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Using Keywords in your Posts

4 August 2008 11 comments

The Linkback Project
Phase 1 / Stage 1

Keywords and Density
1 keyword + 1 instance in post.

Full instructions here

< --- Start Copy and Paste the URL's and anchors Here --->
I consider myself an expert in Portraits
1. link 2. Guy 3. stories 4. money 5. memories 6. recipes 7. Sports 8. Condos 9. Oceanfront 10. Graphics 11. Sexy 12. mobile 13. cats 14. traffic 15. coffee 16. Homeschooling 17. marketing 18. advertising 19. friendships 20. Experiences 21. Poetry 22. Portraits 23. solving 24. news 25. Journal 26. Motivation 27. Parenting 28. Wordpress 29. Paganism 30. Crafts 31. Myself 32. Permits 33. Writing 34. poetry 35. Reviews 36. shopping 37. Blogging 38. sabra 39. Jesus 40. widgets 41. Travel 42. Banned 43. Bouchelle 44. Cyber 45. Tennis 46. Blog 47. Brats 48. Knitting 49. Crochet 50. Religion 51. Art 52. Weird 53. Airfare 54. comics 55. Dream 56. music 57. Romantic 58. Franchise 59. Entertainment 60. Reviews 61. YOU'RE NEXT!
< --- End Copy and Paste the URL's and anchors Here --->

News on Top 101 Artists' Blogs List tomorrow....


11 comments: to “ Using Keywords in your Posts so far...

  • Liz 4.8.08

    love the new look, it's so neat ;)

  • Kim 4.8.08

    thanks Liza :)
    the white is a refreshing change for me...
    I don't know how long it will last

  • Mariuca 4.8.08

    Hola Kim!

    I agree, I love the whole white thingy! It seems so much cheery now here at Laketrees, good job! :)

    And you ARE an expert in portraits. ;)

  • Kim 4.8.08

    thanks Mariuca...
    and thanks for your lovely compliment :)
    my present WIP portrait is proving to be quite a challenge though :0

  • S. A. Hart 5.8.08

    I think this is a wonderful idea! I also like the changes you've made to the blogpage--very clean and crisp feel to it, and easier to navigate.

  • Kim 5.8.08

    thanks Sharon...
    the white is much easier on the eyes..
    the keyword list is a great idea by Guy over at The Linkback Project...
    check it out asap as I think the list closes at 100 :)

  • Anonymous 6.8.08

    Whoosh! That was the sound of all this going over my head. Just read the further instructions and understand it even less now...I am very protected from having to know about these things by having a blog.
    It's another thing I need to learn and I need to find out about self much to do, so little time :)

  • Kim 6.8.08

    hello Diane...
    it really is like a meme where you add a keyword to the for could say that you are an expert in bookmaking...
    with your blog URL...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.8.08

    Do you have one of those randomly generated headers??? WOW!!

  • Kim 10.8.08

    I wish Speedy.. :)
    no... it's just one of my re-designs inspired by the font site that I visited...
    and a tendency for white..white ...and more white... :)

  • PM 12.8.08

    ah, glad i stopped by today. happy birthday kim, and charlotte!

    right about the white! although i can say the same for black 2 ;-)

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