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Acrylic # 9

1 February 2007 6 comments

I finished Yellow 2 today # 9 in the series.

Lisa, my artist friend,

from Copenhagen,

was going to be pink but last night

I changed to yellow as she is the sunniest gal ever!!!

I hope you are happy with the yellow Lisa??


6 comments: to “ Acrylic # 9 so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 1.2.07

    KIM!!!!!!!!!! What a surprise! Holy cow - Happy is not the word, I am jumping for joy, just about delirious in happiness! I love it so much! The yellow is smashing and I am so happy with your colour choice! It is stunning, gorgeous! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Oh man you work so fast. I am so totally honoured! This is just too much..I am in tears! I just love everything about it!!!!!! I just sent Andy and email now at work to look at it! He is going to flip his lid! Yeehah! I am jumping for joy right now! I love the words you wrote on you your blog about me too. So nice. I am so happy and honoured to know you! I send you my biggest hugs!

  • Kim 1.2.07

    Hiya Lisa
    soooooo glad you like your portrait and I'm very happy that you like the yellow....I had a few family members voting for the yellow here as well!!!! so I think it was meant to be......
    It was a pleasure to paint you and I am lucky that I have had such an interesting and thoroughly NICE group of personalities to paint with this series!!!!! you have a great day mate!!!!
    big hugs xxxxx

  • Anonymous 1.2.07

    Hi Kim, what a great liking, you surely captured Lisa in that portrait...I loved it too...It is a pleasure also to read your comments on Lisa's work ...I could feel her happiness when I saw her e mail this morning. Continue to enjoy each other's art and long distance friendship... wishing you all the best of luck Maggie (lisa's Mom)

  • Kim 2.2.07

    hi Maggie
    I'm so pleased to meet you and very happy that you think I have captured Lisa's likeness.
    The photos that Lisa sent were great and made my process a lot easier and of course her bubbly personality just shines through in everything she does!!! She really is a ray of sunshine!!!!
    best wishes

  • Anita 2.2.07

    Kim - I am so thrilled that Lisa posted a link to your blog! I've thought of you often over the last year and wondered how you are. Great to see your work again as it has served to be such an inspiration to me.
    Hope you don't mind if I link to you from my blog.

  • Kim 2.2.07

    hi Anita!!!
    What a lovely surprise!!!! I popped over to your blog.....amazing solitary....and....haunting....and you have moved...we will have to catch up how time flies...looking forward to having a longer browse on your from Oz

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