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Shoot the Chef Winner

23 September 2008 35 comments

"You've got to look at the humour of these things" ... Greg Doyle on the slab in Jeremy Simons's winning photograph.

Photo: Jeremy Simons
Simons, who specialises in photographing food, travel and portraits, won the professional category. An aspiring writer, poet and photomedia artist, Niobe Syme, took the student prize for her montage of Ying Tam, the restaurateur of Ying's Seafood Restaurant at Crows Nest. Eight Yings Make is multiple images of Mr Ying in his kitchen.
Greg Doyle says his feet nearly froze off when he posed for winning portrait.
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A special thank you to Indee @ The Art Zoo
A Photoblog featuring handmade products by independent artisans and crafters for posting one of my portraits...



35 comments: to “ Shoot the Chef Winner so far...

  • Anonymous 23.9.08

    Hi Captain Laketrees,

    Did you finally catch Charlie the Tuna? ;~))

  • Kim 23.9.08

    haha Miss MP...
    I wonder if DD gets fish this big visiting around her way :)
    it's a remarkable photo isn't it.....

  • Anonymous 23.9.08

    Ha Ha Captain Laketrees,

    DD's mouth isn't that big to catch large tuna! :~))

    The Photo is stunning and I hope his wife doesn't mind his stunning smell! ;~)

  • Kim 23.9.08

    hmmm.... yes he would be a bit on the nose Miss MP :)D
    I wouldn't like to be doing HIS washing!!!!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 24.9.08

    Hello Kim,

    Great photo. It's like putting to life, or death, the old Mafia saying "sleeping with the fishes". This refers to rotten fish wrapped in old newspapers sent to the family or "associates" of the victim - together with the victim's favorite jewelry, or watch, or piece of clothing. It means he is lying dead under the sea.

    This photo looks like the victim was fished out. LOL! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 24.9.08

    It looks funny... I like the video of Procrastination.... This is so creative.

  • Mariuca 25.9.08

    Hola Kim! I have a very special award for you, congrats!

  • Kim 25.9.08

    hi Durano..
    you're so right!! I wonder if the photographer was aware of this when he took the photo... very perceptive of you :) :)

    hi Atniz..
    I found it easy to relate to the person in the video... I have days like that :)

    hi Mariuca..
    I'll be over this morning.. :) :)

  • Anonymous 25.9.08

    That is going to stink to high heaven.

  • Metz 26.9.08

    Hi kim,

    I've got something over at our streets, I do hope you like it :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 26.9.08

    Hi Kim! How's by you?

    The video is hysterical and I think it very much resembles MOST of the human condition, at least from where I stand.

    As for the fishy photo, let's hope that one's an aberration! lol....

  • Kim 26.9.08

    you can say that again.... Artfiend ..;)

    hi Metz..
    I'll pop over :)

    hi Lynda
    I had a good laugh at the's me too :)
    by the look of the photo I imagine Greg Doyle had fun with the role....
    have a great weekend over your way :)

  • Mariuca 26.9.08

    Kim!! Thanks so much for voting for me, love ya! And happy weekend! :)

  • Kim 26.9.08

    you're welcome Mariuca.. :)
    I hope you win !!!
    have a great weekend :)

  • Metz 27.9.08

    Hi kim san :) hope your weekend is going well, am so happy you liked the award :) hehe as always I keep coming back for more :)

  • Kim 27.9.08

    hi Metz :)
    it's a beautiful day here :)
    I'll be posting the award this weekend..
    enjoy your weekend :)

  • Anonymous 27.9.08

    Kim, it is amazing to see how we procrastinate! I think I do it at times just because I thrive under pressure and perhaps love the rush. Scary.

    Nice creative photo that almost startles you into thinking what it means.

  • Kim 28.9.08

    hi Boyd..
    ah yes you could be right :)
    lately I've been at odds and ends with my work and unable to get anything to I've been procrastinating endlessly...and I haven't even got a tidy desk to show for it ..haha..
    the photo certainly makes one ponder eh :)

  • Anonymous 28.9.08

    That is a great photo. I'd never seen that show until the other night.

    The internet is a great tool of procrastination.

  • Kim 28.9.08

    yeah Cooper..
    I certainly think it would have been difficult picking a winner ....

  • Anonymous 29.9.08

    Great photo! A good sense of humor!

  • Kim 29.9.08

    glad you liked it Magda :)

  • Unknown 30.9.08

    I love this picture. It is so interesting to see what the artists mind can come up with. I would never have thought of a taking a picture like this.

  • Kim 30.9.08

    it's a unique perspective Renee...
    almost like a bird's eye view :)

  • Anonymous 1.10.08

    a new meaning to shooting the chef!

    i have some stuff to do. however, i played the procrastination video four times to be sure this video was not about me. i looked at it one more time to be sure before i hit the "post comment"

    i am now going to look for tutorials on how to do this animation.

  • Kim 1.10.08

    ROFL... Prand
    would you like me to help you with the search?? :D
    great video isn't it!!.... he is so dry :)

  • Jackie 1.10.08

    hi kim,
    I have been away for so long that I missed out on this one.

    Oh my I am starting to learn that photographers really do go to any length and any place to get a good shot.

    Oh my this one is an excellent piece....filled with humor, creativity, and a little nutty too..LOL!!

    Definitely a winner!!:-)

  • John M. Mora 3.10.08


  • Jackie 3.10.08

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for dropping by last night and for your wonderful comment.

    Coming from you truly meant a lot from me and gave me a lot of encouragement to keep traveling down this road.

    I am so new at it but I love it. Could please stop back by and leave me a link as to where to sign up for your directory.

    I thought it over and if you think I should then maybe I should....but I can't find it.

    Thanks bunches and no hurry!!

  • Kim 3.10.08

    hey Jackie..
    I'll pop over to give you the details :)

    clever.catchy.title ...John :)

  • Anonymous 4.10.08

    Kim, I'll get you a copy of what we talked about the other day pretty soon, I'm working on it right now, when finished I'll shoot it to you for your approval.

  • The Muse 4.10.08

    Oh I did so much need a good laugh :) LOL

  • Kim 4.10.08

    oh thanks very much Boyd...
    that's really good of you...
    it's been a hectic week here with school holidays and internet connection hassles ...

    I'm glad you liked it Muse :)

  • ambar 13.10.08
    nice pic

  • Anonymous 2.3.09

    That photo gives a whole new meaning to the term "Chef Salad"
    I wonder if he got caught up in the net while he was trying to get the "freshest" fish around ;)

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