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Do you talk too much in your blog....

8 September 2008 35 comments

obviously I do...going by these results...

Do you talk too much in your blog?
Created by OnePlusYou - Online Dating Service

so my post today is wordless....

toothpaste for dinner

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35 comments: to “ Do you talk too much in your blog.... so far...

  • Anonymous 8.9.08

    Hiya Kimmers! How the heck did you get the results? I've tried it over and over AND without any results. Heck, I even signed up although I'm not on the market and still am unable to get the results for Mville.


  • Kim 8.9.08

    hiya grand *ma ;)
    I'll see if I can check yours for you....give me a moment and I'll email you :)

  • Anonymous 8.9.08

    Thanks for trying, Kim. I don't have a clue why it won't work for me like it did for you.

    Rats n bats n cats - drats!

  • MadSilence 9.9.08

    And isn't blogging all about talking?
    Thanks for the link to Toothpaste for Dinner.
    Here's some more wordless posting. Maybe...

    Cartoon Criticism


  • Kim 9.9.08

    I hope you get it sorted out MA :)

    I was a little surprised to find that I was so wordy MadSilence...
    I'll check out your link..thanks :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 9.9.08

    Well ... it's not really the takin` we do, but the linkinsteens take up some space.

    My spaceship must be 700% too large :-)

    he heee

  • Kim 9.9.08

    well would have to be the King Of Verbage ;) IMHO...
    ta for the linky love :-X

  • Anonymous 9.9.08

    You're welcome... apparently, my blog uses word economy since the service can't see how many words are hidden in my photoshopped pictures! ;)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 10.9.08

    Hello Kim,

    I don't think I have to take this test. I'll say it myself..."Guilty"!

    Sure I talk to much, maybe I'm an explainer where George Bush is the "Decider". LOL!

    I'd rather be clear than vague; be complete than short; be warm than cold; be caring than indifferent; be involved than detached; be funny than dry; and be communicative than laconic.

    Of course it's a totally different thing if it's just a diarrhea of words and a constipation of thoughts. LOL!

    There. So I am verbose. :-) --Durano, done!

  • John M. Mora 10.9.08

    speak softly, but carry a big stick

  • Anonymous 10.9.08

    Speaking of talking, did my last comment disappear into a Blogger Black Hole or was it shipped by Jos, the CEO of the Flying Dutchman Enterprise to Never-never land? ;~))

  • Lynda Lehmann 10.9.08

    Hi Kim! I'm sure I talk too much, though I haven't taken the test you took, blah, blah, blah, blah....

  • Anonymous 10.9.08

    Very interesting. I always thought I talk to much and as it turns out I do. But like someone else mention, blogs are about talking so feel free to jibber jabber away :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 10.9.08

    blah, blah, blah...your posts are wonderful, easy to read, engaging, interesting...poo...NOT TOO LONG!!!...that's my story and I'm sticking w/ it!!!

  • Kim 10.9.08

    ah yes you're comment arrived in my comment moderation Miss MP...and I haven't been able to publish...deleting the spam takes longer than publishing the comments lol...
    haha I think the comments system will never reach the dizzy heights of technorati's 4 year old reactions index...though Jos's never never land could be an option :) :)
    PS wordy pictures that's a first!!

    haha Durano...
    you are verbose in the best way possible...
    I don't think anyone writes as well as you do on the subjects and topics that you are passionate about....
    so I officially pronounce you guilty of publishing succinct and entertaining posts :)

    lol John..
    I'll keep that in mind :)
    does that work with teenagers too ?? ;)

    haha Lynda..
    you talk the blah blah very very well ...much better than I do tend to ramble mindlessly at times ... :)

    thanks Justin...
    jibber jabber jibber jabber..... :) :)

    hehe Amy....
    thanks for your lovely blah blah critique ...
    and for your resounding seal of approval lol...
    it's very much appreciated... :) :)

  • Anonymous 10.9.08

    you have a great blog

    santosh pandey

  • Kim 10.9.08

    thanks Santosh..
    have a great day :)

  • Mariuca 10.9.08

    Hi Kim! I see ur lovely dolly here YAY! Now, watch me subscribe by clicking ur dolly LOL! :D

  • Kim 10.9.08

    hehe Mariuca...
    I've just got the other dollies up too...
    thanks so much for subscribing :))

  • Anonymous 10.9.08

    The RSS dolly is so cute :)

  • Anonymous 10.9.08

    Ha! I don't talk enough! But I don't think it worked it out properly as it said I was 82% SHORTER than average and my average post was 79 words. As I usually aim for 400-500 words, that can't be right... I don't need any encouragement to chatter more!

    I met Irina Baronova's daughter, the actress Victoria Tennant the other day at a party in LA. I only realised she was her daughter when I checked her out on later but I can see the resemblance to your beautiful painting now. A very pretty and charming lady.

  • Kim 11.9.08

    that's surprising Diane as your posts are much longer...
    I don't know whether it has to do with my really long posts like the 101 Top Artists' Blogs Posts and whether comments have to do with it..
    I have met Irina's other daugher Irina and my sister Karen has Victoria Tennants' film DVDs....
    that would have been a lovely surprise meeting her.. :) :)
    hope you are enjoying your break :)

  • Pok Dell 11.9.08

    Check your EC :)

  • Kim 11.9.08

    you're so right Hitsu...

    what am I looking for Bintang?

  • Kim 11.9.08

    I received the ecs :)
    thanks Bintang

  • Mariuca 11.9.08

    Woot! 140 subscribers today Kim! You are on a roll! :D

  • anandi 11.9.08

    hi kim,
    how are you? I have something for you on my blog for the first time. ;-)
    hope you like it my blog friend!

  • Kim 12.9.08

    haha Mariuca..
    I had 148 readers last week :0
    I think feedburner is like technorati...unreliable when it comes to stats..
    I think I'll call them the yoyo sites :0

    hi Anandi
    I'll pop over today :) :)

  • Unknown 12.9.08

    I love your dollies and just left Maurica's blog and requested one from Emila.

  • Kim 12.9.08

    I love looking at all the new ones Mekhismom...
    they are so cute !!!

  • Anonymous 13.9.08

    kim, only 408%? i would have bet much higher! ;-)

    i am 81% shorter on EACH of two blogs. i have to think about that.

    love your wordless post!

  • neetzy 13.9.08

    My parents 50th anniversary would be tommorrow. Unfortunately Mom passed away two years ago. Thanks for the pics.

  • Kim 13.9.08

    haha Prand :)
    thanks for calling in :)
    have a great weekend :)

    hello Neetzy...
    I'm sorry that you lost your Mum *HUGS*..
    and sadder to think...just before their 50th...

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    I like the caption Kim. My blog is up down, sometimes wordy and sometimes brief and to the point.

  • Anonymous 20.9.08

    Thank you for you blog

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