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Is Social Media a Fad?

8 October 2009 25 comments

further progress on the Portrait of Alexander and Kelly...
will start on Alexander's face next..

click on image to zoom

this week I revisited Facebook
where I checked out 1,000,000 FACEBOOK ARTISTS
Entertainment & Arts - Fine Arts

and Linked in where I joined Visual Artists and their Advocates
some interesting discussions:
Is having a blog page on your website vital as an aid to SEO?
What are some of the best ways you have found to bring traffic to your website?

Is social media a fad?
Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?
Welcome to the World of Socialnomics


25 comments: to “ Is Social Media a Fad? so far...

  • Admin T.H 8.10.09


  • TH 8.10.09

    car not yet fix, wait hubby free to send

  • TH 8.10.09

    unless fix at my dad's town more cheap but too far away car cannot take it.

  • Admin T.H 8.10.09

    if hubby town even cheaper but 1 and half hour drive, car can't even take 15 min I think

  • Admin T.H 8.10.09

    wow... nice breakfast of fruits :)

    I have mooncake for breakfast. :)

  • Admin T.H 8.10.09

    supper was durian as cannot leave it any more as becoming watery.

  • Admin T.H 8.10.09

    Alexander and Kelly pretty pic :)

  • Jackie 9.10.09

    I don't think so Kim. If anything, in my opinion, it is becoming integral within almost every culture.

    Of, course, like all many changes in age, for a country or world, art will always be affected.

    It's pretty rugged right now and barren with truly gifted digital artist.

    I suppose it is one of the new genres of the end of the last century.

    Think about it, we're not that old and in your wildest dreams in the 70's would you or could you ever have envisioned all of this?

    Well, you might have, but, I was obviously busy partying!!

    This group sounds fascinating and very interesting. This post is marvelous.

    The portrait is looking out of this world. A lot of work huh? It looks rather large, is it?

    Hope you have a terrific day Kim. It was good to see you on FB too.

    I should spend mo time there than I do.
    Jackie xx's

  • Jackie 9.10.09

    Lord I hope I didn't have a ton of misspells. I was typing quick!!:-))))

  • Print Brochures 9.10.09

    I've seen that also. I don't think that it is a fad. Oh yeah, I should also say "Welcome to the world of Socialnomics". Cool!

  • Admin T.H 9.10.09

    hi kim, its friday!

  • Admin T.H 9.10.09

    hi, kim son playing in rain.

  • Admin T.H 9.10.09

    sean playing in rain and now head to shower

  • Admin T.H 9.10.09

    I am not sure about artists /visual artist.

  • Admin T.H 9.10.09

    too tired to think as son not want to nap

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    Hola everybody and hey Kim!!

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    Hey are u on Spicy yet???

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    Oh no i have not checked in to FB for more than a week, I bet somebody stole my crops at Barn Buddy by now!

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    The portrait is looking really good, but of course it does when Kim Barker is painting it! :):):)

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    Enjoy ur weekend sweetie, I am happy that B is finally coming home soon...woo hoo!

  • Mariuca 10.10.09

    My internet still sucks though, super duper slow! :(

  • John M. Mora 10.10.09

    The internet is killing stanard newspapers, magazines here - painting is looking the color sin her neck and top right.

    Cheers from NY....

  • Ayie 14.10.09

    almost done kim!!!

  • Ayie 14.10.09

    have a great week!

  • Lynda Lehmann 14.10.09

    Kim, they are truly coming alive, right off the paper! What a talent you have for this.

    I understand about the move, as I've been partly derailed myself, by other things, over the past 4-6 months.

    If we are busy, we will always be juggling, it seems!

    Hope the move goes well and both you and your sister will be pleased with the results of how it comes together!

    xxx Lynda

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