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100 Great Things To Do In Australia

22 April 2007 4 comments

One of my murals (companion workers) has been listed in the
latest issue of Australian Traveller.
100 Great Things To Do In Australia
You've Never Heard Of

089 See the walls come alive
Kurri Kurri, in the NSW Hunter Valley, is an art gallery all its own, abuzz with works by Australian and local artists. As you wander through town you’ll notice the lively collection of 38 murals of varying sizes, a colourful project that began as a means of combating unemployment and to support local businesses. On brick walls, buildings and even a toilet block, each one is a unique piece of art showing the town’s history and culture. Here you see companion workers, there a piece with Aboriginal dot painting influences, over there a blacksmith and a Christian church scene. Each picture is fondly drawn and shows a great love of detail, bringing the walls to life. No entry fees, no sticky museum air, no darkened display rooms or restrictions for photographers – this art is displayed in a truly open, modern manner.

nb The mural count is up to 44 murals.
(featured in the Hunter Extra of The Sun-Herald 22/04/07)


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  • Anonymous 24.4.07

    Aloha! Added you to my Technoriat faves per Garry Conn's update. Hope you'll add me to yours! Mahalo!

    Nice blog! I'm passing your URL along to two friends who especially like art blogs!

  • Kim 24.4.07

    Hi Skeet.....
    thanks for the visit....will add you to technorati faves and thanks for passing my URL on too...
    have a great day!!!!

  • Lisa Lorenz 24.4.07

    WOWEE..Kim. this is just wonderful news. So great your mural is featured in the magazine...It is a super painting. I remember it very well! I am so thrilled!

  • Kim 24.4.07

    thanks Lisa.... yes found out through word of mouth (literally)....and as you know with those "people" up at KK the artist is always the last to know or heaven forbid...actually be informed personally!!!!

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