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Top EC Droppers for April

1 May 2009 18 comments

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18 comments: to “ Top EC Droppers for April so far...

  • TH 1.5.09

    hi kim, yay my hubby got the job..:)

  • TH 1.5.09

    today is labour day so we went Tesco and bought groceries. so little things already spend $150

  • TH 1.5.09

    son naughty scribble on floor and cannot rub off at all. :(

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.5.09

    Nice assortment of blogs here, Kim, for me to check out!

    Hope all is well and that you have a great weekend!

    xxxx Lynda

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.5.09

    you're welcome...always, big hugs...:))))

  • Kim 2.5.09

    oh that's great news TH ...congratulations to you and hubby ...
    have you tried eucalyptus oil ...for the marks?
    I hear that works on timber floors..

  • Kim 2.5.09

    hi Lynda...
    thanks for dropping by :)
    some great links here and well worth visiting :)
    how's the new project going?
    wishing you a great weekend too :))

    hi Amy..
    thanks to YOU for being such a committed dropper... and a great supporter....
    have a wonderful weekend and big hugs to you too :))

  • Admin T.H 2.5.09

    hi kim, lipgloss giveaway at emila's blog have a look! hurry.. before it all gone

  • Admin T.H 2.5.09

    what is that? for what mark? haha... i am so blurr today as want feel headache

  • Admin T.H 2.5.09

    wow.. I am at wall of fame! thanks!

  • Admin T.H 2.5.09

    oh.. now I know what you mean to say...

  • Admin T.H 2.5.09

    hav to go find this oil

  • On a Whimsey 2.5.09

    Thanks so much for the mention! I always enjoy dropping by ;)

  • bem69 3.5.09

    Hey Kim,

    Thanks very much for the acknowledgement and linkup. Appreciate it :)

  • TH 3.5.09

    hi Kim, i went shopping groceries again but another stall. cost again $100 over :( looks like quite a lot spending start this month.

  • TH 3.5.09

    we went to had rootbeer and hot dog just now

  • Admin T.H 3.5.09

    kim, hot evening here. going to have dinner then go out. :)

    hows your week?

  • Admin T.H 3.5.09

    so its gonna be another week

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