you well know moving is a challenge but it certainly helps to minimise the clutter each time ;) that makes me happy ;)
    thanks for calling by :)

    haha Netster ...thankyou !!!!!!!
    hugs to you :))

    thanks Renny...
    yes the view is very restful.... :)
    have a great weekend and take care with your health :)

    thanks TH...
    yes we still have some trees and grass nearby..thank goodness :)
    and very little traffic which is good :)
    if you visit your Grandpa over here you must stop over here too...
    whereabouts does he live?

    thanks Genevieve
    that's great!!
    looking forward to it :))
    have a terrific weekend :)

    oh thanks Lisa..
    I'll post more pics soon ...these were done in a rush...
    your beautiful paintings look so at home here too....
    I can't wait to show you where they are hanging :))
    the view is really panoramic and the breezes are wonderful :)
    I'll see if I can send some of this warm weather North to
    stay cosy and have a wonderful weekend...xxxx

    hehe thanks again Netster ;)

    thanks Shez
    the beach is across the road so it's pretty close :)
    I do paint at home and I usually have my easel set up next to my computer desk (haha my studio is an easel and travels around)....

    hi Michelle..
    it's really great to be back....
    I've missed you all heaps ...
    it's so hard to believe that you are all under snow!!!
    lol ..I could have done with some of your ice last week when we had a big heatwave...

    hey Speedy...
    ohhh I lost count in the
    and I still have a storeroom full to be unpacked ...eek!!
    ohh I hope the weather starts getter kinder to you over your way....
    I'll send you a couple of our sunrises as soon as I get some good pics...
    have a good one ;))

    hi Lynda
    I'm relieved that it all went pretty smoothly....
    thanks so much for your kind wishes...
    oh if only I could paint seascapes lol
    the light here is great though so I should get 'that' portrait finished soon (hopefully) :))

    thanks so much Jackie
    it's so good to see you're back too....
    haha we must have the same star sign as it looks like we were off line for about the same length of time...
    stay warm and cosy over your way and have a grand weekend
    hugs and xxxx

    ohh Amy..
    thanks so much
    ahh yes the ocean!!!
    I know how you feel ..I'm not the same if I cannot see the water...
    I think I can just about move blindfolded now and it is great to finally have some order back...I've missed ya too :)
    it's so great to be back!!
    hugsies :)

    thanks Bokjae :)
    20 times ...that's a lot of moving
    I think I was up to 45+ when I counted last......
    haha what do they say about rolling stones :D

    hey Durano
    thanks so much for your kind thoughts :)
    I was just thinking about you and your move today :))
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find something perfect!!!
    I'm sure you will ...
    I have plenty of spare boxes if you run out :))
    I'm so pleased that the portrait is there ...
    I do hope all goes smoothly at the Post Office....
    I have a new email too...
    please let me know how you go ......
    and I'll be thinking of you ... and hoping that you will be able to relax and put your feet up really soon :))

    hi ya Cooper
    lol yes I feel that I can really start to appreciate the new year now....
    thanks for calling by...and you were right !!!
    in retrospect the move wasn't that and some parts were actually fun....
    especially watching the removalists trying to manoeuvre the 3 seater leather lounge into the elevator... haha

  • Ana 31.1.09

    wow, it looks amazing. you must be quite comfy there!

  • John M. Mora 1.2.09

    We need to see pictures of the guest room and also please let me know if there is beer in the fridge?

    Looks great, Kim. Paradise as I freeze....a bit.

  • Anonymous 1.2.09

    kim, the exact location I do not know as my uncle keeping it a secret. He does not want siblings know about it :(. Another uncle living in Melbourne.

  • Anonymous 1.2.09

    will drop by if I have the chance to go.

  • Jackie 1.2.09

    just dropping in to say hi! I have only had a few hours sleep and I am literally typing while sleeping.

    I am headed for the couch for a nice long nap.

    I will just be late visiting everyone today.


  • The Muse 1.2.09

    I hope that you get inspired EVERY time you see that view and breathe in that air!!!

    Beautiful! :)

  • Kim 1.2.09

    thanks Ana
    it's good to relax a bit now and enjoy the view :)
    happy weekend to you :)

    lol John
    yes there are 2 beers in the fridge and I'll make sure I get some pics of the 'guest' room ;)
    another scorcher here today so a bit of your ice would be welcome ...
    stay warm :))

    oh I see TH....
    Melbourne is in Victoria...the state below us....
    I live in NSW....which isn't too far really :)
    have a relaxing Sunday :)

    hi Jackie
    sweet dreams and don't wear yourself out ;) ;)
    I'll be over today :)

    thanks so much Muse...
    I'm looking forward to getting back to the easel :)
    have a terrific Sunday :))

  • Sage Ravenwood 2.2.09

    Welcome back dear one. The new place looks awesome. Love your views! (Hugs)Indigo

  • Anonymous 2.2.09

    What a lovely view you have, makes me very envious. Before I retired I was living in Florida on the coast north of Tampa. After retirement we moved by home to Mississippi (the kids were all here, you know the grandparent thing). I do miss the ocean and the fishing. Exactly where are you? We are in a small town about 40,000 pop., Brookhaven. Its about 60 due east of Natchez. The word Natchez comes from an old indian tribe who once lived their. They were all killed out after they massacred the french settlers living at Fort Rosilie--a very early settlement there.

    I'll a retired history teacher and my wife and I along with our lovely dog Professor (an old Shih-tsu) now spend our days living quitely in this old sleepy town.

    Whats with all the blue roofs---they go good with the blue sea in the background. Sure you will enjoy your new home.

    My blog, if you can call it that was originally set up as a commerical site, but then I added a blog to it---I love politics and found it to be a good outlet for my opinions and values. I've begun another one--its still under construction, I do however have some photos of myself, wife and oh yes, Professor on it. Most were taken at our cabin in the country. We have 10 acres in rural Amite county--part of my grandparents old homesite. My new blog is at "" if you would like to visit---as I said before, not much there yet--leave me a comment if you visit. Oh yes, before I forget the Saint Benard in the picture as passed on--sad. Penny Patch in the name of the cabin site.

  • Anonymous 2.2.09

    Beautiful view there Kim.... all I see is a couple of rows of houses from my window, and no terrace :( so yeah, Im so envious just like the rest of them here... :)

    just kidding btw, hope you had a restful weekend after the move and the tooth removal..

  • Kim 3.2.09

    thanks for your kind wishes Indigo
    have a wonderful day :))

    hi Ron
    thanks for your invite to visit your sites...
    I will visit and thanks for letting me know about your poetry too..
    10 that must be absolute paradise
    sorry to hear about your Saint Bernard :(
    thanks for the history on your town
    I'll have to check out where you are on the map
    I'm on the Central Coast of NSW Australia and the blue roofs all belong to the same block of apartments ;)
    the architect obviously likes blue :)

    hi Pearl
    how are you? :)...
    the mouth is much better...

  • Anonymous 4.2.09

    great views, i love the outdoor deck too

  • PurrPrints 4.2.09

    I'm jealous of that awesome looking hammock in the corner--i love hammocks!

  • Anonymous 9.3.09

    It looks amazing! If I saw that every time I looked out the window I'd wake up at 5am every day!

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