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I need a title..

24 August 2008 30 comments

WIN 5,000 EC's or free 125 card ad spot at laketrees for one month

Portrait of Marissa
Medium: Digital Triptych

view the original portrait here
click on image to zoom

to enter the competition you need to:
1. Subscribe to laketrees by Email
2. link to laketrees (grab the code below)
3. submit your title in the comment section of this post

Competition closes on Wednesday August 27 at 12 noon
I will select a winner and announce the result on August 28

and the winner is:

I have selected Durano's title
Marissa's Metamorphosis
congratulations have won 5,000 EC's !!

I found the decision quite difficult as there were so many great titles to choose from...
thanks to everyone for your contributions and comments:

Casey Klahn

Mel Avila Alarilla

The Success
"Human Life Cycle"

Matthew S. Urdan
Shades of Marissa

Sharon Wright
Indecision Day

"To Every Story"


James Presley
'Marissa Mesmerized by David Bowie's Eyes'

"Faces of Marissa"

"Beyond Life's Colors"


Amy Lilley Designs
"Marissa Mirrors Marissa'


S A Hart


30 comments: to “ I need a title.. so far...

  • Casey Klahn 24.8.08

    OMG, this is the most stunning portrait I think I've seen of yours.

    I say call it: "Wistful".

  • Kim 24.8.08

    thank you Casey..
    I'm doing some experimentation with my 'style' daughter wants a portrait like this one !!
    a lovely title...and very true to this young girl's character....

  • Mel Avila Alarilla 24.8.08

    I have already subscribed to your email feeds and your blog is already linked to my 5 blogs. I am joining this contest again. The name of my blog is- Points of View (Discussion Blog) with url- Thanks so much and God bless.

  • Kim 24.8.08

    hi Mel
    don't forget to submit a title...thanks for all your details :)

  • Leet 24.8.08

    Hi kim
    I already subscribe your blog
    I will think what is the tittle and will submit to you

    Cheers - Leet

  • The Success 24.8.08

    Done... I have subscribed you
    And I add you in my blogroll
    The title is "Human Life Cycle"
    I give that tittle because from your painting I saw the color change from black and white to blue or blue to black and white.
    That is our life, from baby growth to man/women and the getting old.
    So what we want to do with our life? Add with great color and let it just black and white

    Success for you

  • Kim 24.8.08

    thank you Leet...
    any time before Wednesday will be fine :)

    thank you Success
    and a really good analysis with your title too..really interesting :)

  • Matthew S. Urdan 25.8.08

    I'm entering this contest.
    I have subscribed, the link will be up by the end of the day Sunday EDT US time.
    Title: Shades of Marissa

  • Matthew S. Urdan 25.8.08

    Done, you're in my blogroll titled: Meanderings in the drop down list on my left sidebar.

  • SharonWrightArtist 25.8.08

    Terrific portrait! Soooooo interesting, can't stop looking at it.
    Reminds me of an idea I had of marrying up the two sides of mine and my mothers faces. I now have the answer to do the painting....keep it simple and straightforward. It has so much impact. Thanks again Kim.
    As for a title...I'm thinking!

  • SharonWrightArtist 25.8.08

    title - Indecision Day.
    Best wishes

  • Carol 25.8.08


    I subbed via email (onbass07 at gmail dot com)
    I posted and linked on my blog.
    And my title is "To Every Story".

    Very cool portrait!

  • Kim 25.8.08

    thank you Matthew
    a great title too!!

    thanks Sharon...
    your idea for your portrait sounds great...
    thanks for your title...:)

    thanks Carol
    an interesting title too :)

  • Anonymous 25.8.08

    5,000 ecS???? wow! i think i got to make an entrecard account to win this. please wait a while. lol

  • James Presley 26.8.08

    I already have you on my blogroll and I have just subscribed, don't know why I didn't earlier. duh! :)

    My title is 'Marissa Mesmerized by David Bowie's Eyes'

    It reminds me of Major Tom and I think the two colors are beautiful in the eyes, mesmerizing. And Marissa is beautiful so should definitely get a mention. :)

  • Kim 26.8.08

    hi Mobisop
    will do :) :)

    hi James
    thanks and your title is great ..
    very observant of your to pick up the different colours in the eyes..
    I'm a fan of David Bowie...too :)

  • Anonymous 26.8.08

    Amazing portrait! My first thoughts when seeing this was along the lines of the Three Faces of Eve, so my title is "Faces of Marissa". I've added you to my blogroll and signed up for the emails!

    Paula :)

  • John M. Mora 27.8.08

    "Beyond Life's Colors"

    Oh, Kim - if you wish please place large copies of a photo somewhere of the original painting and maybe the photo you used) and allow me to play with it....hope you are well - I miss those ladies in the dashing yellow caps.

    Thanks again for the award.....John

  • Mariuca 27.8.08

    Wow Kim! Some of the titles are really cool, wonder which one you're gonna choose! Good luck to all ur participants! :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 27.8.08

    Hello Kim,

    This is a splendid concept in style.

    My suggested title is : Marissa's Metamorphosis.

    It could well be your metamorphosis too. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 27.8.08

    hi Paula
    thank you...:)
    my thoughts too.. when I was creating this image..

    hi John
    photos here...
    thanks for your title...:)
    it's rather quiet without the dashing yellow caps ;)

    hey Mariuca
    it's going to be really difficult to choose as they are all so good... :)

    thanks Durano...
    metamorphosis is very true...
    and you know me!!
    ...always experimenting :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 27.8.08

    Kim, my creative brain was too tired last night to think..."Marissa Mirrors Marissa'

    I can't seem to get the link on my blog...oh the simple computer challenged gal that I am...hmmm. but, you are linked by the 101 Artists...

    Off topic...sent you an e-mail...:)

  • Kim 27.8.08

    good title Amy!!!
    and alliteration too ...
    don't worry about the link ..
    I know ya linked ;) :)

  • Leet 27.8.08

    Hi Kim...
    How about "ALURE" alternatively "REPERTOIRE RHYTHM" - for Marissa's Portrait

    Cheers - Leet

  • Kim 27.8.08

    thanks Leet..
    I like them both...especially Repertoire Rhythm :)

  • Pearl 28.8.08

    beautiful portrait Kim and an apt title selection too :)

  • Leet 29.8.08

    Hi kim, thanks for the note - peaking your blog actually :-)

  • Carol 29.8.08

    Oh, that's a good name! Well chosen, Kim!

  • SharonWrightArtist 29.8.08

    Good choice, Kim. Well done Durano.

  • Kim 30.8.08

    thanks Pearl :)

    you're welcome Leet :)

    it was a difficult choice Carol :)

    thanks Sharon :)

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