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The National Portrait Gallery

5 February 2007 7 comments

I made a poster of Charlotte (photo taken last year).......with the DIY make a poster at "the face of fashion" exhibition on the National Portrait Gallery website.

It was fun and Charlotte loves it!!!


7 comments: to “ The National Portrait Gallery so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 6.2.07

    Hi Kim, Hope you had a nice weekend! I can see why she loves it! It is so cool and I love her pose! I love her hair cut.
    Sorry to hear about your back...hope you are feeling better.
    Was a very busy weekend here and Andy was using my computer all weekend, his courses started up again! Wish he had his own a great one day!

  • Kim 6.2.07

    hi Lisa.....g'day and
    thank back is much better!!! you will have to get a computer just for yourself!!!!
    we have kept the peace here (just) with 2 computers and lucky Charlotte is getting a laptop all to herself next month!! I hope the server can take it!!
    have a great day....
    we all enjoyed listening to your phone sound so different IRL Canadian!!!!lol...
    our accents are so different and
    very "outback" compared to your international one!!!
    we really do sound like we have kangaroos for pets and spend our time throwing prawns on our barbies


  • Lisa Lorenz 7.2.07

    LOLOL..OH Kim, I am glad you were able to hear it! I was caught off guard with that hilarious message! I loved it...LOL...
    You are so funny, I am laughing at your kangaroos for babies and throwing prawns at the cute. I love the aussie accents, I try to do it, but I have a hard time. Big hugs to you. and I am happy to hear your back is better.

  • Anonymous 13.2.07

    Hi Kim, what a beautiful poster, your daughter must be a beauty
    sincerely Margaret L

  • Kim 13.2.07

    hi Maggie
    thank you for your lovely comment.....Charlotte took this photo of herself last year with a timer on her camera.....she is quite the expert at taking photos of fact this is one of my favourites.....a future painting perhaps....
    best wishes

  • Anonymous 13.2.07

    Hi Kim, wow!!! what a SWEETIE,very much like my grand-daughter. I'll look out for that cover of the future....I'm sure there will be some smart Editor out there. I always take note of your Charlie's beautiful face...easy to love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim 13.2.07

    hi Mum
    lol...she does look like your grand-daughter doesn't she and I'm thinking the out Kate

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