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thank you so much Charlotte...

4 November 2009 24 comments

A start to the Fairy Boat

The Lion King The Lion King

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse

click on the images to zoom

Charlotte was sick in bed with a virus for most of last week...
(she's a lot better now)..
yet she still managed to help me paint the 12 Mickey Mouse Panels...

thank you are a treasure xxxx

working to a deadline for the Baby Ballerinas concert is going to be pretty tight over the next 3 weeks...
we started on the next series today..... though we did take a break to watch the Melbourne Cup.....
if only there were more hours in a day...

have a great week .....I hope to catch up with everyone over the next few days...


24 comments: to “ thank you so much Charlotte... so far...

  • Ayie 4.11.09

    Oh I hope she's ok now. Take plenty of rest when you can too.

    Take care!

  • Amy Lilley Designs 4.11.09
  are not disappearing...I can leave a comment!!!! Great job on the Mickey panels...and Charlotte, a true chip off the block...working when not and hugs to you and Charlotte!!!

  • Kim 4.11.09

    ah yes Ayie..
    what's that saying..
    no rest for the wicked ;)
    have a great Wednesday and thanks for dropping by :)

    woohoo Amy..
    I was having problems with my sidebar but LJ kindly fixed that for me...
    and after that I decided to clean up my widgets so that may have helped too..
    have a happy Wednesday :)))

  • Admin T.H 4.11.09

    hi kim :D

  • Admin T.H 4.11.09

    evening need bring son see dentist his teeth again.. no pain but swollen :(

  • Admin T.H 4.11.09

    hubby really concern but I remember me having swollen before but no see dentist

  • Admin T.H 4.11.09

    hubby worry he need operation on teeth as the swollen is above teeth

  • TH 4.11.09

    oh yeah the washing machine hehe.. come only next thur

  • TH 4.11.09

    the old one repair $500 over too costly

  • TH 4.11.09

    they just want make money as last time I bought the water heater they over charge me and my dad told me is cheap not expensive brand. they make over $200 from water heater

  • Lynda Lehmann 5.11.09

    I'm glad to hear Charlotte is feeling better, AND the work got done, with her help. You make a Dynamic Duo!

    Stay well, Kim, and don't come down with her illness.

    We are all living in fear of the Swine Flu, here in the States. I think it's overplayed, but then, real people have succumbed to it... and that has been a tragedy.

  • Mariuca 5.11.09

    Good morning Kim!

  • Mariuca 5.11.09

    That was nice of Charlotte to help out, hope both of u are feeling better now. :)

  • Mariuca 5.11.09

    I got ur msg on EC, I'm so sad huhuhuhu but I understand. :)

  • Mariuca 5.11.09

    And sorry to hear abt ur PR. Mariuca dropped from 4 to 3! ;)

  • Mariuca 5.11.09

    Mr G isn't being very friendly nowadays I guess, hugs! :):):)

  • Ayie 7.11.09

    happy weekend kim!!

  • TH 8.11.09

    hi, kim just saw you put up.. no more ec in nov?

  • TH 8.11.09

    happy sunday to you! :)

  • TH 8.11.09

    still now news from uncle about grandpa coming back, yeah twins not back as one of them sick.

  • TH 8.11.09

    sunday need go out as hubby want see stuff at mall. not sure what he want see

  • TH 8.11.09

    mickey mouse I like to watch too.. but now I am stuck with ben 10

  • TH 8.11.09

    okay.. gtg need feed sean eat antibiotics, takes forever for him finish

  • sophie 23.11.09

    I love to see your post calm! like trees that never bear to be cut by anyone.

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