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Next Showdown at Saatchi Gallery

26 April 2007 12 comments

"Girl with a Pearl Earring after Vermeer" (Oil on Canvas)
This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN round between
30-04-2007 and 07-05-2007.
I painted this in 2003 for my Mother
after we saw the movie...Girl with a Pearl Earring.
I would very much appreciate your vote HERE (voting starts next week-after the 30/04/2007-rating is 1 to 10 stars-10 being the higher rank)
Many thanks for your support......


12 comments: to “ Next Showdown at Saatchi Gallery so far...

  • sylvie d 27.4.07

    Count on my vote, beautiful work

  • Orlando Rubio 27.4.07

    Thank you.
    Health and WEalth

  • Kim 27.4.07

    Thank you so much Sophie.... are very welcome...

  • Lisa Lorenz 2.5.07

    Hi Kim! I am back from Iceland, was quite a strange trip. Will have to write about it on my blog and upload some piccs. I Just voted a big 10 for this beautiful painting. I just love it!
    Hope you are doing well! Talk to you soon. xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 3.5.07

    hi Lisa
    thanks for the vote!!!
    strange trip???? I am intrigued!!!
    looking forward to reading your blog....
    have a great day mate!!!

  • Anonymous 5.5.07

    Great job 10/10 from me! The level of detail is fantastic.

  • Kim 6.5.07

    thanks for your comment....abstract canvas art

  • kuanyin333 9.5.07

    I went and tried to vote TOO EARLY! Will come back when the doors open!

  • Kim 9.5.07

    hi Kuanyin
    this one has closed at the Saatchi Gallery...but I will be entering another round later this week........

  • Anonymous 15.5.07

    thanks for the advise on self portraits. I think I am going to get back into sketching first and then work on the paints. I have not used my brush in over ten years and never did I attempt people because I knew it would be a big challenge. Your pictures motivate me to start up again though. You have some great stuff.

  • Kim 15.5.07

    hi Svend
    the sketching sounds like a great start.....happy drawing....and thanks for your comments

  • the art of canvas 18.1.09

    Wow.This looks like my mum. Uncanny resembelance!

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